Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 18

Patricia with the new baby.  They should be happy with little Shelly in their lives.  Though Patricia hasn't been feeling very happy about Rick lately.  We've heard reports that they are fighting sometimes.

Typical day in the park.  Dad is busking. Sammy is making out with Malia.  Kathy is hoping that Malcolm can show up.  Laura turned up and so did Dad's oldest friend Thomas.

Kathy wasn't disappointed.  Malcolm did turn up.

Did they ever stop to breathe?

More visitors to the park.  Ripley Warren married some cute townie and they are expecting their first.  As far as we know, Bettina isn't involved with anyone yet.

Another evening, another party.  Dad just invited a few random friends over for the evening.  He's talking to Marta Walker.  I don't think she's pregnant again, she just didn't change after the third baby was born.

Mum's ghost has starting appearing.  We'll have to work out if we can have a resident ghost or if it is a bit much for the house.

This is Kari Grant - one of Jack's twins.  She and her sister

Tosha are just the cutest little things.  Tosha has Mum's hair colour, and Kari has the same hair as her mum and big brother Tate.

I decided to tell little Phillip about love and how it can make you do strange things. And that his siblings were in love.

Another night, another party.  This time, it was for Eric's birthday.  We decided to combine that with Sammy's birthday and Malia's too.  

Malia as a young adult

and Sammy

And Eric as a teen.  
He looks like you did at that age.
That hair is all yours, Dad.

We had the normal crowd for the party.  Plus a random gate crasher or two.
It's not a party without a gatecrasher.
Dad, you're feeling chatty again?
I'm 102, don't get used to it.  The reaper is near, he must be.


  1. Nice update. Perhaps it's not comfortable for them to talk about the reaper, but it seems he has prepared for it. I like how Marta married to Wyatt again in your game. Betina is going slowly here... I love those ghosts in The Sims 3, they are looking more beautiful with stars and colors. Did they ever stop to breath? lol raging hormones you've got there, and Indy taught about it to Philip, ROFL!

  2. Well, after watching Rachel die, he's used to the idea.

    I think I may have forced Marta and Wyatt in this game. This neighborhood has never been a free-will zone though many of the Sims are allowed to choose.

    Rachel is a pretty ghost. I'm waiting to see if she decides to start scaring off members of the family. So far, no.

    Indy decided he better teach Phillip so Phillip might understand why Malia and Malcolm are around so often. :)

  3. Young love is blossoming in the Grant household.
    The kids are really taking after their respective moms. I hope young Eric looks more like Sam.

    Patricia does not look happy holding little Shelly. I snicker every time I see the name Kari Grant.

    The toddlers are very cute. I just wish we had more toddler hair choices.

  4. I thought Eric looked quite a bit like his dad, which means he does resemble Sam quite a lot too. :)

    Patricia as an adult has a bit of an unfortunate face. I think it looks a bit pinched, she looks like she's been eating lemons. So she never looks happy.

    I know, I love Kari Grant. LOL

    Ah, gossip from yesterday. Celia and her Captain Jack are expecting baby number 2. I don't think I've posted any pics of Darren, her second child and Jack's first. Celia loves babies!

  5. Celia does love babies. Can you imagine if she was an family oriented sim?

    I still see Eric's Mom in his face. Maybe when he's an adult he'll look more Sam-like. He does have the hair. I know what's throwing me off, it's the eyes. Sam's are this really nice smokey color. I'm an official Sam groupie.

  6. Celia as family-oriented...either she'd never get around to children or the house would be full as fast as she could pop them out. :)

    You're right, you are a definite Sammy groupie. At least Eric has the right size and shaped eyes and the right sized mouth. Much more of a Grant then his older siblings.

  7. Great update.

    Breathe kids, breathe.
    Sammy makes me think Egyptian.

    Babies, kids, teens,oh my. They're everwhere.

    Wow, you have a lot of parties.

  8. Oh, btw, I grabbed Chance and Darius.

  9. Sam Grant is throwing a party per day. He enjoys hosting them, they are always epic parties and it means the family is usually together every night.

    And one of these parties will have a black clad gate crasher who will take Sam away.

    Chance and Darius are doing pretty well given they've only been up a few hours yet.

  10. I don't have the last 4 I downloaded in the game yet. I was trying to get the story going first. It has started off not exactly exciting. I'll probably add them one at a time.

  11. Ooo i like the tache on Sammy it's very suave!


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