Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 30

This may get more than a little confusing. We've all been suffering from some form of Déjà vu and I know that something things happened different ways at different times. I can't quite sort out one time line from the others so I'll just post everything and mention the bits that are no longer true.

Ripley Warren married a townie called Carlos. Carlos has since aged up, he is carrying their toddler.

This is Darren Pendragon - the older boy of Celia and Jack.  He's nearly as handsome as his half brother Darius. I may be slightly biased in favour of Henry's boy.

This is one of the did happen but not this way moments.  I had a birthday to elder...and then was an adult again and had another one.  As if once wasn't bad enough.

Same for poor Judy.  But doesn't she age well?

In one reality Dad found a friend in his bed.  Mum's ghost just joined him there.

I'm not sure if this one is real or not.  Dad was getting on very well with this townie.

I'm pretty sure that Grandpa Muleskinner has met the Reaper. 

I know that young Eric had his first kiss from Katie Lee, the youngest of the three Lee girls.  Not sure if her dad really was glaring at the time.

This may be right.  I think that this was my real elder stage.  Nice quiet family time.

It's a bad sign when this dude is stuck on a lot.  He was here for a couple of days.

Phillip is definitely a teenager now.

Kathy and Malcolm moved out once.  Then they were back and the second time around didn't move out.  Kathy is definitely pregnant. 

This is our first grandson, Glen Grant.  Sammy and Malia are doing quite well.

And this, I hate to say, is definitely real.  The reaper came calling for Dad.  I could have sworn I heard in the background "So sorry Sam, but I think you are the glitch.  I hate to Age Transition you but the entire neighborhood keeps stopping.  So it's your turn or we have to stop playing with your family altogether."

Dad had been expecting the reaper to visit again since Mum's death.  It wasn't really a surprise but...

No one was happy to see him go. Even our new son-in-law was upset by the death.

Finally reunited. 


  1. It's so sad to see Sam go, but at the same time, I'm happy he's with his Rachel. I'm going to miss you Sammy.

    Wait, who is that behind the tomb stone?

    I know the rest of it had to be making you want to scream, but the way you told it is funny. Sometimes this game will make you feel as though your brains are bouncing around in your head.

    Katie Lee's dad was really keeping a close eye on those two.

    Phillip is very handsome and Darren is going to be a heart breaker.

  2. It wasn't as traumatic for me as I thought it would be, deliberately calling the reaper for Sam. Mostly every Sim day I was wondering if the reaper would come and that lasted for 20 Sim days...he was very very old.

    Rachel was out meditating again. It will be another couple of days before Sam appears.

    Indy and I were both confused about what happened and what nearly happened. :)

    Benjamin was keeping an eye on Eric. He better not misbehave too badly in front of one of the town cops.

    Eric, Phillip and Darren are all good looking boys. Watch out to all the girls.

  3. All that is more confusing that what happened to me when all my sims were being cloned.

  4. Well, I'm hoping that this cures most of the glitching that I've been having. Sims were randomly getting stuck on lots - mainly work lots. You'd visit the police station and find all the people who work there outside. I can use supercomputer to fix a glitched lot but it's hard to be sure we got all of them.

    There are still glitches around - wait till you see one of my next pics. But if I no longer have Sims suspended in time on lots, I'll be happy that we can move on.

  5. I'm still picturing grimmy stuck on that lot for two days. I can just imagine him yelling, Help me, help me, I must go deaden people.

    I'm sorry, I know it's not funny. I was frustrated to no end when mine glitched up. Now I laugh about how my jaw dropped the first time I saw a man with female hair and then again when I saw adult Roxanne and elder Roxanne on the same day.

  6. Actually, Grimmy was completely motionless. Just frozen in place and in time. Poor fellow.

    And the SP mod had a glitch. Mortimer Goth was due to die (normal better catch up with him cause he's ancient note.) Then the SP sent another note saying Grim was going to spare him for a few days because his young wife was about to have a baby. Then Grim came for Morty anyway and so he doesn't get to see the baby. I've reported that one as a would be nice for a dad to be to be spared an extra day or three.

  7. OMG, what else happened to you?

    Do you think maybe there are just too many elders at deaths door at once, for grimmy to keep up with? Maybe that is causing confusion?

  8. Twallan who writes the mods is talking about various issues due to service sims not spawning correctly. The most obvious one is the Grim Reaper - not spawning or not responding to a death in the hood correctly. So some of my issues are probably related to that.

    Given how much more lively my hood is, I'll take the glitches and just hope that they don't multiple.

  9. Yeah, Grimmy just doesn't know which way to go.

    Mine isn't as active as yours but it is populating. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't mess up again.

    I went to all the houses today and pushed the button for one couple. Next thing I knew others were having babies, getting together and moving. It's like, I do one thing and things start happening.

    Off topic:
    If they don't fix that forum, I'm going to scream. I uploaded Four Bridges Park. The one I changed in Riverview yesterday. I can't even advertise it. I managed to see it had a few downloads by going through the exchange.
    I wanted to advertise it a little bit.

    Hate to leave you but I'm really sleepy.

  10. Dee, I know what you mean. The forums have been down for days now and we have no indication of when they might be back.

    Do advertise the upload in your blog - you have more people reading it then just the followers - or you should do, I certainly do. I cruise through the web album that blogger uploads things to automatically and my pics get hit way more then just faithful Sammy fans can account for. Like the pics from a couple of posts ago have about 40 hits each. Even if you guys look a couple of times each, that still shows there are other Sammy fans out there.

  11. Thanks, I forgot all about that album. I just went there and found 855 pics for my Frewilling blog. I went to the bottom of the album and clicked on the most recent pic of Wyatt in CAS. He had 14 views. I'm surprised. Next time I post, I'll mention the uploaded park.

    I don't know what I would do without you to guide me.

  12. You should check something older - about 3 posts back. It seems to take a week for the web album to about the number of views.

    Speaking of uploads, Phillip Grant is on the exchange. Grown, he's a dead ringer for his daddy.

  13. I went back and checked one older one and it had less views. Computer was running slow so I stopped looking.

  14. Number of views aren't consistent, I'll give you that. Generally the first pic on a page is what I have most view on, unless I posted a link in the forums...back in the days when we had forums.

    If they don't bring the forums back soon, I'll have to find some new ones!

  15. I just checked and the forum is still down. You know, it would be worth all this waiting if we went back to discover we had a guestbook or something. Doubt that will happen though.

  16. Aw RIP Sam at least they are reunited

  17. Indeed, it was tough seeing Sam go but he was with his love again.

    You are catching up fast. :)


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