Friday, December 17, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Feb 22

Vincent went off to meet up with a girl. One of his younger classmates Erica Clayton-Leman, the younger sister of Elsa Clayton-Leman Grant. She's a pretty girl, I wonder if they'll hit it off?


No pressure, I just hope the boy finds someone.

Caveman want woman. Share comfy rock.

Woman good. Fun on comfy rock better.

Urk, that's nearly enough to spoil the mood. The creepy gnome is in our room.

Today our girls have their birthday. It's time for a big party. Vanessa did the honors of inviting the guests and setting up the tables. She did invite my siblings, all 3 of them. It's been a while since I've seen Sammy or Kathy.

Eric, I know you are my big brother but is that anyway to treat your only daughter?

Seriously dude, you don't point and laugh at your own kids. What would dad say if he saw that?

All my siblings did make the party. Kathy and Sammy are standing behind Stephen and Abbey. It's been forever since I've seen them.

Oh my. Didn't Stephen say Abbey was a loner? How will she cope with the party horde?

Veronica had her birthday first.

Not that many here noticed it was time for some cake. Why is my brother trying to steal the spotlight here?

My plumb-bob, the girl is growing up to look like her mom.

Then it was time for little Penelope. My bright Penny.

Penny is looking a little blue after her big event. Cake, ice cream, presents and she's glum.

Of course, I'm feeling a bit down myself. No toddlers left in the house. Two growing lads that eat everything in sight and two young ladies who will have to start school now.

Both girls want to take a few classes now that they are old enough. Ronnie is the family genius and wants to learn chess. Penny is looking to learn writing like her mom.

Vanessa was happy. The party went off well, everyone went home reluctantly saying how great the party was.

I think we'll have a trip. France is nice this time of year. Leave Stephen and the girls, take Vincent and one of his school friends.


Bonus pics
Brad and Nicolas talking to Katie Grant - looking incredibly like her mom in that shot. Katie must have reverted to Macy's hair style when she aged to adult.

Nicolas had the same hair color as his siblings - he had a dye job to match dad.

James post minor plastic surgery and Abbey.

Abbey did not once get upset by being in the house with so many Sims. My theory is that she did a Freak Out early that I missed and so she was calm for the next few hours.


The family was uploaded to the Exchange just after the girls had their birthday.


  1. Awww, lookit those girls! At this stage, they still look quite a bit alike, but I have to say -- Penny is super cute. ;)

    I loved the caveman bit, haha -- Oh, Philip... You're such a goof. Good thing Vanessa seems to like it!

    Lots of family in for the party, and some Kanes. If there's one thing I love about parties, it's that you get to see a lot of people you don't normally get out to see.

    Nicolas looks quite a bit like his dad when he was that age, now that his haircolor is changed. So cute. I really adore Abbey; what sort of plastic surgery did James get? ^^

    Now that the girls are grown up, it's a perfect time to take a family vacation. It can be tough to do with a big family, but you seem to be a master of letting sims do whatever they want to. ;)

  2. Veronica has much more her mom's face. Penny is somewhere between dad and mom.

    Phillip needed to do caveman again. It's been *ages*.

    I love parties for pretty much that reason. You can get lots of Sims over and have a hefty relationship boost.

    I must admit, I've grown Nick in CAS and he'll be a dead ringer for his dad as an adult. James had his nose shrunk a bit so it won't continue to dominate his face. It didn't get better when he reached adult via CAS.

    I'm not insane. I'm taking Phillip, Vanessa, Vincent and one girl that Vincent gets on with. I tried the mass family holiday once *way* back just after Sam's triplets reached child. And it's just too much to track. On holiday, Sims don't seem to find much to do without direction. Four is my max now.

  3. Well, as much as I'd love to see what they look like as teens, I'll wait for that patiently -- they have plenty of life ahead of them as kids!

    I understand about wanting to alter James a bit. The large nose looked fine on Emerald's dad, but it just doesn't seem to suit James as much.

    Haha -- okay, 4 seems much more reasonable. I think taking the whole family would be fun if you owned a really big, amazing vacation home, but even when the Kanes had the money to get one I never really bothered. When I go to adventure, I usually only take one or two sims. The adventure locations really aren't for vacationing as much as exploring. Nothing wrong with that, but I hope it means they add more travel locations in the future that are more 'fun' and relaxation oriented.

  4. Well, if you download the family from the exchange, you can see how the girls will grow yourself via CAS.

    Yeah, on James that nose just so very dominated his face. I didn't change much, just made it a bit more narrow.

    Sam could have bought vacation homes in all the locations - they had spare money and he had the visa levels. But they didn't and Phillip doesn't have the visa levels to buy spare homes. So if I take children along, they end up studying chess all the time or fishing. About the only activities they can indulge in that I don't have to track carefully. With 4, I can set Vincent to start a bit of romance with whoever else goes while Phillip and maybe Vanessa go exploring. Then Vincent and his girl can explore while Phillip and Vanessa hang out.

  5. I think my mood would be spoiled if I had a creepy vampire gnome watching me too.

    Awww, the girls are cute.

    Patience Phillip. Patience. Think about it. One of the days that caveman outfit is going to go missing and you may just find it in your sons closet. :D

  6. Hey Dee.

    The vampire gnome was very creepy since she zapped into the bedroom and faced the bed looking evil.

    Thanks, the girls are very cute.

    Phillip doesn't do patience well, does he?

  7. I thought it was cute that time I had the cuddly little dryer gnome popped into the bedroom but that vampire one is soooo ugly.

    Nope, Phillip hasn't a lot of patience.

  8. It is mainly his first born son he worries so about. He'll be more worried about the girls *if* they find romance. :)

  9. Yay, the caveman outfit is back.

    The girls aged up very well. It was weird to see that some of Phillip's siblings are now elders. It shouldn't surprise me as Phillip has nearly grown children but I'm not ready for Phillip to turn grey.

    I keep looking at the girls. Penny's gloomy look is very endearing.

  10. I agree about the caveman outfit. It was time for it to return.

    It's scary to see Phillip's sibs hit elder. All too soon, my sweet party boy is going to get there too.

    I've peeked and Penny will be truly lovely as a young adult. Veronica will look *so* like her mom. They are very cute girls - I'm quite pleased.

  11. Oh my gosh, the cave man/woman thing is too funny1 I love it!
    And ewww to that creepy vampire gnome in their bedroom! lol

    The twins grew up to be still so cute. Veronica sure does look like her mum and why Penny so glum. Maybe she doesn't like crowds either, bit like Abbey. lol

  12. The caveman thing is fun to do, Jen. The outfit was not planned but I've had fun with it.

    The creepy vampire gnome is very creepy when it pops into a bedroom facing the bed.

    Glad you like the twins. Penny probably just didn't want her picture taken.

  13. LMAO at the caveman and cavewoman. Seriously, I would freak out if there's a vampire gnome like that showing up from nowhere in the bedroom. Why did Eric laugh at his only daughter?

    Awww... he felt a bit down because his children are growing up now. Maybe he and Vanessa should make more? ;)

  14. I suspect that Eric was laughing because his daughter Rocio was dancing badly. Sims frequently laugh at others who dance badly.

    No more babies unless they start seriously wanting one.


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