Monday, January 18, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Sam - Sept 4

Rachel and I spar regularly to keep our skills up. She's lightning fast these days, I'm lucky to win 1 of 3 rounds.

Jack loves art, but I think he has a way to go to perfect his work.

Painting is not the only skill young Jack is working on.  Gabrielle certainly doesn't mind the attention.

This toddler is the young boy of Thomas and Bebe Leman.  Handsome little chap.

Henry is working on his relationship with Cindy.  She hasn't quite decided on the boy yet.  Pity, since he seems quite keen on her.

Where is a dad to look? Two sofas and one son cuddling a girl on each of them. I'm not sure I can stand the watching the hormones in action.

Right, I'm out of here.  I think I'll do something safe, like walk through fire traps.

Poor Henry.  Cindy does like him but she is making him but in some effort before she'll let him kiss her.


  1. ROFL, at something safe, like walk through fire traps. Read your paper dad. Don't mind us. We're just working up to your grandkids.

    It looks like Jack is trying to paint Bella Goth from the original Sims.

    Poor Henry. Keep working at it Henry, she'll come around. She's just playing hard to get.

    The Leman toddler is soooo cute.

  2. Good story line and you have a great eye for just the right photos.

  3. I don't blame Sam at all. Who wants to sit there and watch (and hear!) two teenage boys make out with their girlfriends? The poor man just wanted to read a book or watch the television in his own living room. Defeated by teenage hormones.

    Time for a trip, Sam?

  4. I think poor Sam is mostly in disbelief that those boys are seriously dating. That basket of babies has come a long way. He should be grateful that the triplets are cuddling on the couch and not in a bed.

    It's nearly birthday time for the triplets. And that's going to be weird when they move out. Sam and I are both used to tripping over at least one boy no matter where you are in the house.

  5. Been there and done that. I've been through the teenage boys and lived to tell about it. In real life that is. Thank goodness they weren't girls. I probably would not have survived. I feel for you Sammy.

  6. Yeah, well you all probably recall that I've survived teenage girls. Geez! There was nothing in my previous life that prepared me for that.

    I'm still here though...older and hopefully wiser.


  7. You don't know how glad I am that I had boys. I'll bet there were a few of your daughters boyfriends that lived in fear of you.

  8. All of my experiences with raising teenagers is 2nd and 3rd hand. My sister thinks that's why she has much more grey hair then I do since she had 2 girls.

  9. Dee,

    You can believe I put the fear in them when they first came a knockin' at my front door.

    I'd stare 'em in the eye...grab their hand for a man to man hand shake and didn't let go till I had their full attention. Then I'd ask them point blank what their intentions were. That made some of them uncomfortable and ready to leave. If they passes muster at that point, I gave them a hardy welcome...come on in and oh by-the-way...let me show you something...

    Then I'd take them to my study and show them my firearms collection. I've got some firearms, and I'm a lifetime member of the NRA.

    Since then I've walked three of my girls down the isle and gave them to the man that won their hearts. They are good men! The baby girl is in her 3rd year of college. She has a boyfriend. He seems okay. But I'm keeping an eye on him. After all, she's daddy's little girl.

    By the way, a good ol' boy redneck taught me the trick about showin' them the arsenal.

  10. Hey PiB, I wear all my grey hairs as though each and every one of them is an earned trophy.

  11. Me too, I feel I earned every grey hair I have, and wear it with pride. I stopped dying it about 10 years ago. Since my hair is naturally dark, I have just enough grey to make it look more shiny. It's not too noticeable until you get close to me. Probably would have more if I had raised girls. I feel for your sister and you too Muleskinner.

    Yes, showing the gun collection is a sure fire way to keep them in line. Makes them think twice.

  12. My dad could make a significant impression by standing up to talk to anyone. Being 6'4" does that for a bloke. He didn't get much of a chance with me though, I didn't date till University.

    Never have dyed my hair, and I do have enough grey to be noticed. Never did bother me though. My little sister is nearly white if she let's her hair grow out. She can blame 2 teenage daughters for that.

  13. That's right Dee. It's all about getting them to think.

    Ah yes, we have so much more freedom when we like who we are or have become.

    Oh-oh, I don't mean to get all philosophical here.

  14. Indiana Sam was uploaded to the Exchange with his normal day outfit and the updated WA traits. If any of his fans would like to wander over and give him a recommend, he'd appreciate it. He's not been there a full day yet and he's tied for top download ever. Go Sammy!

  15. Recommended! You used the perfect shot to showcase him.

  16. It was an obvious pic to use for him. He did so well posing behind the flames. :) Thanks for the recommend and the comment.

  17. If my stupid internet will stay on long enough for me to get there I will recommend too.

  18. Thanks Dee. Indiana Sam has cracked the 100 download limit. I've never had any Sim creation reach anything like that.

  19. It stayed on, so I was able to rec.

  20. I remembered I hadn't gotten around to rec Sonya and so I did that. Thanks for the rec.

  21. I wanted to wait for Sue but I must return to the triplets and Indy. I have to see how their love lives are fairing.


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