Friday, January 29, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Sept 16

Boy, it's time you took over this job.
But Dad, you know I'm really busy just now.
And when was the last time I wasn't?
But Dad, they are your fans.
[serious growl] Indiana Aloysius Grant, you will write the journal.  It's your job.  Get started now.
Yes sir.

Ok, so I'm not sure how this goes.  But once Dad decides something, that's it.  And I better get on with it before he actually gets annoyed.
I'm still working on art.  It certainly takes some practice to get anywhere with that skill.  I don't earn much at all per painting.

Dad visits Laura fairly often so he can see Chance.   I think he's still not happy, no one is ever looking after the boy when he visits.  Sam doesn't like children so it's kind of expected from him.  But Leighton is family oriented and Laura should know better.

Judy and I decided we had better start a family before Dad brings Chance home permanently.

Thomas is one of Dad's old friends.  He visits from time to time.

Pretty boy finally got his first kiss.   
Indy, your brother has a name and you should use it.
[sigh] Henry finally got a first kiss with Celia from next door.

Mom had birthday to elder.  The family all came to celebrate.

She wasn't exactly pleased by the change.

This is Dana Anderson, the son of AJ Anderson and Jon Marsh.  We live next door to one of the community swimming pools, you never know who you'll find there.

Poor Judy suddenly wasn't feeling well.

Beret Boy decided to propose to his girl.
Indiana Grant...
Jack bought a ring so he could propose to Gabrielle.

So Dad, you'd object if I called Rick Geek Boy?
What do you think?
Damn, he is a geek boy.

It wasn't really a surprise to anyone when Gabrielle accepted the proposal.

Mum got some new clothes which made her much happier.  And she reached her lifetime goal of physical perfection.  Her hair may be gray but she is wicked fast as a sparring partner.  Dad thinks of grandchildren quite a lot.
At my age, I'm allowed.
Dad, I thought I was doing this now?
Sorry Indy, it's a habit.
That's ok Dad.


  1. ROFL. This is great. Sammy, you told him he had to take over.

    Dana's cute.

    What are we going to do about Chance? Poor kid. He's so cute. How could they ignore him?

    I love the titles Indy gives to his brothers.I also love the way Sammy chimes in and corrects him. it's so cool.

    You go Judy. Another babeeee.

  2. Glad you were having fun reading it. Indy did have to officially take over some time, now while Sam is around to 'assist' seemed like a good time.

    I agree about Dana. Good looking teen there.

    Maybe if I played the Sekemoto house, they would be caring for the baby properly. But they don't when Sam visits.

    Indy has never quite taken to his brothers. They aren't enemies but they aren't friends. And with three of them, he would use nicknames to keep them straight.

    Judy and Indy should have a lovely baby. :)

    BTW -don't ask why that's Indiana's middle name. I have no idea, it just had to be that way.

  3. That's a sibling thing with Indy and his brothers.

    I wondered about that middle name but I know how sometimes when I want a name for a sim, one will just pop into my head and I use it. I like the name.

    I'm glad Rachel is back in the kind of clothes I'm used to seeing her in. Those that she aged into just were not her.

  4. Yep, it's a sibling thing. And poor Indy didn't get as much attention from his parents as he should have, because of the triplets.

    Rachel did have to get back to better clothes for her. And at long last, she gets a hat. The ponytail looked a little to perky and cute for an elder. :)

  5. Rachel deserves a hat. After all, everyone else has one.

  6. Love, love this installment. Indy calling Henry pretty boy is hilarious. Celia looks a little stunned when she sees Rachel as an elder. Rachel looks very annoyed by it. Eat some cake, Celia. You need it!

    Poor Chance. I worry about that little Sim.

  7. The nickname for Henry was the hardest. Jack wearing that beret was easy. Rick does look like a geek. Then I realised that as a young adult, Henry has gone all fancy with those clothes and hair. So Henry "Pretty boy" Grant got a name.

    I'm sure Chance will survive but he's not getting much attention.


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