Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Jan 20

The boys went to the park to do a spot of fishing and a bit of male bonding. Poor Stephen is now the middle child and he's going to feel ignored with the twins. I hope we can keep it from getting too bad.

It took some convincing but Vanessa and I are taking a holiday. She was worried about the babies, and the boys, and the boys with the babies. I told her to hire a sitter, if Vincent wants to help care for his little sisters he can. We could afford an army of sitters, there is nothing to worry about.

I gave her a big hug and kiss as a promise for more action when we were away. That finally sealed the deal, she rang for the sitter while I rang our travel agent.

This time, we went to China. There's lots to do, lots to see and if I work at it, I might complete my first set of photographs. The academy and the meditation garden are all I need.

While we're here, I want to do some errands for the locals. I'd like to gain their confidence so my next trip can be longer.

Vanessa soaks up some of the local scenery then trots back to camp to add more to her book. I haven't asked her the title, but I'm sure that China will dominate some of the writing.

Another day, another tomb to solve. It's always great when you find the answer to the next step. I don't understand why Dad didn't enjoy it more.

Oh, yeah. The bugs. And the mummys. And the traps. You do tend to forget those bits until they bite you.

In this case literally! Ouch!

Then back to base camp and the sweetest woman in all the world.

No need to rush anywhere in the morning. No kids to get off to school. No babies to tend. Just us.

She still causes a tingle when she flirts, I'm so glad she's mine.

Damn, Dad made this look easy. It's a lot harder to get right then I expected.

Oh good, a call to go find some gems for a native. I can skip this and go hunting for gems. A few extra in my pocket will never hurt.

Oh, jade. Very nice stone. I think this one is a keeper.


  1. I do like seeing Dads fishing with their sons. It's very Andy Griffith. :) It's nearly a perfect activity. They gain skills, fun, earn money (sell those fish!) and increase their relationship.

    Nice find with the Jade. I bet they made more than enough to pay for as many sitters as they'd ever need.

    How is the budding novelist doing with her writing?

  2. Well, it was just the sons, dad was busy trying to convince his wife that a holiday was just the thing. But Vincent and Stephen would use some brother time and they can use the skills.

    In just photographs alone, they have more than paid for the trip. The gems and goodies that Phillip is finding in the tomb is another bonus - plus the cash from running the errands.

    I think Vanessa is working on her fourth novel. Good thing they don't need cash cause she'd be the new starving artist with the current royalties.

  3. Aww, nice little vacation. It's nice to see the Sims actually living up to the name of the blog, hehe. ;) Can never have too much world adventuring!

    Looks like Vanessa was enjoying herself as well, though. Doing tombs can be a pain with two people, though. The few times I did it when WA first came out, I just had one Sim taking photos while the other did the tomb stuff. Wish I still had the photo of my Sim duking it out with a mummy!

    I always love vacation photos. ^^ Glad he was able to make some money off of em!

  4. Yeah, Sam and Rachel traveled a lot. Indy and Judy, not so much. So Phillip has to make sure he gets away regularly.

    I don't even try to do tombs with two people any more - though there is a really maze like one somewhere that I might be able to solve with two Sims. And Phillip needs to bring someone along to do actions so he can get photos - but maybe one of the boys...I don't think Vanessa is much of a tomb raider.

  5. *laughing* Every time I see the bugs on them I have a shiver. Typing this now gave me a shiver.
    Ahhh, back to world adventuring. I love seeing the pics of the other coutnries.
    Father son bonding is always a great thing. Can't wait to see him traveling with one of his sons.

    Great update PiB.

  6. Rachel was the only Grant who was completely nonplussed about the bugs. All the rest get scared for awhile after that happens.

    Phillip tripped into one of the dive wells - I'm never ready for them to belly flop in.

    They have days of holiday to go...

    would you believe Vanessa wanted another baby? I think she forgot that she's just had twins..

  7. I've seen a few pics of them falling into the well. I'm sure it must be hilarious watching it happen.
    Can't blame them. I would be terrified and out of there in a skinny minute, there's the shiver again, if that happened to me.
    I walked into a spider web this morning ans felt like something was crawling on me for hours.

    Let those sims have one baby and they just don't know when to stop. They're as bad as rabbits. :D

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  9. I always love seeing a dad and his boy, fishing together. It's truly a great way to bond with his children.

    Your screenshots are great.

    I'm glad that they had great vacation, times to be together without their routines and kids.

    September 22, 2010 6:34 AM

  10. Hi MJ,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    My screenshots are cropped, sometimes rather extensively before uploading. It's easier for me to snap and crop than spend a long time finding the perfect angle. Your screenshots have a lot more loving put into them!

    Yes, it's a Grant tradition. Go on holidays without the kids. It kept Sam and Rachel sane during the triplet years. :)

  11. Lovely holiday. It must have been nice for them to have some time to themselves. Two boys and now twin girls, that's definitely a handful. ;)

    Btw that is a huge gem! lol


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