Monday, March 1, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 22

Chance and his bride Ursula.  I know why she's thinking pregnant but what kind of baby is Chance expecting?

Dad challenged Henry to a sparring match.  The only one who ever beat Dad was Mum, and it's still true.

A quiet moment.  We never get enough of these.

Apparently Mum still feels she should keep up with meditation...why does a ghost need to meditate?

Poor Celia, stuck in her military hat and boots.  That's Darren, her second baby.

Dad never tires of meeting any of his offspring in the park.  Jack brought Tosha along.

Henry and Celia had a chat along with Henry's father-in-law Jed.  Nice to see them get along.
I'm worried about Rick and Patricia.  We keep hearing they are fighting.
I know Dad, but there's not much we can do.

[laugh] Dad, what did they do in the park before you started guitar?
Don't know, I was a bit busy to go to the park.

The reaper continues to take a toll.  This was the dad of Kathy's beau Malcolm.  Poor devil, didn't even clean up after the birthday cake disaster.

DAD!  She was hitting on you and you LIKED it!
Indiana, I'm not made of stone.  And your mother is dead, haven't you noticed yet?

Another night, another party.  This one was random friends and neighbors.  

And Phillip grew up to child.  No more toddler training for me!
[grumble] I like toddlers.
Sorry Dad, maybe you should borrow Jack or Rick's for a bit.

The next morning, Sammy decided to strike out on his own.  We bought a house for him.
He's quick, by the end of the day, we heard that Malia had moved in and they were married.

Tyler with his son by Nevada Sierra.

Gabrielle with Kari Grant.  She's a little doll.

Another day, another round of guitar playing in the park.

Chance's wife Ursula decided to chat with Dad about babies.
I may know a thing or two.
Didn't they have that baby?
Yes, but I haven't managed to see it.  No one is home when I try to visit.

And this evening's party saw a most unwelcome gate crasher.  He took away one of the party guests.
Michael Wainwright-Bachelor was claimed by the Reaper.
He was busy that night.  He took Thomas away after the party.
Glad you were spared that sight Dad.  Thomas has been your best friend since I can remember.

[shudder] The Grim Reaper preening in front of a mirror.  Both weird and gross.


  1. Oh I didn't know that the reaper likes to check out itself. What did he see anyway? :) Indy's dad still got his charm...

  2. Laughing at Chance. Man, your wife is pregnant and you're thinking about Nessie?

    Apparently, Sam is still "hot" in his old age.

    That reaper just loves to ruin parties.

    I'm still loving the toddlers too Sam.

  3. The ladies still like Sam. He does attract a crowd when he plays. Good to see Celia pregnant. And Marta is flexing in one picture. That always makes me laugh.

    The reaper is a busy fellow. I do enjoy it when Grim sticks around a little and interacts with other sims and the environment.

  4. MJ - Yep Sam is still a charming and handsome fellow.

    And I have no idea what the Reaper sees when he preens in the mirror. :)

  5. Dee, I laughed at Chance too. Nessie?

    It was interesting watching Sam being flirted with. While Rachel was alive, he would have backed away from it. But since he is a free Sim, and highly charismatic (topped out charisma long ago), he was responding quite a bit to his new friend.

    Indiana and Judy are now looking forward to their first grandchild. The moment Sammy married, they wanted one. I think I can thank the sp mod for how fast Malia moved in and married Sammy. More toddlers will be found.

  6. Chrysame, I included Marta flexing just because.. :)

    Celia definitely loves those babies. She's due to have twins soon, she always has twins at least once.

    Did I mention that one Darius Pendragon has grown up, moved out and married his high school sweetheart Mindi? Henry finally stopped paying child support.

  7. I uploaded Celia with a new pic and different clothes, hair. I also added that last trait that's been missing. I just gave her friendly. I was afraid to give her family-oriented.

    Yay for Darius. I bet Henry was happy to stop sending those checks.

    The SP mod is good about moving sims in together when they're relationship is high enough.

  8. I popped by and gave Celia another rec.

    The SP is slightly too good. Poor Chance had his girlfriend move in and it took me at least a day to check and find that she was only partway through teen. But supercomputer let me age her up so that Chance had the possibility of starting a family.

  9. Thanks, PiB.

    Doesn't look like Chance wasted any time starting his family once Ursula was of proper age.

  10. Actually, I think Ursula and Chance were helped along. I wanted to know if in Sims 3, great grandparent/great grandchild is a relationship. In Sims 2 it wasn't. If a Sim lived long enough, great grandchildren weren't good reason to not have them live forever.

    In Sims 3, Sam finally met great grandson Marco. And he knows Marco is a great grandson.

  11. That's great! Wyatt might live long enough to see a great grandchild as I think Rogan's oldest son and his wife are expecting. If he can just hold on for a few days then I can check it out.

