Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Nov 3

I'm still finding it hard to believe.  The rock of our lives, Dad, is gone.

Chance and Ursala's little boy Marco is growing up to be quite the little chap.  Not looking too much like Daddy though.

Mum and Dad always made time for each other.  Judy and I are trying to follow that example.

Eric has convinced Katie Lee to be his girlfriend.  Go boy.

Katie is quite a pretty girl.

If it lasts, it should be a good match.

Dear god, what on earth?
Rick is holding his baby girl Rhoda.
That is weird and scary.

Damn it, these things never hit Mum when she got to this stage.

[shudder] Long hair, my boy has long hair.
Dad, Chill, the girls love the stuff.

Guess what's about to happen.  Judy always had guys dancing around her, must be different to be on the other side of the panic dance.

And here is the new baby, coming home.  Chance and Sam were also at the hospital.  Chance and Ursala have another baby.

And another "new" resident.  So far, Mum's ghost is pretty innocuous but I'm not sure we need two ghosts around here. 

The ghost didn't notice a new baby in the house.  Possibly just as well.

Eric had his birthday to young adult.

Typical, there is a queue for the baby.  Nice to see Malcolm taking responsibility for the baby.

And little Rhoda managed to pull herself together. 

Author's note: I'm taking a break from this family for a little.  The triplets are all going to be elders by the end of the day and I need to work myself up to that and to sending Kathy, Malcolm IV and Malcolm V off into a new home.  Plus I'm thinking about what to do with Rachel and Sam's ghosts.  Indy and Judy could resurrect them.  We could move them to the graveyard.  We could delete them so help clear space and Sam may still be a cause of glitches...Decisions decisions...


  1. This is a great update. I'm so glad little Rhoda was able to pull herself together. She's cute, now. LOL. That's one glitch I've never had.

    Marco is a little doll.

    Katie is pretty. They'll make pretty babies.

    Hi Sam, it's good to see you.

    I see the tree is still attacking.

    Malcolm looks like he is just waiting for her to let go of their new baby so he can hold him.

  2. I had switched households and found Rick holding took me a couple of minutes to work out what that pink thing was. LOL

    Marco is a very cute little chap. Chance got himself a very pretty townie and it shows.

    Katie should be pretty, her dad Benjamin and mom Macy are an attractive couple. :)

    Sam spent his first night as a ghost playing computer games then briefly haunted a bookcase.

    Of course Malcolm wants to hold his son. All my guys love their babies. It's startling if one of them doesn't.

  3. I meant to tell you, I love the way Katie is dressed. You probably already told me, but I didn't connect her with Benjamin and Macy. I'm having one of my dingy days.

    I keep going back to that pic of Rick and Rhoda. It looks like her blanket is coming unwrapped.Only problem is, she ain't there. :D
    Then again, he could have been unrolling a roll of pink TP.

  4. About the long hair. As long as he keeps it clean, no need to worry.

  5. I forget if Katie picked that on her own or not. All of Macy's girls inherited her hairstyle, I did change that. As for connecting Katie with Benjamin and Macy...I think I mentioned making them a family with three girls at some point in the past. But it's easy to forget such details. She has two older sisters. One married the younger son of Thomas and Bebe Leman. Can't remember what happened with the other.

    I first thought Rick was holding pink yarn between his hands. But I knew that couldn't be right.

    As for the long hair, Indy was a bit surprised. But I love guys with frilly outfits, long hair and boots! I'm a romantic at heart. Probably explains why I'll watch a Musketeer movie, no matter how bad it is.

  6. I like the hair on Katie too. I may have purchased that if it was in the store. I bought so much hair that I can't remember what I do have.

    Yes, now we just need some of those musketeer boots. I can see it now, frilly shirt, long hair, musketeer boots and tight pants.
    I'm going to make myself want to read a romance novel if I keep this up.

    I knew when I saw that frilly shirt in the store that I just had to have it.
    I almost put long hair on Jon Marsh today but it didn't look right on him.

  7. At least there are decent looking male boots in WA. Sam's outfit wouldn't have been complete without them.

    I know what you mean about hair styles and looks. Sometimes I go through every option I have trying to find the right look for a particular Sim. Some hair styles I think I'll never use and then one day, it's right.

  8. I keep waiting and hoping they will eventually put them in the store. I've seen a lot of things that came with WA that I like, but just haven't been interested in the travel part.

    I do the same thing with the hairstyles. sometimes there just doesn't seem to be one that fits.

    I have a friend request that I'm trying to get to. The stupid forum. I clicked on it in my email just like I always do and couldn't get there. I'm going to see if I can get to it.

  9. Oh no, what a glitch! Lol.I've never seen that before. Luckily she managed to pull herself back. How did you fix it?
    I agree, sometimes when there are sims who have died, you've got to make a decision about it.But It will be hard for me because I got too attached with the first generation so I would prefer to keep them in family yard although they are annoying sometimes.

  10. Hey MJ. The baby fixed herself. When she aged up, the glitch disappeared.

    I have to decide. Ghost Rachel is probably glitched. She lost all relationships with the family - gone from the family tree and no one knows her. Ghost Sam - well, he may have been a glitch when he was alive so it's safer to just delete him. At least the family remembers him and he is in the family tree.

    Gen 2 and beyond, it's a bit easier for me to let them go. Gen 1, I just really hate to see them go.

  11. I can't believe I missed Sam's death. It's very disconcerting to see Indy as an elder. Good to see a Macy/Benjamin child interacting with the Grants. A redhead is always a good thing for the gene pool.

    Things are moving quickly with the Grant clan. Isn't that always the way?

  12. Yep, poor Sam Grant finally kept his date with the Reaper and Indy is an elder. The triplets will be elder by the end of the day.

    Katie could certainly do worse than hook herself a Grant. And Eric is a fine looking specimen from the family.

    I did decide to take a break and set up a new Riverview game. First time in forever that I've set up a hood without Sam, too soon after his being an elder and meeting the reaper.

    BTW - I've set all my blogs to review comments on posts older than 3 or 4 days. Spammers usually go for the slightly older stuff hoping you won't notice. I try to approve the comments pretty quickly.


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