Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Feb 26

Hey Dad,
Yes Vincent?
Can we go on a holiday?
Sure but why?
Well, there is this girl...
Honey, grab your passport, we are leaving.

We left the house fast, before the boy had a chance to change his mind.

It turned out that the girl in question is Erica Clayton-Leman. She's the younger sister of Elsa, who just married Eric's boy Jerod. Her parents didn't mind letting her travel abroad, since Vanessa and I were coming too.

[FACEPALM] That is NOT why I thought my son wanted to bring a girl along on holiday.

I will let him work on this in his own time. Surely this isn't the only reason he wanted to bring her on a holiday?

Playing music could be good but she isn't even listening.

I'm beginning to think Vincent did this deliberately to raise my blood pressure.

Finally, my son has his first kiss.

I'm pleased for him, and relieved. I didn't interfere, I didn't push. He finally decided it was time.

The hostel for travelers was just packed. We met others from China.

And from Egypt.

There really isn't any way for Vincent to get too too friendly Erica around here. The other travelers would put a damper on anything. I'm sure Erica's parents would be pleased to know that.

The air in France is just meant for love. I had to serenade Vanessa.

I've never regretted my decision to marry Vanessa. She is still the perfect woman for me.

I also did a lot of running around for the locals. One woman seemed to think I was a mobile marketplace. "I need snails, I need steaks, I need fruit." And she never invited us to her dinners.

Still, it got me a lot of credit with the locals.

Vincent and Erica spent a lot of time together. Exploring some of the local sites. They seemed very fond of the nectary.

I'm not quite sure I approve of them drinking at this age. It is the local custom though.

Poor Vincent. Case of the first Grant to find the mess gets the job of tidying it up.

Still learning to deal with leaking plumbing will be a good skill for the future.

Vincent worked on his guitar skills quite a lot. He's getting quite talented.

He didn't neglect Erica though. They spent a lot of time together.

The girls are starting to really develop their own interests. Penny was working out. Interest in athletics does run in my family.

Veronica decided to study chess. She's our little genius, now how on earth did that happen?

My little princesses. They are both so special in their own way.

Vanessa has sold another novel. This novel moves her weekly writing income to 4,000 a week.

I'm not sure why she looks so wistful. It's the goal she's wanted since we married. I know exactly how to put a smile back on her face.

Come here beautiful, let me give you a reward for all that hard work writing. Rrrrrlw.


Bonus pic.

Talk about lots never getting cleaned up. Those pancakes were made by Indiana Grant. They aren't just bad, they should be fossils.


  1. Erica's first or second want after being added to the family was to kiss Vincent. I think I like that girl.

  2. Haha!! Sounds like Erica's definitely into Vincent... He just had to work up the courage to do something about it. ;)

    So proud of Phillip for not being too pushy about Vincent's love interests -- but I about rolled over laughing at the beginning of this post. "So there's this girl... 'Honey, get the passports!'" Hahahahah!!

    Cracked up over Vincent and the faucet, too. "First Grant to find it gets to clean it!" I take it Grants all inherit Sammy's slob trait, if only in spirit? ;)

    Phillip and Vanessa are so cute. Glad to hear the romance hasn't died --they're gonna need to keep holding tight to that, what with Elder creeping up and all... But yay! Vanessa completely her LTW! *cheer*

    All in all, looks like things went well with Erica. Lots of good times together, that special first kiss, and Phillip seems to be warm towards her -- as does PiB. ;)

    Cute post, PiB!

    Oh, and the twins -- very adorable. They look huggable as always -- and couldn't be more different! Love that.

  3. Phillip has been worried about Vincent's lack of love life for awhile. He was thrilled to hear the boy finally had a serious want to do with a girl. Grab the passports and go.

    Actually, unfortunately for most of them, they aren't slobs. They hated the kitchen with that mess of archaic pancakes. Though Penny is another slob.

    They still have some time before elder but they do want to make the most of it.

    The twins are very adorable.

  4. I have a feeling that deep down, Phillip's a hopeless romantic. He wants to see his son get the same happiness in love that he got!

    Haha, I still can't get over how there were pancakes in there from when you came with Sam. That's just hilarious -- and I'm glad you got to see it before someone else staying at the hostel cleaned it up.

    Fossilized pancakes, nomnom!

    The last few days til Elder are always the hardest, for me. It's when I consider turning aging off, til I feel 'ready' -- but I'd never really be ready. Jeb and Mere are so close these days, it's nagging at me... The idea of seeing Jeb, my rude, evil, geeky baby being all... wrinkly. I mean, Farah isn't even dead yet. They can't *both* be elders!

    Twins are always so great. Did you plan for them to have them? I've only had twins once, and it was a total shocker for me.

  5. Phillip has always behaved more like a hopeless romantic to Vanessa then a flirty boy he was meant to be.

    the pancakes date from Phillip's dad Indy, not his granddad Sam. It had been a long long time since Indy last traveled though.

    Poor Kaleeko, she's not ready to see her Jeb go elder. Her dear evil baby.
    I survived Sam being an elder. Then Indy. And Phillip will have his turn. It always scares me at first but I adjust.

    No plans for the twins yet. Other then making sure they do well in school and get to know the kids in their class. And become friends with each other.

  6. Oooh, okay, Indy... For some reason I keep thinking Indy is Sam. Stupid Kaleeko. -_-

    No, I'm not ready for Jeb to be an elder at *all*. I'd almost rather him die young than become a shriveled, scoliosis ridden old man. But, that would break certain hearts, wouldn't it? ;)

    I'll get over it, once it happens, but I'm still not happy about it. Meredith I can totally picture as a cute old lady -- but cute old man... No, not Jeb.

