Friday, January 29, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Sept 18

Mum and Dad have been thinking a lot about grandchildren and
It won't be long before a new Grant is born in the neighborhood.

Jack's finishing off one last piece of art.  Mum and Dad have bought a house for Jack and Henry to move into.  They are taking their girls along.  As far as I know, Jack is engaged but Henry and Celia aren't even boyfriend/girlfriend officially.  I wonder when they'll do something about that.

The day after they had moved from home, Dad went to the library and found Celia and Henry in one room.   I wonder how suited Celia is to a career in the military.  It doesn't seem like her style.

Jack and Gabrielle were in the next room.  From the looks of it, Mum and Dad are going to have a lot of grandchildren in the near future.

Can we stop this?  I'm not ready for fatherhood!

Our baby.  Our son.  His name is Sammy.  That should make Dad very happy.

It's been too long since there was a baby in the house.
Judy and I may not have to spend much on baby sitters.  Not with Dad around.

Jack's Gabrielle is getting bigger.

As is Henry's Celia.  Dad is going to do a lot of visiting to keep up with everyone.

While they were at the park, the reaper came for yet another resident of SV.  Old age is taking a toll from our neighborhood.

Mum showing off her black belt.

If I'm quick, I can get to play with Sammy sometimes but...

Dad is pretty darned fast when it comes to the baby.  His first act in the morning.

Wyatt Walker out with his daughter.  Her name begins with G, might be Grace.


  1. Wow, I like Wyatt's look. It suits him.

    We knew Sam was going to beat eveyone to the baby.

    LOL, I still love the baby dance.

    Babies, babies and more babies.

  2. Glad you like Wyatt's look. I don't know why he decided to get a job in music but that was his decision.

    It's nice to play a house where you know that the baby will be tended to without you fussing over it. Indy had gone to play with Sammy on his own. And Sam is trying to overfed Sammy, he loves giving the baby a bottle.

    I remembered with Laura and Sam to set them up to have a baby before they left home. I forgot with Rick and Patricia. But before Henry or Jack left, I knew they would be producing grandchildren. I may just let Rick and Patricia sort out for themselves if they would like a baby or not.

  3. What's going to be funny is when Rick and Patricia end up with more babies than anyone else. Who knows, they may pull a Tyler Townsend and have a house full.

  4. We'll see. Not too long after the birth of Sammy, Judy decided that she wanted a baby. So the triplets have to get a move on if they want to have more babies then Indy and Judy.

  5. Well, Sam and Rachel should get along very well with Judy. She's their type of sim. have one and wish for another. :)

  6. :) Sam just loves knowing people. He has been great friends with Judy for ages now. Rachel is a bit more reserved, but they are getting to know each other. They share love of babies and love of martial arts.

  7. Babies! *does Snoopy Happy Dance* Celia is preggers and in the military? That's odd but at least she got a job. And the man.

    Wyatt looks good. I see Marta and Wyatt's baby has Marta's hair and his eyes. Nice combo.

    Now, if the townies will have some kids then the Grant babies will be assured of having a mate when the time comes.

  8. The heck with the townies producing babies, that's why I replaced our Sims that never reproduced with fresh copies. So I'm hoping more of them pair off and make babies.

    Oh, and for Henry's sake, I hope Celia doesn't go quite as baby mad as she does with poor Christian. Right now, they share a house and so have a baby limit. But if one couple (plus kids) moves to a new home...Pretty Boy Henry could be in trouble.


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