Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Sam - August 20

Life is always on the go with 4 teenage boys in the house. They seem to be everywhere, I'm always tripping over at least one of them.

Boys and sarcophagi - they just go together.  I think that's Henry stepping in for a good sleep.

Rachel and I traveled to France.  We brought along Laura and her boyfriend Sam.

Not what most couples would share as a moment of togetherness.

Have they nothing but electrocution traps here?

Awww, my sweetie was worried when I passed out.

Sam and Laura had a few other things on their minds.

At least there was gold and a precious stone involved.

Our daughter is engaged.  I believe their plan is to move to his dad's house when the holiday is over.


  1. *laughing* I'm not even going to try to keep them separated.
    That tree best watch out. It looks like it just might get a whipping.

    Sammy has been zapped so many times that he could probably power the entire house. :D No power bills there.

    Awwww, first love. So sweet.

  2. Aww and LOL all at once. Nice update.

  3. That's Jack using the training dummy. His brother Rick is on the training bench barely visible. :)

    I played this game and then got the blue screen of death about the time that Rachel and Sam found the treasure they had been zapped for. The second time, I found the ways to disarm them and Sam got the treasure without any zapping. Not so much fun with the pics though.

    First love is sweet.

  4. BTW Rachel and Sam are less then half way through the holiday. But I've sent Laura and her Sam home. Sims just don't do much of anything left on free will at the vacation spots. China is the best since you can send Sims you don't want to watch over to the academy. I seem to have a limit of 2 Sims that I can watch over effectively. Any others have to fend for themselves, especially with Sam wanting visa points - he *needs* to do adventures.

  5. I'm going to miss Laura. I feel very attached to her. The double electrocution looks very painful.

    Jack looks so determined facing the training dummy.

  6. That is the problem with a house of 5 kids. You have to move some out or you have no space for a new generation.

    My god, I'm talking about generations and it's a Sam family. We are definitely moving into new turf here.

  7. You mean Sam is actually going to make it to see a grandchild this time? :D

  8. Yep, I think that unlike Sammy in the other blog, this Sammy is going to live to a ripe old age and see some grandkiddies around the place.

    As soon as I can work up some enthusiam for building, I have some murder and mayhem in mind for the normal Sammy.

  9. What a nice image that conjures; Sammy surrounded by his grandbabies. I like it.

  10. Better, Sammy and Rachel surrounded by Indy's babies. Won't that be nice?

  11. Oh yes, we will get to see Sammy as a grandpa.

  12. I'm sure he'll love it too. You ever have an elder do the teach toddler to walk? They have to stretch their back more than a younger Sim. :) (Hmm, that might just be Sims 2 though, I'm not sure I've had an elder teach a toddler yet in Sims 3)

  13. Thomas as an elder taught his toddler to walk. I don't remember seeing anything different. There could have been something different that I didn't notice though.

  14. "Better, Sammy and Rachel surrounded by Indy's babies. Won't that be nice?"

    I can hardly wait. They have such good genes in that family. :)

  15. But are we ready to be great grandparents Sue? :)

  16. Well, jeez, when you put it like that ... :|

  17. LOL but they are very short lived generations after all. I mean one day babies, the next toddler and before you know what happened they are getting married.

    Still, it's going to be good to see what the next generation looks like. I've never quite done this with Sims 3 ... too many other projects and not enough time to play them all.

  18. Hah! What adventuring couples in love go through... Can't wait to read more and thanks for the link-up.



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