Friday, December 10, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Feb 14

Another day, another flirt. He's never been serious enough to bring a single one of them home.
Dear, I told you, be patient.
I know. It's hard though. I want him to be happy.
Then don't push. You know that won't work and you don't want him to date to make you happy do you?

He is so good with the twins. He loves to help if they need it.

I know he'll be a good daddy someday.

Vanessa, what did you say about my art?
I hate art!
But you know I love art.
Sweetheart, I love you but I just don't want paintings hanging everywhere. It's, just, I can't put it in words.

Night night time for the little angels.
Their birthday is going to come all too soon for me. I just adore the little ones.

Poor Stephen, still shaken by seeing his great uncle die. I hope that the party later will help him get over it. Uncle Henry lived very long and very happy, he was ready to go.

Morning chores. Vincent does his homework while Vanessa works on a few more chapters of her novel.

She hasn't told me much about this one. She's not sure that she's ready for satire yet.

Another landscape, my best effort yet.

I won't hang it in the house, Vanessa doesn't mind the photos but hates paintings. I really don't get that but I can respect her feelings on it.

The newest Mrs Grant. Elsa Clayton-Leman married Jerod. Yep, Mrs Shrimp.

It's so hard to think that Shrimp is a grown and married man.

Heaven help us, we are about to have two teen boys in the house. It's Stephen's big day.

He seems to be happier now. I'm glad that the party distracted him from his depression.

The party guests were very excited. Me, not so much so. It is another reminder that time is flying by. I used to like birthdays but I am just a little bit over it now.

Stephen grew well, I have to grant him that.

Two teenagers and one house. This could be very interesting.

Vincent is having a chat with James from next door.  When did James get to be a teen?

I'm glad the Kanes moved next door, they have turned out to be good neighbors and good friends.

Bonus pics
James, is that you James Kane?

Ah, it is you. Definitely not much of Brad's genetics there. The eye color is Brad, maybe the mouth not much else.

 Phillip's back tattoo

 His front tattoos. He has also had a little muscle enhancement post Late Night.


  1. Awww, lookit Vincent! At least he's actually out flirting -- he may not have settled on a girl, but he's browsing... And that's good. I say let the boy have his fun and wild times until he reaches adulthood! Phillip seems to think otherwise though, hehe.

    Poor Vanessa, not liking art. Who doesn't like art? Silly sims.

    I can't wait til those little girls have aged up... I love seeing how different twins can look. :)

    Awww, Stephen needs a hug, methinks. :( Still sad after seeing that death... It probably hits so hard because it's the first experience he's had with that.

    I can't believe the Shrimp got married! He's a good looking guy, though -- and she's a good looking gal. Good looking babies? Of course!

    Like I told you earlier, Stephen totally looks like he's going to grow up to be a musician. He's not looking bad at all -- but I still think Vincent's cuter.

    James... well... That nose of his mom's probably should stay with his mom. Brad's nose is pretty bad, but at least it doesn't look like it's trying to eat her face!

    Ahem. >.> Still though. He looks really hip with those sunglasses and that hair. Not half bad at all. :)

  2. Phillip can't cope with the idea that his son isn't totally in love by now. He just fell so hard so soon in life.

    It's the one flaw between the Artistic Phillip and the Hates Art Vanessa. He is driving to create art and she doesn't want it in her house.

    I expect that the girls will have their birthday very soon now.

    The Shrimp and the new Mrs Shrimp should make some great looking little kiddies. :)

    I like Stephen better then Vincent but he does more like a true Grant. Mind you, I like that we are way beyond Grant clones in this family now.

    Poor James, I hope his adult face can better accommodate that nose.

  3. Ooh, Stephen.. I'm glad that he is a lot happier right now. Well, I am not worrying about Vincent. He's still young and still needs to know more and making friends ;)

    There's a bit argument between Phillip and Vanessa, but I think in marriage there's always arguments sometimes. Phillip's back tattoo is very nice. I like it.

  4. Awww, Phillip. Don't worry. Vincent will find someone one of these days that will steal his heart.

    I was surprised that Phillip and Vanessa disagreed. they love each other enough to get past that though. I love the art pic you have there. I really must ge a sim back into painting soon. I'm sure there are so many I haven't seen now.

    Congratulations to Jerod and Elsa.

    Stephen has always been cute and now he's handsome. I saw the gnome. He decided to go to the party too.

    Wow. That's some nose James has there.

    Love the tats.

