Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Dec 30

Vanessa has not been feeling too well the last few days. We both know what this means now.

It wasn't long before Vanessa confirmed we are going to have another baby. God, she looks even more adorable pregnant than she usually does.

I was happy to hear the news. I'm hoping for another son. It seems likely, Dad did say boys run in the family.

I think our gnome's a little concerned about the state of the garden. I bought a sprinkler so the plants won't die on his watch. I weeded it a little while later too.

Vincent is such a bright fellow. Even when we are not talking about lights.

That was an incredibly rough trip exploring the tunnels. It was also amazingly profitable, I can back with 2 soulpiece gems, a pink diamond and ...

A very unexpected change of clothes.

Uggg, me caveman. Where club? Where food? Where woman?

I kept it on, see what Vanessa would think.

She thinks a bit of dress up from time to time is fun.

Well, if it's fun then I'm keeping it. Whatever Vanessa likes stays.

Vincent wants to play hide and seek.  Ready or not, here I come. You better hide quick.

Bonus pic for Dee

A Sultan magic gnome. It finally moved from its original position and spot since I moved Phillip out.


  1. Phillip's change of clothes startled the heck out of me. I had no idea he could come back from a tunnel with new clothes. Kind of cool to finally see that outfit on a living Sim, not a ghost.

  2. Oh I love this update! I didn't know they could come back from the tunnels with those clothes either. That is awesome. I love the Sultan gnome and the one in the garden watching over the plants.
    Vincent is just soooo cute.
    I just keep going back and looking at those clothes and the hair. It's just awesome!

    Congratulations on their pregnancy. :)

  3. Lovely update.
    He was still handsome after coming back from the tunnel and Vanessa liked it too. Awww, another baby!!

  4. Hey Dee,

    Yep, this is only like the third time Phillip explored tunnels and I noticed his thumbnail was different when he came back. I laughed when he got changed after his shower.

    All the gnomes are cute, I need to send someone travelling to get you the chinese gnome - you'll see the french gnome later this week.

    Vincent is a sweetie pie.

    Phillip wanted a baby with Vanessa. Phillip is getting his baby. :)

  5. Thanks MJ. Yep, he looks kinda cute as a caveman. And he wants that baby, he's a good daddy.

  6. Hahaha! I love the gnome looking over the dying plants. That's awesome. ^^

    I agree, Vanessa looks adorable pregnant. ;) Another baby! Yay! Vincent needs a little sibling.

    Wow, I didn't know they could get new outfits from tunnel-diving, either... That's pretty wicked. lol, he looks totally different with long hair, too!

  7. hey Kaleeko. Our gnome was worried but fortunately the plants were wilting but not dying yet. It did remind me that sprinklers are good - as long as you don't have a Sim who loves the outdoors around. :)

    Phillip adores Vanessa. He's very very sweet about her all the time. While she's pregnant, he wants to massage, feel tummy, talk to tummy and woohoo. When she's not pregnant, he still wants woohoo. LOL

    I loved that new outfit and hair. I didn't switch him back to normal for at least a day - he's just too cute with the long hair and fur look. :)

  8. I think I've only sent Reed tunnel diving twice. Gonna have to send him again.
    Can't wait to see the other gnomes. I did get a dryer gnome. I *hangs head* cheated for it.

    Hmmmm, now whoever could you be referring to about the sprinklers. :D

  9. Phillip looks great in long hair. Dang!

    Tunnels can be very rewarding. Sometimes it's a nice gem or piece of metal and sometimes, it's a really hot outfit for roleplaying fun. ;)


  10. Hey Dee, I've heard in the forums that you can create a network of tunnels around town. I have yet to drill off Phillip's lot. So much yet to do.

    Looking forward to seeing the dryer gnome. :)

    Sprinklers -- well, last time I paid attention to AJ - she was distracted by her beaus - either making out with one of them or watching them make out. Whichever. LOL

  11. Chrysame, I am very tempted to make that hair style his default. He looks very good with it.

    I do love that outfit. Now I have to send him tunnel diving more!

  12. And that is exactly why I installed a mod to prevent Sims from using the sprinkler whenever they want. Otherwise, I would never see Meredith or Bradley doing anything else. -_- Sprinklers are evil!

    Hehehe, you guys can share the long-haired dudes amongst yourselves. Too rugged for me. ;)

    That caveman outfit is pretty awesome, though. Makes him look really buff! Like Conan!

  13. Ah, that reminds me of Sam's bachelor challenge when one Rachel Thorpe tried to sabotage the chances of some of her competitors with guitars and a sprinkler. Dee's AJ nearly never left the sprinkler but she paid just enough attention to Sam to make the final showdown. It was funny to watch.

    Not many of my guys have really long long hair. But a few for variety.

    Phillip really needs some more athletic training to get properly buff. His granddaddy Sam maxed out on athletics. His daddy Indy maxed out. And Phillip can barely swing that axe in the tombs.

  14. Finally something to take AJ's mind off of sprinklers.
    I had Reed dig a hole at the cememtery and leave it open just in case I want him to have a tunnel later. :)
    I'll show the dryer gnome soon. He moves around a lot but he likes to stand on his head all the time.

  15. If living with Sam and Thomas doesn't keep your mind off sprinklers, nothing ever will.


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