Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Sam - Sept 13

One of the boys hide my outfit after the birthday. I found it again but the tailor had to make a few changes for me.

Patricia Hunter celebrated her birthday at our place. She even spent an extra day here, selecting an outfit and getting herself established in her career. Does Rick realise that his girl wants to be an Empress of Evil?

Boy, keep an eye on her.

She is her mother's daughter, she loves pink as much as her mom.

Indiana is working on his art skills. The one to the far left, he started ages ago. His technique is changing.

I've decided to go for comfort these days.  I've earned a change.

Rick and Patricia are very fond of each other.

And here they are, about to move out.  Well, as soon as they finish other important business.  Rachel and I bought them an inexpensive house, not far from Laura.  We couldn't buy them a fantastic house, we have to plan for two more boys to move out. But it will do and they should do well enough since they are employed.

Well, the plan was to have them near Laura.  Later we found that Laura, Sam and Chance had moved next door to the old Crumplebottom place.

Our first grandchild, Chance Sekemoto.  It was a bit of a shock visiting.  The baby was on the floor crying and not one of them paid any attention.  Not Laura, not Sam and not Leighton. 

Henry is still on the prowl for a girl.  He's practicing with Marta Tomasi, who was about to go swimming.  Obviously, she must have a partner.  He found out she is the girlfriend of one Wyatt Walker.  They must be new in town, I haven't met them yet.

And next door, Henry found three unattached ladies.  One is Sierra Nevada.  She liked his sweet talk.  The other two are Rebecca Smith and Celia Pendragon.  I know the boy will chat to them all.

Jack decided to ask Gabrielle to be his girlfriend.  Behind them are Judy's parents, Kanye and Kathryn.


  1. Now that's more like the Sammy I know. Back in his clothes. Shame on whoever hid his clothes. ;)

    I love Patricia's new clothes. They look great on her.

    Ooh, looks like Marta is pregnant?

    Proud of you Jack.

    Now to see who Henry chooses.

    I hate when I go to a house and find the baby on the floor. I go in and find the baby on the floor even when they have baby stuff. aaargh. No worries. Sammy will teach them how to take care of babies.

  2. Well, more like one of the Sammys you know. There is the classic Sam in vest. :)

    Marta was pregnant. She and Wyatt have a little girl.

    Jack went one step further. He's engaged to the girl.

    As for Henry, you'll see on the next update.

    I was startled when the baby was crying and no one came to tend to little Chance. Poor mite, he may grow up with some very bad traits.

  3. That looks more like our old Sammy! I hope he gave his daughter and in-laws a good lecture about how to care for a child. Patricia looks fabulous after her make-over. The hat really works on her. Rick filled out very nicely.

    Go, Henry, Go! Find a nice girl and give Sammy lots of grandbabies!

    Yay for a Marta/Wyatt baby! They seem to produce a lot of girls!

  4. Sam gave me a bit of a shock when he was willing to ignore the baby on the floor and go play on a computer. Bad Sammy, poor Chance needs someone to care.

    I'm glad you both like Patricia's outfit. I did spend some time trying hair styles and clothes for her. Still love the create a style, makes matching an outfit much easier.

    Rick did grow up well. But I think that of all three boys, they all filled out and grew up handsome.

    Henry is working hard on the finding a girl and grandchildren problem. Trust me. :)

    I may have to switch games to one of my nonblogged ones. I have enough pics now for 2 more updates - or one really long one.

  5. By the way - should I add more Grants to the Exchange? I know that Dee has Indy and he's a delight to see. Does anyone want Henry or Jack or Rick to appear? Or is the "Adopt a Grant" program at an effective end? :) I'm cool either way.

  6. Add em. You never know when we may need another Grant. You should make the pics the way you did that last time. Works for getting those downloads.


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