  12. Every time I see that little thought bubble, I think of the Loch Ness Monster. Nessie.

  13. I was thinking last night that my town didn't have a lot of babies or pregnancies at the moment. Then in one evening/night we got 4 notices about pregnancies. Two of them were

    Rick and Patricia are now on baby 2.
    Sammy and Malia are going to be having Indiana and Judy's first grandchild.

    Dana Anderson (AJ Anderson and Jon Marsh's boy) and his wife are expecting too, but that one I helped along. Wanted to make sure that they had *one*.

  14. Wow, that's a lot of babies at once.
    Wait. *claps hands and cheers*
    OMG, Sam is going to be a great great grand. Oh, I hope he gets a chance to meet him.

    I'm at home because of snow again.

  15. Wait again. That's his great grand isn't it.

  16. Sammy is a grandson - the baby will be great grand number 2.

    Still, we can hope Sam gets to meet another great grand.

  17. More snow, Dee? You've gotten more than your share this year. I'm looking forward to more updates from you both. I've been taking a little break from my game since Marta died. So, I'm getting my Sims fix directly from you all.

  18. I hope Sam lives to meet a great great grand. I'm pulling for you Sam. You hang in there 'til you get to meet a gr gr grand.

    Yeah, more snow. I swear I believe we have had more snow this year than all the years of my life. And that's a lot.

    Chrysame, I hope it won't depress you, but I put Marta in my new game. I wasn't going to let on until she was seen in game but decided that might not be a good idea.

  19. Dee, Quite frankly, I hope Sam doesn't live that long. Marco (great grand one) is only a toddler. For Sam to meet a great great grand...he'll have to live another what 20+ days?

    I'm going to hate to lose Sam and I'll probably switch to a different save for awhile once he goes. But that would be a bit ridiculous, he'd seriously risk outliving Laura and Indy if he lived that long. Indy is only 2 days from elder now.

    We are in our wet season and there has been much flash flooding in town. Around here, that's par for the course at this time of year. The water will go away quickly. But we can have 3 or 4 inches of rain very quickly.

  20. Oops. I guess Sam living to see a gr gr wouldn't be a good idea afterall. :)

    That's a tremendous amount of rain. Being in the mountains, the river will flood, but I'm a couple hundred feet higher than the river. My sons tell me they know when we have a lot of rain. Their rivers rise down in SC because of the runoff from here.

    Chrysame I hope you get in the mood to play again soon. I miss your updates.

  21. I love seeing Marta running around in your games. It gives me a big kick.

    I'll play soon enough and then I'll probably get too far ahead of my blog. Heh.

  22. I'm already too far ahead, but I didn't want to blog until I felt the game wasn't going to glitch.

    Glad to know you won't feel bad seeing Marta in my game.

    I'll bet Pibs playing now. I'm going to have to stop soon.

  23. 11 am on Wednesday. PiB is cheating and reading blog comments while at work. Being a web person at work means that such things are easily done but I can't do too much for about 6 hours...

  24. Stealthy PiB reading blog comments, heehee. It's after 8 pm, Tuesday night and I'm already in my jammies. So tired. If you all don't hear from me again it means I fell asleep.

  25. I forget. You're about 15 hours ahead of me.

    Hope you sleep well, Chrysame. Probably are already.

  26. I didn't mention, when the camera automatically changed focus in that 3rd from last pic and I noticed the sparkles, I was positive that Sam's time was up. Then I realised it was a guest, not the host. My heart nearly stopped there for a moment.

    The only Sim in town older than Sam is Blair Wainwright-Bachelor.

  27. Mine would have too, if I had played someone as long as you have played Sam.

    I didn't put Sam in my new game. He's worked hard and deserves a little rest. I have Indy though.

  28. LOL, I noticed a commercial the other day that made me think of sims. I saw the commercial just now. It's an advertisement for Comfort Suites and the man has a bar above his head that changes from red to green, depending on his mood. I wonder if they got the idea from sims. :D

  29. Damn those Grants. Remind me, it's not a good idea to have another baby when
    a) you are barely 2 days from elder
    b) you have 4 children and the youngest is already a child
    c) your first grandchild is on the way...

    Judy wants a baby with Indy. Indy had wanted a baby with Judy...

  30. Dear Judy and Indy, it's not a good idea to have a baby when
    a) you are barely 2 days from elder
    b) you have 4 children and the youngest is already a child
    c) your first grandchild is on the way...


  31. LOL...they aren't listening. But I haven't lost control yet and hit the button for them. They have woohoo'd and I think a side effect of story progression is the occasional accidental pregnancy.

    I don't think that happened though.

  32. We'll soon know for sure. :)

    I see you have a new update. On my way there now.


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