Monday, January 25, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Sam - Sept 10

You would have thought that life gets quieter after a big event like a wedding but that doesn't happen for us.  Events just keep coming.

Zayne and Ernesto, poor nearly bald pink haired boy.

We traveled again to France and I achieved my life goal.  I have a level 3 visa for France, China and Egypt.  It's taken quite a lot to get here but I'm very happy about it.

Caught a glimpse of the train in the distance.  I'd love a train trip but we have never found the station to board it.

Rachel and I celebrated with what we do best.  Explore a new tomb.

We got home to a normal life.  Rick and Henry were off to toss a baseball.

While Jack finished his latest painting.  Realism is apparently not his thing.

Rachel and I are still in love after all this time.

I found Laura in the park looking quite different then she did before.  I know about pregnancy clothes but she has a pregnancy hat? 

I decided to say hello to the little one.  We found out later it was a boy and they named him Chance.  Our first grandchild, Rachel and I were both thrilled.  We stopped by to see the baby but were too excited to get a picture.

Clover Hill and Kristen Zaney with their boy.  The boy looks quite like his dad.

Benjamin Lee with his toddler.  I think the baby is Katie.

Well, it's arrived.  My birthday.  Might as well get this over with.

I'll try and look at it as a new adventure.  Elder. 

Then it was the turn of the triplets. 

Henry Grant

Jack Grant

And last but never least, Rick Grant. 
Three sons that any man could be proud of.  Now, when will they move out and give us some space?


  1. Oh my, They are all so handsome. I especially love the clothes on Henry. Reminds me of Sherlock Holmes.

    Ernesto looks like Wilson Hunter Reynolds did before I gave him blonde hair.

    Beautiful picture of the train.

    Maybe Jack was painting a picture of String Theory.

    I love the name Chance. Sammy and Rachel are going to spoil those grand babies.

  2. Henry's outfit is from one of the packs from the Store. I thought about that outfit you have Indy in, but he looks like an Indy clone if I do that. Same for him in Sam's outfit, he looks a lot like his dad and older brother. This is such a good looking family, I'm stunned by them all.

    I happened to notice the train and decided we needed a pic even if the Sims can't actually ride it.

    Once one or two of the triplets move out, Sam and Rachel are going to have an inhouse grandchild or 2 to spoil. They will love it.

  3. Henry's outfit looks wonderful! All the kids are quite slim. The added layers work well on them.

    I like Sam's outlook on becoming an elder. Just another adventure!

  4. BTW - Chrysame, you know how you used to play "Spot Thomas" on this blog. He is in this update. The elder standing behind Sam when Sam has just turned to elder himself. :-) Thomas is harder to spot without the red hair though.

    All of Sam and Rachel's children are either athletic or disciplined. So they all love to work out in some fashion. And it shows that they do, they are all quite fit.

    Sam reached elder. I can't believe it finally happened.

  5. I'm commenting on both your comments here.

    No Sammy, having Laura move in is just one wish that you can't get fulfilled. You'll have plenty in your house, soon enough. Just be patient.

    I haven't bought anymore stuff from the store. I think I saw that outfit there, but it looks much better than it did in the store. I want to see what will be up in February and I also want to see what is going to be in the stuff pack and if people have any problems with it.
    My one experience with a stuff pack in sims2 was not good.

  6. Spot Thomas is a great game! I should have noticed him as I was just playing and saw quite a bit of the elder Mr. Leman.

    I'm going to buy that stuff pack so I'll let you know my experience with it, Dee.

  7. Fortunately, it's not Sam's want to move Laura in. It just keeps coming up as a possible topic of conversation. I live in fear of picking the wrong option when that one comes up.

    Yes, some outfits do look much better once they are in game then they do in the store. I got the whole pack Fanciful clothes and hairstyles so got several things at once.

    I may wait and see the initial reaction of people to the stuff pack. See if it seems to break games or not.

  8. Thanks, with all the problems people are having with other stuff, I want to know all about it before I get it.
    I know a lot of people are having problems because of mods and cc but not every problem is caused by those things.

    Oh, I thought Sam was having the wish to have her move in.

  9. Ok, one down and two yet to go. Rick and Patricia have a home of their own now along with jobs and some extra training for Patricia. Still boyfriend/girlfriend. They can decide on their own if they want to marry and which surname to use.

    Jack should be easy enough as well. Aged up Gabrielle, now if he chats her up enough, he should be able to move in with her and her family.

    Henry is my problem child. He still hasn't managed a first kiss yet. So do I try and find him a girlfriend or just give him the boot and hope? Not too much of a hurry. There is plenty of space for a new Grant or two especially once Jack leaves. Oh, wait, next door is Celia, Rebecca and ... damn I forget but one more female + 3 guys. Maybe I should send Henry next door hunting...

  10. You could always put Mira Tomasi in the game. Hint, hint. :)

  11. LOL. Henry is getting along splendidly with Sierra Nevada and has just started with Celia.

    He met with Marta, but it's too late. She has a partner. One Wyatt. From her outfit, they've been getting along very very well. I think the fresh copy of the Sims has been good for the hood.

  12. Oh, if Henry fails to click with these two lovelies, we'll try Mira. But I'm hoping for Celia, I know she's good for the family.

  13. Wyatt and Marta are together again. Yay, I'm so happy. Maybe they will have their own little Mira. I'll have them together again one of these days. Oh, the magic of sim land. I love it.

    I have to go to bed soon, but am looking forward to your next update and of course another update from Ms. Chrysame. She's going to be excited too.

    It's freakin' snowing again. We just had about 3" of rain and now it's snowing. I want to cry.

  14. It always tickles me when Marta and Wyatt end up together. It just feels right somehow. I'm very pleased. I'd be thrilled if Henry and Celia get together and give Sammy grandbabies. They'd make beautiful babies. But, I -am- a bit biased!

    It's been snowing here quite a bit, Dee. And I hope to update tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

  15. Well, they were supposed to be together last time, but Wyatt got glitched and never left a lot to go home. It wasn't until I did the once over to decide who was being removed that I found him. His queue of things to do was go home, then have about 4 romantic interactions with Marta. They again started in the same house, but that's doesn't mean they'd be a couple after awhile.

    Henry is good friends with Celia after a day of acquaintance. They have been flirting but he hasn't asked for his first kiss yet. Didn't manage to move Jack out yet but it will happen soon.

  16. Come on Henry, ask for that first kiss. You know you want to.

    For some reason, ever since we put Wyatt and Marta together the first time, it just doesn't seem right when they aren't together.

    I have a feeling it is going to be that way with Sammy and Rachel.

  17. Henry was the prettiest but I think Jack wins out on personality. All three were sons Sammy could be proud of.


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