    Phillip and Vanessa seem like they'd make sweet older folk, though -- but Vincent needs to get cracking if they're gonna see lots of grandkids before passing on.

    And, I meant more if you planned for Phillip and Vanessa to have twins -- but aye, it's a little early to have plans for them. Even I don't quite plan *that* far ahead.... ... Usually.

  7. Well, it didn't help that I called Sam - Indiana Sam when I first gave him a World Adventure outfit. Then his first son was properly Indiana Grant.

    Umm, I've seen Jeb as an elder...not the prettiest site. Still can you kill someone just for being ugly and elder?

    Vincent has at least 30 days to finish growing up and get out a baby before Phillip and Vanessa should vaguely meet the Reaper.

    I did not plan for twins. They just did. I think at a party Vanessa heard kids music for like 5 minutes when preggy but that barely changed the twin odds.

  8. Aaaah, mmkay. :) That's why I was confused. Indiana Sam, Indiana Grant. Still-- doesn't change the fact that that is *ancient* food. Seriously, you should've eaten it. Really. A trip to vomit would've been worth the awesomeness that is eating fossilized pancake!

    Um... You are talking to Kaleeko, here. I've killed Sims for far less than being ugly. :P Still, Jeb's a bit different. I can guarantee you, though, he won't die in his sleep-- but at least this time you'll be prepared for it, rather than other bombshells I've dropped.

    30 days-- not bad. Vincent's probably pretty close to growing up to YA, right? Only thing that bothers me about teenager-hood is that with the EA aging scale, it lasts soooo long. I hope that the twins are at least close to or are YA's before they lose their parents, though.

    Man, I'm morbid tonight. O.o

    Unplanned twins are the best. :D I'm glad that you had them, even if at first it was a headache for you. They're gonna fit in nicely in my hood, someday.

  9. Awwww, you want my Sims - to spend a day vomiting.

    Hey, I have killed a Sims for the heck of it too. But I really think that you would regret killing Jeb too early.

    The twins should be grown before they lose the parents. Phillip was a late baby too, he was well grown before Indiana died.

  10. Hey, I'da done it! Well.. I would've made my sims do it. >.> Not sure I could stomach fossil pancakes myself.

    I know, I'm a mean overlord.

    Yes, yes, you have killed Sims early -- I haven't forgotten! When Sims die in my game, though, it's a bit more permanent; they won't ever resurface again, except as clones in your guys' games. You're right, I probably would regret letting Jeb die early... But it would be a shame to let him die in a way that wasn't Epic.

    Aaaah, okay. That's good to know. I've unfortunately had Sims before that had a baby the day before they became Elders -- and they ended up having to get placed elsewhere.

    I'm glad that Phillip and Vanessa have a long ways to go, though. Those girls are so beautiful -- it would be a shame not to hear Phillip egging them on to find boys, too! His impatience really is so cute.

    ... Okay, have I wall of text'd your blog or what?! Ha!

  11. Well, depends on my game if a Sim resurfaces. Sam naturally does. But he will never ever reappear in the World Adventure blog nor the Art flows blog. He's been and he's gone. Those are proper generational games and there is only one life there.

    True, I can see that Jeb deserves a death worthy of an evil overlord. Anything less would be cheating him. but to remove him from his family now would mean he'll never see a grandchild - I bet he'd be an awesome granddad.

    Phillip's Uncle Henry did father a child when he was elder and his wife must have only been one or two days off. Good thing the boy had a big sister - he was a teen when his dad died - I think he was still a child when his mom went.

    The girls will be teens while their parents are still adults. Phillip will be torn about this though. His princesses, dating? Are there any boys good enough for this?

    All I can say is they had better be excellent suitors cause Phillip is probably going to be really protective of his girls.

  12. Looks like they all had a fun time in France.

    Vincent seems to have found a girl very quickly. I wonder where the romance will go from here. ;)

    The girls are so cute! Little Penny working out and Veronica practicing chess in her pj's.

    Great ending! Phillip you are so naughty! lol

  13. LOL, man, Phillip jumped on that vacation in a hurry when Vincent mentioned a girl.
    OMG, those pancakes.
    Vanessa was looking like that because She was worried Phillip wasn't going to want to celebrate. :D
    The girls look great.

  14. Hi Jen - you caught up!

    Vincent did take a long time to show any wants for any girl. He's half through teen and in spite of throwing him at every girl his age that was taken *and* a few boys, this is the first time he actually wanted something.

    The girls really are cute.

    Phillip is only naughty with Vanessa. It's so sweet. :)

  15. Hi Dee,

    Yes, Phillip was excited to find that his son wanted to go on a holiday with a girl. He wanted to hop in a plane before the boy could change his mind.

    LOL the pancakes of DOOOMMMMMM.

    Course he'd want to help her celebrate. He adores Vanessa. :)

  16. His first kiss! Phillip looks good in his undies serenading his wife. She looks a little surprised by it all.

    It's nice to see him so happy with his choices.

    Dang, those are some old pancakes.

  17. Hey Chrysame,

    Vincent had his first kiss. He, his dad and I were all happy about that.

    Well, if you are going to show off by seranding, show as much of the whole package as you can. LOL

    They were antiques those pancakes. I thought Phillip and Vanessa went to France at some point after they moved out but maybe not.

  18. Awww.. Vincent has finally had his first kiss. LMAO, isn't Phillip is a romantic guy? I wonder if that would bring out another Phillip or Vanessa junior?

  19. Phillip is so romantic for surely.

  20. Vincent finally connected with someone. Makes his dad very happy.

    Phillip should have been a hopeless romantic cause he's always acted a bit that way. You'd never guess he was a flirty Sim.


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