Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Feb 18

Poor Stephen, seeing death take Uncle Henry was harder on him than I thought it would be. His birthday has cheered him up some but it's still having an effect.

I wish there was something we could do but time is the only way to heal this.

Still, he could do worse then cry on Jenny Hunter's shoulder. She's a pretty girl and seems quite sweet.

Couple of new little guys. One Vanessa fished up one day and he's never moved from this spot. An actual decorative gnome? I'll only believe that if he doesn't move for a lot lot longer.

The other one just appeared one day. She's a bit scary looking. Actually quite scary looking.

Stephen isn't the only one missing Uncle Henry. He was a good man and it's hard to think I'll never see him again. Fortunately, I have my family for support. Vanessa has been very good at listening to me.

I'm proud of Stephen. Just barely old enough to safely pick up his little sisters and that's the first thing he wants to do.

He looks like such a natural with Penny.

We weren't the only house with two teens. Next door, Abbey Kane also became a teen. Well, at least I only have teenage boys, girls must be harder. So much more to worry about.

Oh, god, someday I'm going to have two teenage girls. And a lot of grey hair. I never thought about what happens when those adorable little girls find boys. Ouch.

Stephen decided to visit Abbey. They'll be starting to the new school at the same time, he's a bit worried about it. My son worries easily, he's a bit on the neurotic side.

Abbey didn't like being on bottle duty for her little brother Nicolas. I haven't heard either of my boys complain if they are left with the toddlers.

Vanessa is quite happy, she has mastered her craft of writing. A bonus is that her new satire is selling like it's the only book in the shop. Her current royalty check is over 3,900 a week, very nearly 4,000.

I'm so proud of her. It's required long hours at the computer but she has stuck with it through many a writer's block and many a misplaced plot.

Been awhile since I used my miner. I can really dig it.

No one has excavated in this area for a long time. My miner dug up all sorts of rubbish. Most of it I'll be able to sell.

Now for the fun. Let's go caving.

How deep does this rabbit hole go?

Ouch, damn I hate it when that happens. Minor cave in. Could have been worse though.

I went home, cleaned up then went to a party I had been invited to. Worst party ever, the dude must have forgot and he wasn't home. No music. No food. No other guests. Nothing but his son. Shesh, if I see him, I'll give him some party tips.

Stephen picked a pretty spot to chat up Abbey.

They are getting on well even though she's unflirty. Unflirty? Who the heck doesn't love to flirt? And Stephen reports she's a loner. I don't expect to see her here often, she'll stress with this house and people underfoot in every room.

But the masters of being underfoot in the most literal sense are about to have their birthday. Our twin toddlers will be growing up.

I wish they never had to grow up, they are just so sweet. Vanessa tells me that putting weights on their heads won't stop it. Damn. I'm sure it will be fine though.

Bonus pic

Stephen and his bunny slippers. Isn't it so cute.


  1. Abbey (with an e, eh?) really is so cute. She'd probably be even more "attractive" with thinner brows, but I've always found Sims with imperfections more interesting than ones without. That nose is just so awesome, too. It looks so different on guys than it does on girls -- but Farah would be pleased that it's living on in her great-grand daughter.

    That vampire gnome really is creepy. Oy jeepers. And she just 'showed up'? Bizarre.

    It's sad to see that Uncle Henry's death really had such a profound effect on them -- but also good, that they liked him that much.

    Lookit Stephen, being a good big brudder. He may be neurotic but he sure is sweet.

    No sign of Vincent this post? Wonder what he's getting himself up to. ;)

    And, yes -- the bunny slippers are awesome and cute. Even a badass rock star has to have some snuggly comforts.

  2. I'm pretty sure it's Abbey with an 'e' but story progression did the naming so I won't swear to it. I did do her hair, makeup and clothes. I'll look at those eyebrows next time I do her makeover. I saw that nose and thought Farah instantly! James is mostly Em's son but Abbey is a Kane.

    The vampire gnome just appeared after certainly people played with buydebug mode.

    They'll be over Henry's death pretty soon now.

    Stephen is a good brother. Just like Vincent has been.

    :) Bunny slipper cute and comfortable.

  3. Jenny hunter looks very sweet. Poor Stephen, but he's becoming a man now. He even barely old enough to safely pick up his little sisters, but that's the first thing he did.

    Abbey Kane is gorgeous. She looks beautiful with that hair. I saw romantic atmosphere on that beach.

    I just love toddlers pictures. I wish they never had to grow up too. They look so naturals when they did their own thing, or just wondering around.

    I see that you have Vampire gnomes. It looks very scary. And what a pair there, with one was on the sprinkler.

  4. MJ thanks for popping by

    I was pleased that Stephen and Vincent are typical Grant males - toddler care comes high on their to-do list once they're old enough.

    James Kane is his mother's son by looks, Abbey is a definite Kane except the hair colour.

    Veronica and Penelope are so cute, I hate that they had to grow up too. But it always does happen eventually.

  5. Abbey is definitely a Kane. No mistake about that. Unflirty and a loner? Good idea about keeping her out of the Grant house for now. The poor girl would be miserable with so many people around.

    The background in the Stephen/Abbey pic on the beach is beautiful.

  6. Hey Chrysame,

    Abbey's full list of traits: friendly, neurotic, loner and unflirty. She and Stephen share neurotic. Loner - well, Abbey dropped by the twins party and she wasn't freaking out at the crowd so that's not one of her stronger traits (thank goodness). We'll have to see how the unflirty works out.

    I love the SV beach at sunset - it's always so pretty.

  7. Poor Stephen still mourning the loss of Uncle Henry.

    Love the gnomes as always. Those vampire gnomes are so creepy and ugly. I have heard that they will turn other moving gnomes into vampire gnomes.

    Poor Phillip. It's a good thing he had Vanessa to console him when he was mourning Uncle Henry.

    That's sweet with Stephen and sis.

    *laughing* those holes in the ground will get cha.

    Unflirty and loner would be tough. Can you imagine?

    Love the bunny slipper pic.

    Abbey looks a lot like her grandmother.

  8. I knew you'd like the gnomes Dee. I added the vampire gnome because they are supposed to be very creepy.

    My guys did miss Henry.

    Stephen is a definite sweetheart.

    Abbey does look like her grandmother - so far we haven't really had a problem with her traits. She's been letting him flirt without any rejections.

  9. Hahaha, to Stephen in his bunny slippers!
    I think he will make a dotting father one day, I think he's got a sweet side much like Phillips. ;)

    Well done to Vanessa for mastering her writing skill. Gee she brings in a few quid for the family.

    Loving your updates PiB, I am finally catching up! :)

  10. The bunny slippers, you just gotta love them.

    Both boys should be good dads, they have both wanted to cuddle or pick up their little sisters from their first day as teen.

    Thanks for catching up Jen!


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