Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Jan 6

Wow, already Stephen's birthday. I know why Dad always grumbled about time, it just flies away. I wish the boys could have met their grandparents but it just wasn't to be.

Stephen's such a big boy now. Not sure how he got that hair colour, maybe it's because Vanessa's dad Malcolm was blond.

Not one of my favourite parts of raising a toddler but a man has to do what a man has to do. Even if the man in question is still a toddler.

This stuff is amazing. It's some tiberium that I dug up with the miner. Refining it cost us a pretty packet, it cost 6500 to get it spire cut. But it suddenly grew in size the other day and I sold it for nearly 35,000 after that. We bought the bookshop with the proceeds, it should help a lot with paying the bills.

Night night, Stephen. My big boy. Daddy loves you.

I realised the next day that Vincent needed a hand with his homework. With his mom, there's no end of reading around here but we don't use maths much. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it soon.

All work and no play makes Phillip a dull boy. Come here you sexy thing.

Vincent wanted to go home with Rocio. I thought it was nice if one of his cousins became one of his best friends so I let him go to Eric's place. Didn't anyone tell The Shrimp that those pant legs are so you can wear boots? That is a silly look.

Man, why didn't this gnome ever move while we lived there? He looks a bit scary like that.

Come on Stephen, just a little bit further for daddy.  Come on.

Vincent tried to sell baked goods at the park. The good news is that he is getting good cooking skills. The bad news is that he has no customers.

I think this is my niece Devon, brother Sammy's little girl.

This is definitely Derrick, my youngest cousin. He was born to Uncle Henry long after Callie was born. I wonder how Callie feels about being the guardian of her little brother if Uncle Henry dies? It's up to Callie, Aunt Cindy died a little while ago now.

Denise is still looking cute. She's also still going with the youngest of the Walker boys. They do seem to be fond of each other.

I went to the dump and found amazing stuff. A great but broken stereo, a dryer, an excellent bookcase. We got them fixed up and added some of it to the house.

Good thing I'm not throwing a party, I think they are drinking us out of house and home.


  1. I love this update. Stephen is adorable and yeah, someone have a talk with 'the Shrimp' about those pants and sandals please. LOL.
    Well, at least he's not wearing clodhoppers.
    I sat a bake table up at a park once but didn't stick around to see if anyone would buy there.

    Still loving the gnomes. I haven't sent a sim to the dump lately. I need to do that.

    With that look from Vanessa, I see another baby coming. :D

  2. Yep, Stephen is another little sweetie.

    Vincent quickly got a customer when he put the table up in the yard at home. None in the park and it was weekend.

    I still include gnomes for you Dee. And the pic of Denise in the park with her Walker.

    Vanessa wants a baby with Phillip. Who are we to deny that?

  3. I think Denise needs to get a move on and take baby making with that Walker boy of hers. :)
    I can't get enough of gnomes. Maybe I should start collecting them. Naw, I don't have room for them. They probably wouldn't be as much fun in real life anyway since they don't move around. Would be sort of spooky if they did.
    I knew it. I knew another baby would be coming someday soon.
    Guess the tables just don't work the same in the park.

  4. LOL I knew what you meant Denise + Wendell == babies! but they have none yet.

    I think the tables are meant to work in the park but maybe only for inactive families...I saw someone else selling in the park one day.

  5. Then I need to put a table at the park and see if my sims can catch someone selling them and have a muffin or two.
    I was just looking back at the pics. Love those snazzy undies. :)

  6. Snazzie undies is us. :)

    Besides, how do you think all them Grant boys convince girls to have so many babies? It's undie distraction. LOL

  7. BTW - see if you can install google's gchat or something that can connect to gchat. Chrysame, Kaleeko and I had a small private chat going the other day, it was fun.

  8. This is a lovely update. Be careful with that tiberium. It will cause nauseous. Vincent and Stephen looks adorable.
    I noticed a different cookie. It probably because his skill in cooking is improving.
    I always love the tuck in animation. I really like the picture. And oh, the last but not the least, I really love the picture of the gnomes on the top of the juice bar. They surely found a way to have some fun.

  9. Tiberium grows? Do you have to keep it out or do something special with it? That's very cool.

    Good to see Denise doing well. Have babies, Denise! Populate that town with little Walkers!

  10. I've never been able to get my tiberium to grow, but it may be because I keep it indoors and on a stand. Maybe it needs to be outdoors? No idea.

    The boys are growing to be quite handsome. Don't worry, Vincent -- Amelia doesn't have much luck selling cupcakes either.

    The Shrimp really does need to rethink his fashion statement. I can't imagine it's helping with the girls much, but.. ya never know.

    lol, Those gnomes are adorable. They must be up there dancing. ^^

  11. The Shrimp knows he's cute no matter what. So he wears what's comfortable versus what's fashionable. ;)

  12. Hey MJ. I didn't know anything about tiberium so I went to Carl's Sims site and found out that it could make them nauseous. Which is why when I finally got it cut, I put it outside.

    Vincent is getting better at baking. He might even be able to bake a new item or two soon.

    I love tuck-in, always have. It's so sweet.

    Whenever the gnomes move, I play hunt the gnome. Them on the juice bar was pretty cute, they must be partying up there. :)

  13. Hey Chrysame, Tiberium does grow. You have to send it to be cut and general research suggests that the gem has to travel around a bit before it will grow (see Carl's page on gems).

    I'll have to do something about Denise. I already did something about the oldest of Marta and Wyatt's kids Gladys because she had been married for ages with no babies in sight.

  14. Vincent sold one cupcake almost immediately at home. So we'll set up the stand early one afternoon and see how he goes.

    I forgot to mention, at some point, the Shrimp got the evil trait. I heard the laugh when Vincent was in the park trying to selling cupcakes and found that Jerod was the source.

    I'm so glad everyone loves the gnomes on the bar.


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