Friday, January 1, 2010

Just a few random pics for Sammy fans

Not that I would expect any of you to admit it.  :)

Rachel does the adventurer pose in a tomb.

Sunrise over the river, I thought it looked rather amazing.

Sammy is Hot!  Can't get much hotter than the flames on either side of him.

A shared moment in camp

The repo man had to take one thing that an athletic family is sure to miss.

Jack was the first boy to meet Patricia Hunter. Though his siblings are sure to meet her too sometime.

I love brave Sims when it comes to fire. Not even a moment of panic from Rick.

You have to run to keep up with the Grant family.

Henry's best friend Suzette has been aged to teen. Pity that she's mean spirited and that doesn't bode well for friendly Henry.

Indiana and Laura are currently on the exchange. Depending on how popular they are, I may add either Rick or Jack as well.


  1. I did it again. I lost my comment. I should not try to watch Twilight Zone marathons and do this at the same time.

    I love the pics. Sammy looks very sexy in the fire pic. Brave and sexy.

    The sunrise over the river with the pyramid there is just beautiful.

    That repo man knows how to hit where it hurts.

  2. *taps microphone* "Hi, I'm Sue, and I'm a Sammy fan."

    all: "Hi, Sue."

    The pictures of the sunrise over the river and Sam in the flames are amazing. As I said to Dee before, you should consider posting some of these for a wider audience, on the forums or in your own album at I say that a lot, but I think some of the pics we come up with are great.

    I love Rachel doing that adventurer pose.

    Patricia is a beauty like her mom. I have my fingers crossed for her and one of the Grant boys.

  3. Maybe I should have a button made, "Proud to be a Sammy fan." The sunrise picture is beautiful. That would make a wonderful screensaver.

    Sam does the martial arts pose in between flames. Awesome.

    I do not like mean-spirted sims. I hope Henry meets someone else. I am curious to see how the boys fare with their love lifes.

  4. I'm proud of that Sammy in flames shot. He posed well with the martial arts move just when the flames in front of him were peaking.

    This Sam's life goal is to reach level 3 visa in all destinations. He has reached that goal for China, he is level 2 in both France and Egypt.

    And if we keep on, Sam will have a brand new adventure. In all the Sammy clones I've played, not one has gotten close to elder. This Sam is starting to get very close.

    Oh and Sue, unless she is truly incompatible, Patricia will end up with a Grant. Which one is hard to say but this is *NOT* a free will game. All my boys will find good mates before they have to leave home.

    I wonder if having Laura ask to stay over at Sam and Leighton's every night would eventually get her an invite to move in. I may just have to merge her across to his place.

  5. Sue! Miss you!

    Okay, back to Sam. It's very cool that you're enjoying this game so much, PiB. We're enjoying it, too.

  6. :) I forgot to say that Sue's start "Hi I'm Sue..." really cracked me up. Then I got that warm glow of "yep, people do like it"

    I thought I'd tell you guys a bit about the future that I see

    a) Indy is the heir to the house.
    b) I haven't decided if 1) I'll play Laura's beau's house and have them get married that way. or 2) Invite him to move in long enough to marry them or 3) just move her over there.
    c) The triplets will find someone compatible to love and have serious attachments before they leave home.

    Once the triplets leave, if Rachel is still an adult, I would not be surprised if she and Sam start wanting another one. Thomas Leman wanted a baby with Tamara when she was a few days from elder. But that's a bit far ahead to worry with, we have 4 teenage boys and a lot of romance to get through before we need to worry about that.

    Sam reached the top of Athletics and had his first autograph session.

  7. I keep forgetting to stick around for the typing in of the word.

    I tried to download Indiana but had trouble downloading. I want him for my game. I'll try again later. I know he won't be wearing the same clothes but will try to dress him sexy.

  8. :) Thanks Dee. I turned off the word verification thing now. If it gets to the point of too much spam, I'll have to reconsider but it's too new a blog for that yet.

  9. Go on then i'll admit it i'm a Sammy fan! Love the shot of him in the tomb surrounded by flames :)

  10. Oh wow! That is an amazing picture of Egypt! I found one too, I'm just amazed by the graphics of this game. :D

  11. @angiebeno - I can tell you are a real Sammy fan.

    @cloudywithcolor - you can get some fantastic screenshots in Egypt. It's a great location for that.


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