Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Jan 14

Well, I left a lot of photos at the consignment store. I also decided to use my miner here, see if I could dig up something new.

I didn't find anything and I had to cut the explorations short because I had arranged another party. It was a very important birthday party.

Actually, it was a lot of important birthday parties. Stephen was about to get to school age, Vincent was about to be a teen and I was about to be an adult.

I heard Dad talk about wild times when his younger triplet brothers had their birthday. I'm glad three birthdays isn't common in this house.

So I invited neighbors like Brad, relatives like my cousin Shelly and a few other friends.

Vincent was the first to reach the cake.

Oh dear, a teenage male. What have we done to ourselves?

Then Stephen had his cake and isn't he just shooting up like a weed.

Good food, good tunes, good friends, what more can any man ask for on his birthday?

Except maybe a sink that doesn't break. Not good in the middle of a party.

I received more good news. The photos at the consignment shop sold for 11,000. I think that was only some of them, there are a few left.

And the best news of all? Well, look at Vanessa. Our third is on the way. I really hope for a little girl, two boys should be plenty.

Look out world, I'm ready for anything.

Bonus pic

Gen 4 of Grants are throwing up the occasional mutant.

Devon Grant - niece of Phillip from his oldest brother Sammy. Her lower lip sticks *way* out, her lower jaw is seriously inset and from the front, that lip is pointy almost making a heart shape. The mouth alone suggests that here is one non-breeding Grant. Actually, her eyes and nose are cute but still...


  1. I hope the third is a girl, too... Otherwise poor Vanessa is gonna be swimming in the testosterone ocean. ;D

    Cute party. Still can't get over how weird it is to see Brad as an adult. With facial hair. Still, he's lookin' good.

    Phillip still seems as young as the day before. Them kids do shoot up like weeds, though. You can definitely see the brotherly resemblance between them.

    Hmmm.. Devon is certainly an interesting looking one. Not everyone gets great genetics. Why her lips jut out like that is... really strange. Brad's always had some nose issues, but it's really easy to tweak so the doesn't come out all funky. I notice he doesn't seem to have that issue in your game (though it's hard to tell), so that's good.

    So many birthdays! They always seem to fall really close together. Travis/Amelia may have to have a double birthday, but... Well, I don't see Amelia wanting to share. >.>

  2. Wow, three birthday parties in one row for three good looking men. Everything was perfect, except for the sink, of course. I guess, baby number third is on the way, then! There were lots of gifts for him, and he surely has become a great artist in photographs.

  3. Kaleeko,

    Twallan says the third is a girl. :) Daddy is going to have a princess.

    Brad as an adult with face fuzz and three kids now. James is a child and was at the party but anywhere convenient to get a pic. Abbey is a toddler and there is a new baby boy...had to look it up, Nicolas. Em is quick, she never seems to be around for the Grants to meet.

    Yep, Phillip barely changed except he lost his hat. Barring hair colour, Stephen looks nearly identical to Vincent as a child.

    One of Vincent's new hair choices was the unlocked caveman locks. Didn't think to check if he can use the suit as well.

    Brad is just as he grew up, I think the final adult proportions kind of helped.

    Been a while since I threw three birthdays in a day, but they were all on day 0 or 1 day to birthday. Silly Phillip didn't use his cake though.

  4. Hi MJ

    Yep three birthdays for three great guys. Though Vincent is a bit pudgy and needs to work out some.

    Baby three and their first girl. They will be so happy about that.

    Phillip can make a stunning amount of money with photographs. He is at the top of the photography skills and about level 8 in self employment. I need to work harder at getting him to finish one of the challenges. :)

  5. Phillip aged up well! I like doing mulitple birthdays at once. The only thing you need to worry about is that someone will over indulge on cake. One extra piece and someone will balloon way up.

    Yay for a girl! Princess Grant is going to get lots and lots of love and attention.

    You're inspiring me to explore photography a bit more.

  6. Morning/evening Chrysame,
    Two things to worry about. Over indulge in cake and a bigger chance that one of the cakes will catch fire!

    I'm sure that Phillip's princess will have a lot of love. :)

    A few photography tips, go ahead and get the best camera early. They'll learn faster and get more for photos. I think once a day, you get a reasonable price for a photo of a type "Sim in the area", "Apple Tree" "Super Cop". If you take a photo of the same type again, the worth falls a lot. I basically line up 5 or 6 photo shots in Phillip's queue. When he has the camera ready, I pause and swing around looking for captions. New caption == take the shot. If I run out of new captions, I cancel the rest of the queue.

  7. I almost couldn't find the place to post. :D
    Congratulations on all those birthdays. They all grew up looking great.

    Oh and congratulations on the soon to be baby girl.

    Devon does have a strange looking lip. I've seen post about that on the forum when teens end up with that lip. I think they usually grow out of it but am not sure. Keeping fingers crossed for her that she ages with a normal lip and chin.

  8. Yeah, someone playing with their layouts and templates again making the comments harder. :)

    I'm looking forward to a girl. I think the Grant family across the neighborhood have a serious tendency toward boys.

    It will be interesting to see if Devon improves as an adult. She didn't look that odd as a child but teen is not pretty.

  9. BTW - guys, use the Blogger in Draft to upload multiple images from desktop *or* from your picasa web album to the blog. It's a nice feature, I want it for regular blogger. :)

  10. I'm having to click comment twice to be able to comment. The first time always give me an error here and on Kaleeko's blog. Could be the site.

    I really have to update the sims in my blog but it isn't going to happen before the weekend.

  11. This was a lovely update! Phillip seems like such a loving sim.

    Vincent looks quite dashing, I love him in that hat!

    Stephen is so cute, the hair pushed forward makes it look like he's trying to be cool. lol

    Happy birthday the men of the household! ;)

    Hope they have a girl too, that will even in out a bit for Vanessa.

  12. Hey Jennifer,

    Grant men in general adore their families. They adore their wives, they care for the kids before themselves.

    They had a good party, and they are all aging well.


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