Friday, September 3, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Jan 10

A new family moved next door so we went over to meet them. It's the Kane family, I got a chance to chat to the dad, Bradley, who held his daughter Abbey very close.

The last owner of the house left his old relic of a car on the street. I noticed Brad kept looking at it with a really distressed expression. He realised that I noticed after a bit. He admitted that he was getting that car towed away as soon as possible. Bradley said he's had nightmares about his wife Em and a car crash since before their marriage. Brad doesn't own a a car and never wants one left at his house, it's a phobia for him.

Vanessa had her birthday. She was pleased about it, but that might have been that we've agreed she should quit work. She wants to write novels and while we aren't the richest of the Grants, we are doing fine with money.

It's been a while so I had another party. I invited my siblings along, I really don't know Sammy or Kathy. They left home when I was still very young. A couple of cousins, the guy from next door and the random gate crashers filled the place.

After the party, Vanessa had a chat to me about another baby. Let's just say that she can be very persuasive and I can't deny her anything.

It's hard to believe that Uncle Henry is still with us. He's very sad these days, he misses his sibs and he misses his wife.  Both his children, Callie and Derrick still live with him so he's not alone.

I had an offer from the Bistro in town. Go to France, bring back 5 photos to decorate the restaurant and they'd reward me. So I kiss Vanessa good bye and headed over seas.

Not only did I photograph a lot of places and people in France, but I was asked to recover someone's treasure. That required some switch pulling, but not a lot more. I think granddad must have been here once, would he be pleased that his descendants benefit from his explorations still?

Well, hello lovely treasure chest. What goodies do you have for me today?

I returned the treasure and now I'm much more accepted by the locals. I've been invited to have a longer visit sometime.

While the markets are great, the museum and nectary are fantastic, all I want to do is go home. I have the photos, it's time.

I went to the Bistro to deliver the photos.

The owner was extremely thrilled by the pictures. I was expecting a bit more than the cost of the trip, maybe 2500 in total. But he gave me 36,000 for those 5 photos. That was so much more than I expected to get. I think the most valuable in the collection was maybe 2,000. That was the most profitable trip.

Still, I want to be home. My boys are here, my love is here and what more do I need? Stephen grows like a little weed, he's bigger after those few short days.


  1. First: awwww. :( Brad having nightmares about a car crash... That's so sad, but so perfect at the same time. Awesome tie in <3<3. He looks very happy with Abbey. :D

    Second: Do I detect a new site theme?! It looks great, PiB. Very fitting!

    Vanessa wants another baby?! Oh dear! I guess it would be their 3rd, right? That's not bad. It when it gets into fourzies I start fearing for the parent's sanity.

    Finally, some World Adventures to live up to the blog's name! ;) *tease* Phillip looks very at-home in France... But not as at-home as he does with Vanessa.

  2. Nice new header, PiB!

    Echoing what Kaleeko said, the car phobia of Brad's is sad and perfectly fitting.

    More babies! Maybe not a third for a third and fourth?

    It's good to see one of the sibs still kicking. Henry certainly for someone his age.

  3. Hey Kaleeko, somehow it seemed right that Brad would have nightmares about car crashes. He doesn't know why, but he's terribly afraid for Emerald - echoes from his other life haunt him.

    Yep, new theme and new heading!

    Vanessa does want a baby. Phillip doesn't yet but he'll be happy when she tells him. If they stay with three, that's still continuing the downward trend - Sam had 5, Indy had 4, so if Phillip sticks with 3... :)

    They don't travel much at the moment but I have to remember to send Phillip overseas a bit more often. Not Vanessa, not till after the baby, I had such a hard time when Hans and Brooke tried for baby while overseas. It's bad.

  4. Glad you like the new banner Chrysame.

    Poor Brad, this little clone knows something went terribly wrong once. Just not what.

    They aren't set up for twins but we'll see what happens. Twins can be just random.

    Henry is in his formal outfit from one of Phillip's parties. He's about 108 now - way overdue for the Reaper. Still seems to be going strong though.

  5. Additional note for the fans - Kendrick Sekemoto - great grandson of Sam and Rachel just married Dayna Leman - granddaughter of Thomas and Bebe. Hard to work into the story since Phillip doesn't know his cousin Chance - much less Chance's sons. But I like the coincidence.

  6. Great update Pib and the header looks great too.
    Poor Bradley, worried about cars and doesn't know why.

    $36,000, wow, that's a lot.

    Another baby. Oh my.

  7. Great screenshots,theme and banner. He is certainly doing well. Lovely narration too.

  8. I agree, M.J. I like the way PiB speaks for Cyclone. He's a special little sim and captures him perfectly.

  9. Thanks, glad people like the new header. I was in a bit of a hurry, I should do better next time.

    Yep, Bradley is worried about Emerald and cars - but that's not going to happen to him again. He's not to know that.

    They only had 16,000 cash so 36,000 was a huge benefit to the house.

    It's only baby 3. Unless they get lucky/unlucky. :)

  10. Gah, my last comment got cut off. I was saying that PiB captures Cyclone perfectly. She has a way of finding the "voice" of characters and getting it across in her blog.

  11. I promise not to tell Bradley.

  12. I think I've confused Chrysame by having two blogs with Adventures in the title. Cyclone used to live here but he did of old age long ago.

    I'm glad that you do enjoy Cyclone's voice over in the other Adventure blog. :)

    We all have to not tell this Bradley about what happens to the original. He's a happy little camper with his family.

  13. I meant to use Cyclone as an example for a general observation. Fail! It was a lack of concise, understandable writing rather than confusion over blogs. Still, FAIL!

  14. Aww poor Brad! Love how you added some of Kaleeko's story in there. ;)

    Happy Birthday Vanessa!

    I love throwing parties for my sims. It will be even better once Late Night is released and we can finally have the hot tub!

    Having another baby, yey, looking forward the new addition.

    And that trip to France was well worth it. I always click no to those. lol

    Great shots PiB. ;)

  15. Glad you enjoyed it.

    I tried for the Bradley thing to add character if you haven't hit Kaleeko's story yet or as a tie in if you have read the Kane family.

    Phillip may not have been a playboy but he does throw a lot of parties still.

    I had no idea that opportunity was so valuable. Well worth it indeed.


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