Friday, September 17, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Jan 18

Pregnant woman can want the weirdest stuff. Vanessa wanted her cave man back. But if that's all it takes to make her happy...

Daddy big scary cave man.
Daddy want baby happy.
Daddy want mommy happy.

Vanessa is really starting to concentrate on her book writing now. She currently has a critic at hand to help with the writing. He apparently thinks it's a little overdramatic though.

She does need to concentrate quite a bit on writing since she wants to be taken as a serious author some day.

Another night, another party. This one is our official family funeral. I invited at least one cousin from each branch of the family to mourn/celebrate the lives of our parents.

It is good to have the house full but I think that Vanessa was feeling slightly outnumbered.

Vanessa took some time to talk to the neighbours next door. Brad's frequently around and at this time of night, so is their son James.

Vanessa said later that she caught a glimpse of Emerald and Abby but by the time she turned around to say hello, Emerald had left again. I haven't met Em either, she's never home when I visit.

We were having a nice sleep in, since neither of us have regular jobs, we don't have to keep regular hours.  Then suddenly.

Oh my god, it's time. The baby is coming. What do I do? What do I do?

Hospital - that's right, the hospital.

Whew, we made it in time.

Ok, I really wanted a girl. Really really wanted a girl. I'm not sure I'm ready for two of them but here we are.

Vanessa is holding Veronica and I have Penelope. Our new babies.

We decided we better get some renovations done because the boys aren't going to want to share space with babies and twins will take space.

So we build a new room for Stephen.

And one for Vincent. When the boys get home, they can add some more furniture and decorate the rooms as they like.

I'm sure Stephen will be happy not to be in this room now.  Hey Pen, I hope you don't mind that daddy is a bit smelly at the moment.  Fortunately, hungry lonely babies don't notice subtle things like stinky daddy.


  1. Welcome baby girls. I'd say their family was complete now with two boys and two girls. I love love that they had twins.

    Brad and Emerald certainly have good looking kids.

    How was the funeral party? I've never done one. Was it fun? Depressing? Did they mourn?

  2. It was time that the family had twins again, they managed a whole generation without multiples.

    Emerald is hard to catch, she only spends like three minutes at home and then she's gone again. But they do have cute kids!

    Funeral party is pretty much like other parties except under the friendly options you can Console, and either say good or bad things about the deceased.

  3. Who was considered the deceased? Has it been a while since someone passed?

    You can speak ill of the dead? Oh, boy!

  4. Ooh, I'm going to have a funeral party one of these days. if I don't forget.
    Love the caveman and the book critic. Love it all actually.
    Brad and Em's kids are cute too.

  5. From Phillip's options, it was his mom's funeral. He could speak well or badly of Judy

  6. Oh Brad and Em need a talking to. They have a baby and they do have a crib but the boy is on the floor instead of in his crib.

  7. I hate that the babies are on the floor if you're not actively in the house. Why have cribs?!

  8. I don't know but I'm going to sic Kaleeko on Brad if he doesn't shape up!

  9. I usually only see them on the floor when I first arrive and they have just been born. Then someone picks them up.

  10. Oh oh!

    Shape up, Brad or run like hell!

  11. I think I forgot to mention - Eric's second son, Elmer has a boyfriend. His new boyfriend is a descendent of Clover Hill - you can tell by the light blue skin. My first thought was - no a gay Grant - all Grants must breed. Then I remembered how many Grant's there are in this hood. The occasional gay is not going to hurt. :)

  12. I don't think you have any worries when it comes to running out of Grants.

  13. Correct Dee. Even if some of them don't have the name Grant now, they do have the bloodline.

    I'm contemplating just a family photo round up of Gen 4 as the next post. There's a fair few of them that you haven't seen or last saw as a toddler.

  14. Wonderful update, PiB. I like the second picture very much.

    :D Vanessa wanted him to become a cave man again? It's so sweet.

    Emerald is beautiful. I bet Abby will look beautiful as well.

    Yay for the baby girls! I'm glad that they made it on time to the hospital.
    Thank you very much for the gift, PiB.

  15. Glad you enjoyed it MJ.

    Vanessa likes her cave man. She thinks he's adorable. :)

    Emerald is a flighty girl. While we can usually find Brad around, she only seems to spend a few minutes at a time at home. Then she's off again. I'm hoping the families get to be great friends.

    They both wanted a girl, they just got one more than they were expecting. :)

    Glad you liked the gift.

  16. Awww, lookit Em and da baaabeee. :D I think it's funny how hard a time you have getting her to stay anywhere for long periods of time.

    Anywhos, cute bedrooms lined up for the kids. And two girls! Well, Vanessa definitely is back on even ground with all the boys, now. ;) I love the names you picked out for them, too.

  17. Yeah, Kaleeko. The first day they moved in, Em and Abby disappeared almost immediately to the gym and they are usually never home. Vanessa was going to meet her but she was gone again. We finally used Twallan to force her to visit so Vanessa could finally meet her.

    I was glad it was two girls. Makes for a nice balanced family. The bedrooms for the boys are works in progress but they did need space. :)

  18. Oh wow twins! Did someone have the fertility thing-a-me-bob? lol
    Yey, for the Grant family!

    How cute to see Em and her little bub. It's nice to know they are living happily ever after somewhere. ;) And James is too cute.

    The little gnome sitting on Vanessa's desk was funny! I really gotta get me one of those...or two.

    Phillip dressed as a cave man. hahaha That's quite kinky! lol

    Forgive my backwards comments. lol

  19. No Jennifer, no fertility treatment. Vanessa was in a room with kids radio on but not for long. It must have been time for twins.

    The gnomes pop from place to place once a day and they can change positions.

    Cave man Phillip, well, since Vanessa likes it... :)


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