  5. I have no doubt that Vincent will find someone when he's ready. But, some sims aren't ready for a very long time.

    Elsa is a very pretty sim. Welcome to the family, Mrs. Shrimp!

    Vanessa dislikes art? That's such an odd trait. Who dislikes art?

    Good looking kids all around. Even James with his nose of all noses!

  6. Hey MJ. Stephen is still a bit sad because of Henry but pretty happy about his party and his life.

    Vincent is just taking his sweet time.

    I think that was the very first time Phillip and Vanessa ever quarreled. Not bad given how long they've been together now and how often I leave them alone with each other.

  7. Hey Dee

    Phillip is helping me keep my little hands off Vincent. I usually have their little love lives sorted by mid-teens. Especially Indiana Sam's descendants. Vincent may actually make it out of the house without ever having a serious date.

    Agree that Stephen is a handsome teen. Mostly his daddy's son that one.

    James took a small trip to the CAS - he had a bit of plastic surgery because that nose was just too much.

    Phillip has had those tats for a long time, just decided to show them off for once.

  8. Hey Chrysame,

    I know, Vincent should eventually settle. I know he'll make a great daddy, he regularly wants to do things with the twins (chat with Penelope, pick up Veronica).

    I think Vincent chatted up Elsa at least once but she might have been interested in Jerod by then.

    Vanessa has always disliked art, Phillip mentioned it a long time ago as her one flaw. It's another one of those traits that doesn't seem to make too much difference. She occasionally wants to get rid of a painting and that's about it.

  9. Forgot to mention - the twins have yet another fan. Stephen hit teen and one of his first wants had to do with a baby sister.

    Grant boys love family. They really do.

  10. Awww!! That is so sweet! I hardly ever saw wants like that out of my teens, mostly it was just the parents that wanted to snuggle on them.

    Don't think we've ever met a Grant boy that wasn't good hearted and lovable. :D

  11. There are Grant boys that are less then lovable. Laura's son Chance was the town thug for quite some time. Tate Grant's boy is the bully. And pretty Jerod is evil - though he may be mostly lovable. :)

    But these boys are particularly sweet since they do want to help with the toddlers.

  12. I am just too attached to Phillip and his little family. Last night, the first time I tried to boot the game - I forgot that it locks up now if I try to switch to window mode before it has entirely loaded (Late Night issue, I could before). Restart the computer.

    Second try - waiting for Phillip to load. And waiting. And waiting. And...reboot the computer again!

    Third try - load up Sammy - normal wait. Back to menu and load Phillip. Waiting and waiting and waiting and...finally hurray the progress bar is moving again! I was so anxious waiting for my little pixel people to load. They finally did but my heart rate was up a bit...

    I think the problem was it was a fresh Save As and the game was regenerating a lot of the content. I did have the slightly older save but I'd added two venues to town - local watering hole and dance place and Stephen was getting acquainted with Abby Kane now that they were both teens.

  13. I understand how you feel, PiB. My pulse goes up every time I load the game these days, because it seriously takes about 15 minutes to load my Twinbrook save. I'm not entirely sure why, but, when the bar hold still for like 10 minutes of that, I start panicking a little.

    These days, I just leave the game running as much as I can so I don't have to worry about booting it -- I just shut it off when I play over games or need to reboot.

    Still, it's not worth giving up on a save because it takes a long time to load, I think. That long loading time just shows how much that saves been played, which means how much it's been loved on -- it's just always good to have a book handy while it loads, or to go make some tea or something.

    I'm sure your save is just fine, in any case. :) Considering you use no CC outside of Twallan's mods, you have very little to worry about, I think.

  14. That was the problem. The load bar wasn't moving at all after a little tiny smidgeon of green appeared.

    I try to be patient, but this time I was worried because it locked when loading Phillip's game and I was terrified that it had corrupted itself.

    I did play Phillip for a few minutes, everyone is fine. Next time, I'll be ready for a more serious wait.

  15. Stephen was such a cutie as a child but oh man did he grow up well! ;)
    He doesn't even look like a teen in that shot.

    Oh no, two teenagers in the one house - that will surely mix things up for Phillip and Vanessa. lol

    Love love love that landscape painting of Phillips. My sims never paint anything like that!

  16. Thanks Jen,

    Stephen did grow up to be a very handsome teen.

    Teen males, Phillip can sort of deal with. I'm not sure how he'll go when the twins turn teen.

    It is always interesting to see what they paint. Phillip has a few different traits, maybe that why he paints slightly unique stuff.


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