Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 28

It was hard to do, but Judy and I decided we really needed to travel again.  We went to China with Kathy and Malcolm.  We left Eric and Phillip in the capable hands of their grandfather.
I really needed that extra training.

Judy did some work for the locals.

At the end of the day, we compared notes.  Judy had been collecting things for the locals.  Kathy was working on her fishing skills.  I was working on martial arts and Malcolm was working mainly on athletics but he did some martial arts too.

I decided to see what Kathy's boy was made of. He'll learn but he has a long journey if he decides to master martial arts.

But he was useful, like here where he cleaned up the kitchen a bit for the family.

The holiday wasn't long enough, they never are. But we came home because it was time to stage an important event. The family is gathering.

In their best clothes to watch our Kathy get married to her Malcolm.

Kathy looks so stunning in that dress. Maybe not traditional but it really suits her.

It's great that everyone could make it to the wedding.

And so our little Kathy Grant becomes Kathy Landgraab.

Amazing how they never need to breathe.

Young Callie Harkness-Grant - Henry's second child. She's growing up well.

Kathy's latest creation. Too much children's tv when she was young?

Dad is showing off his mad cooking skillz. He flips the eggrolls over his shoulder and has them back in the pan in a moment. It's damn cool to watch a master at work.

Dad has also taken to novel writing. Though he doesn't have much of a fan base yet.


  1. Ah well, no one made it before bedtime... see you all tomorrow.

  2. Looks like Indy is whipping that tree.

    You must have Malcolm exercising everyday.

    The weddings on the beach are always beautiful. Those young ones don't need to breathe. ;)

    Callie is cute and I love the pink monster painting. :)

    I've never had a sim good enough at cooking to do the flip thing. Maybe someday. Sam, you're looking good. Hard to believe you're 111.

    I'm just curious. What level is Sam at in all those skills? I've always wanted to have a sim max all of them.

  3. Darn,I was 2 minutes late in posting. Sleep well PiB.

  4. Poor Indy, being clumsy isn't fun. The tree still fights back from time to time for him. Never did that to Rachel.

    Kathy's Malcolm is the son of the one I did long ago. He's naturally on the thin side and athletic. The SV Malcolm has to exercise a lot or he gets plump again. This one is officially Malcolm Landgraab V - I started with a IV like you do in Open for business.

    Yep, gotta love a beach wedding.

    Ok, Sam maxed out athletics, charisma, cooking and photography. He had a lot of skill in martial arts, guitar, and gardening. He had some skill in most of the rest but not fantastic.

    The cooking flip thing is cool, wish I had noticed that one before.

  5. I left after I commented and just came back. On Saturday's I add house cleaning in with my fun time.

    At least you don't have to make this Malcolm work out.

    The only time I saw the cooking flip thing was in the video EA made.

    Sam, you have done a great job with those skills. Especially with all those babies and kids and teens. Don't know how you had time to squeeze them all in.

    The "had" doesn't sound good.

  6. Just popping in to let you know I won't be around this week. We've had a family emergency. I'll see you all soon.

  7. Oh my. See you when you get back and hope it's not a terrible emergency.

  8. Chrysame, sorry to hear about the emergency. See you when you get back.

    This Malcolm is the younger brother of Mindi (yes, the Mindi that you downloaded) and one of the children of a certain AJ Anderson that I downloaded from you. If you look back through my older free will game, you can find his pics as toddler and child. He has a little brother (again) called Cecil not Andrew but did have pink hair on birth.


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