Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Dec 27

Vanessa finally went back to work. She's still pretty low on the scale at the local newspaper.  She should start really finding herself though, she's working on a second book and her writing is improving beyond belief.

Of course, I try to tell her this stuff but she doesn't want to listen to me. She thinks I might not be an impartial judge.  She is the most beautiful and talented woman to walk the planet, how can you argue with plain facts?

I guess I get to be a house hubby, I don't want a regular job. My photographs are fetching a pretty decent amount of money these days. I can get a couple of hundred for normal photos. I have taken a few photos worth a thousand or more.

That does mean I have plenty of time to be here for Vincent. Don't need any baby sitters for my boy. He just keeps growing like a little weed.

Oddly, this tourist wandered on our lot. I guess he noticed our view. We live a bit out of town, maybe he was lost trying to find the beach. Fortunately, he wandered away again before I had to shoo him off.

A little while later, Ernesto Hunter's twins Sandi and Jeana wandered over. One of the girls was less then impressed by my hygiene but

I was just a little preoccupied by other problems right then. I wanted to explore but not be sucked in by the vortex from the hole.

I was overwhelmed by a tribe of gnomes. They may be small but they are feisty little devils.

Vanessa is the most beautiful woman in the world. I'd do anything she asked me to, she blinks those big lovely eyes at me and I'm gone.

I think it's safe to say that she's pretty fond of me too.

I invited some people over for a party. Mom, Uncle Henry, Uncle Jack and some of my old friends. Mom hasn't been happy since Dad died.

We didn't do much partying though.

Mom, are you ok out there?

[sob] No, she's not ok. Looks like I have a serious gate crasher this time.

Mom, we're all going to miss you.

The party guests left in a somber mood. It's always a wakeup call to see the Reaper arrive. Still we were sort of happy that Mom was going to be joining Dad once again.

Vanessa, Vincent and I went to the library. She read to him while I read a few of the self-help books.

Jack Pendragon is a super-spy. I got his photo, it was worth megabucks to a local collector of memorabilia.  His son Darren is looking a bit peeved, I wonder if his dad has been doing the "Cop rules of staying safe" lecture again. Darren has heard it oh so many times.

Damn, I had a special delivery parcel in the mail. It was some of Uncle Jack's goods, he won't need them any more. I've had parcels from each of them; Dad, Uncle Rick, Uncle Jack, Mom.  I'd trade it all in a heartbeat for any of them.

Uncle Henry is the only one of Dad's siblings left.  It must be tearing him apart to know he's the last. I hope he stays with us for awhile, his youngest boy, Derrick must still be a child. Aunt Cindy is a bit younger than the rest of them but it wouldn't be good if Derrick lost both of his parents. Guess I'll find out.

My oldest cousin Chance is the town thug, it comes up in the newspapers all the time. Now his younger boy Kendrick is following in his dad's footsteps. Chance doesn't live with his ex-wife or kids any more, Kendrick must be sneaking out to hang with his dad.

Speaking of children
He doesn't have to worry about me calling him Shrimp any more.  Jerod is a teen? Where on earth does time go?


  1. I stayed with this game a bit longer than I intended but I think it's finally playing well and stable again. So there is a good chance that we will see gen 4 grow up and have families.

  2. Of course you aren't impartial about Vanessa. You're in love. " She is the most beautiful and talented woman to walk the planet, how can you argue with plain facts?" I agree she is beautiful and sounds like she is very talented.

    House hubby is good. I still love seeing daddies talking care of their little ones.

    Wow, Phillip had a rough time in the hole, didn't he. :D Apparently those gnomes are somthing else when you enter their territory. :D

    That's some fancy undies Phillip has on.

    Oh no, the reaper just has to ruin a party. Hi timing sucks. Your reaper looks very different.

    Jerod, you grew up very nice. No, you are definitely not a Shrimp anymore.

  3. He does adore her. Such a disappointment when I had decided that this was going to be the playboy generation of the Grant family LOL

    Phillip's life goal is Visionary - master of photography and painting. He has officially mastered photography so now to get to the painting. Both are activities that can fit around family stuff.

    Jerod as one of a number of gen 4 are no longer Grant clones. There is an influence, but it's not as strong as it once was. I think his little sister with her Grant hair and bright blue eyes will be one to watch growing up.

  4. Great update! The Shrimp looks good. He'll have very handsome babies. Maybe one will have the Grant hair. You never know when those genetics will crop up.

    So odd to see Jack as an elder and now gone when he's a YA in my Gwen game.

    Me thinks Vincent might have a sibling soon?

  5. Well, he is love with her and so does her. She got a beautiful eye shadow, by the way. She looked very beautiful in front of him. :D He was so occupied with the hole that those girls was freed from the lecturing. Oh, he got singed. And too bad an uninvited guest, the Grim Reaper, came to the party :( Oh, PiB there has been lots of deaths in your posts. Great update, anyway!

  6. Lol. my mind is not working with my fingers. The first line should have been: He is in love with her :D He3

  7. Man, the end of that generation is hitting like a freight truck. Grimmy must be having a hay day. But, at the end of one large population of people the same age, I guess it's bound to happen.

    They really all do grow up so fast. Pretty soon Vincent's going to be a heart-throb himself.

    Vanessa and Phillip look so sweet together. D'awww. :D

  8. @Chrysame, we'll have to see what happens with the Shrimp. This game saw a recent explosion of teen -> young adult and not a lot of them are hooking up yet. I'm hoping another round or two of removing the single Sims and family lines not from ours should help.

    It's been odd for me, first there was Rick as a young adult/adult with Ollie and Jack when he was an elder in my game. Now you have Jack and Dee has Henry as young adults and one is gone the other likely to soon follow here.

  9. Both Rick and Jack have been fun sims to have around. Rick was a great friend to Ollie and Jack adores Gwen. It's cute to see them in game together.

    Let's hope those YA's get together soon. I have a lot of sims getting married and then breaking up due to SP. I'd like more to stay married longer or for good. I'm not sure what settings to adjust. I might have to make adjustments to the town bike settings.

  10. Hey MJ. Phillip does love Vanessa.

    I knew when Indy died there was about to be a lot of death in the family. His three younger brothers were only a few days younger. His older sister Laura and wife Judy lasted to their late 90s. He and the triplets seem to be dying in the early 90s.

    But the older generation is making room for a new one. All of them had children and some of them have grandchildren.

  11. Hey Kaleeko, I hope Vincent will be a heartthrob. We'll have to see. His cousin Jerod shouldn't have problems with attracting attention.

    Phillip wants a baby with Vanessa - awwwwww.

  12. It's been fun watching Rick and Jack in other games. I've known Jack was a sweetie for some time, Beret boy was my fav triplet.

    I think you could tweak the bike settings and reset the chance of the partner finding out about affairs to much lower. Or just turn off the bike personality for awhile.

  13. Grim is a real party pooper isn't he? And teeny Shrimp squee!

  14. Grim loves crashing parties. No question.

    Shrimp fangirl. :)


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