Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Jan 2

Vanessa is taking advantage of her time off work to write a biography of Ernesto Hunter.  I keep watch over my sweetie, I don't want her to stress herself.

Caveman build fire. Cook meat for woman.  (laugh)

I do a mean grilled cheese sandwich. I want to be sure that there is good food in the house in case Vanessa gets hungry.

Look out for daddy, little bub. Daddy big scary caveman.

Caveman like soft rock and cuddle. Cuddle good. Woman very good.

Vanessa, honey, are you ok?


That was a stupid question. Hospital?


I hope that taxi is fast tonight.

Time to stop playing caveman and welcome little Stephen Grant into the world.

Not only did Stephen come into our life today but Vincent's having a birthday party.

We had a bartender, even if he is a bit on the short side.

And invited some friends.

Vanessa brought our son to his birthday cake.

Vincent takes quite a lot after Vanessa.

I think he's quite a good looking little fellow.

Hey Stephen, do you want daddy to tell you a story?


  1. Hahaha! I love the caveman comments. So fitting. ^^ He does pull off the caveman look pretty well, but unless he wants to get some funny looks down at the hospital... It was a good time to change.

    Vincent definitely looks a lot like Vanessa. Her features actually look really good on him. I find that sometimes some genetics look great on one gender and awful on the other.

    Another little boy! Stephen, aww... Hopefully Vincent turns into a good big brother. :D I don't worry about either parents, they're wonderful sim mom/dads!

  2. Glad you are liking the caveman stuff. It's been fun for me.

    I hope that Vincent keeps looking good with those features. We'll see as he gets older.

    Phillip was so happy to have another boy. Vanessa could let him do everything, he just would. :)

  3. Mmm, yeah, age is definitely a big factor. Bradley was pretty adorable as a toddler/kid, but once he grew into a teenager his nose had to be fixed so his upper lip wasn't distorted. Vincent looks like he's gonna be handsome, though. :)

    Hahaha, Vanessa may still need a girl at some point, though! It can get very testosterone heavy in those all-boy homes. She does seem to be very tolerant though, hmm? She'll be great with grown boys around the house, then. ;)

  4. We can hope Vincent grows handsome. So far, all of gen 4 Grants that I've seen in this game have been growing well.

    Let's see if they want another one first. If Phillip takes after his parents, he certainly will start wanting a third. :)

  5. Cute update. Phillip took good care of his Vanessa. The Grants always have a lot of boys. Good looking boys, at that.

    So far Rachel's plum hair has been pretty dominant. It will be interesting to see if Stephen gets it as well.

  6. Certainly this lot of Grants have about 3 boys for each girl born. Which means that Phillip was lucky to want a boy since that's what he was going to get.

    Yes, Rachel's hair has been passed several gens now. I'm not sure if any gen 4 actually have Sam's hair colours though I haven't looked carefully at most of them lately.

  7. Love the caveman talk and apparently Vanessa does too. Welcome little Stephen and Vincent is a cutie.

    Also love your wee little bartender. he's even dancing a jig for them :)

  8. I include the gnome shots just for you Dee.

    Next time I play, I should check Vanessa's wardrobe choices. She might be able to play cavewoman to Phillip's caveman now that the baby is born.

  9. Thank you.
    That would be cool. I don't know if the clothes are opened up for everyone. I think with Michale, he was the only one who had the medieval clothes.

  10. I'll see. Since Phillip was already a member of the house, it might have unlocked it as a choice.

    The last time Corey the sculpture gnome moved, it was amazing. I heard him go 'poof' and he promptly reappeared within a couple of feet of where he had just been.

  11. I started hearing the gnomes when they move when I first got yhe troglodyte and thought it was the sound of him dropping his club but have been hearing them when they move a lot lately.

    Let me know if the clothes are unlocked fot eh others too.

  12. I think that was supposed to be "for the others". :)

  13. If the clothes are unlocked for both, I expect you'll get piccies of both of them doing caveman. :)

  14. *laughing* I'm thinking more along the lines of Me Tarzan, you Jane.


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