Monday, January 25, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Sam - Sept 9

Life at home is hectic as ever with the 4 boys and Judy.  Judy decided it was time for a bit of a new look.  She got her hair done and new clothes.

With that look, can grandchildren be far away?

Jack and Gabrielle are still quite an item.

Rick convinced Patricia to be his girlfriend.  The first of the trips to make a commitment to one girl.

Indy's big day, and Laura is pelting for the toilets.  Hmmm, does that mean what I think?

Indy and Judy went for the traditional beach wedding.  They are very much in love and happy.

Time for the rings.

While the triplets watch.  It will be their turn sooner than I like to think.

Welcome to the family Judy Grant.  Treat my boy right and he'll do the same.

Judy in her new everyday clothes. She really is quite a pretty girl, I can see why Indy is smitten.


  1. Oh yes, the wedding is beautiful. Couldn't help but laugh at her running to the toilet. We all know what that means. Or maybe it was to change her hair with her formal attire?

    Judy looks soooo good with her new hair and clothes.

    Sammy won't know what to do with himself when they are all grown. But then again, by that time, maybe there will be new babies.

    I just noticed you have another post. I'm headed that way.

  2. Yeah, I realised that I had *way* too many pictures for a single update. It would have been ridiculous.

    Yes, Judy really is a pretty girl. I wonder what the children of Sam and Kathryn (Judy's mom here) are going to be like over in the free will blog.

    Sam and Rachel are going to have a slightly empty house before there are grandchildren living with them. The triplets are going to have to move out, though I am going to miss them a lot.

  3. With triplets, I would just be glad for the peace and quite.

  4. Sam is such great friends with Laura that he keeps getting the option to ask her to move in.

    No Sammy, we want more of them to move out. Don't ask anyone to move in!

  5. Judy looks lovely with her new hair and clothes. I do love the beach weddings but the last time I tried it no one showed up. I even got a message from the game about how sad it was that no one showed.

    The Grants never have that problem!

  6. Awww, that's sad. My parties always have at least a couple of gate crashers along with the guests. In fact, I went back to that beach late that night to find that Bella Bachelor and Marta Tomasi (both gate crashers) had gotten stuck. Resetsim cheat worked well and sent them home.

  7. I love the gate crashers! Sometimes you get a Sim who would never ever be invited in a million years because they don't get along with someone in the household. Drama ensues!

  8. Oh yeah, I used to get Nick Alto to every single Landgraab party. Since Nick and Nancy loathed each other, that tended to be very interesting.

    Speaking of drama, Henry still is best friends with Suzette Wolff - the mean-spirited oldest of the Wolff family. He even wanted to kiss her the other day.

    But there is no way, she came home with one of the boys and then insulted him. While I don't expect the boys to find mates that are friends with the other brothers, I am not letting him keep one that will make enemies of his brothers over time.


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