Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Sam - Sept 1

Rachel and I still love to travel. We spent 8 days in Egypt and I acquired my level 3 visa. Only France to go.

It's also good for our relationship to be away from those teen boys. We love them all but it's nice to have some quiet time.

Poor Rick, barely awake and trying to do his homework.

Indy kindly cooked the family breakfast as we were returning from the trip.'re supposed to show off the body when your girl is around, boy.

Indy met up with Judy at Central Park. They spent some time flirting around and then Indy made his first move.

That went so well he decided to go for broke. He proposed to Judy and...

She definitely accepted. My god, one of my sons is engaged.

Rick is the first of the triplets to get a kiss. He and Patricia are getting serious.

We heard that Jack spent forever at the library flirting with Gabrielle. It won't be surprising if he gets a first kiss soon.

Our friend Jon Marsh is an elder now.

AJ Anderson is another one.

Zayne and Christian are also elders. That's their second child Ernesto.


  1. Too bad I wasn't expecting it and not nearly fast enough with the camera. Clumsy Indy fumbled the ring and nearly dropped it. Clumsy is definitely a cute trait.

    Poor Zayne, age did not treat her well at all.

  2. I'm loving this. Oh I wish I could have seen Indy when he almost dropped the ring. I didn't know that even happened.

    Jon, man, do something about those clothes, for pete's sake.

    Poor Rick. I feel for you Rick. I remember those days.

    Ooh, Ernesto is going to have that pink hair unless that magic hand reaches out of the sky and changes it.

  3. Clumsy is indeed an adorable trait. Indy looks good!

    I'm sure the magic hand will rescue little Ernesto.

    I think Jon has decided to dress for comfort in his old age and who can blame him?

    Rick and his first kiss! I love it!

  4. Dee, that was my problem. I had no idea that he could nearly drop the ring until he did it. By the time that started, it was already too late for the pic.

    Yes, Ernesto is going to have pink hair unless I do another round of neighborhood magic. I wasn't planning to but when he gets to child I may not be able to resist.

    At least Rick managed a first kiss. The other two are still working up the courage for that. :)

    Sam and Rachel are getting to elder themselves. I'm so proud of me, I've resisted the button even though there is space in the house for a baby...But Indy better watch out.

  5. LOL, Indy, you gonna be a daddy so fast that it'll make your head spin.

  6. He's been engaged for over a day and no baby making yet. Not even the wedding. I'm looking forward to the wedding, Judy could use some new clothes.

    His little siblings are developing a taste for romance. Jack can spend hours with Gabrielle. Rick and Patricia are much the same. Henry is trying with Cindy but she's making him do some work for that first kiss.

  7. Hi PIB, Wow, the next generations are going to fill the neighborhood soon. When your sims couple traveling together do they get "My Love" moodlet? My couple sims had one for 2 days, and it always shows up every time they are traveling together. They married long time ago, had 4 children + 1 on the way.

  8. Other than the Grant household, there aren't really that many members of a new generation. Which means that Indy's children could run into a serious lack of suitable mates since they may have many cousins and few playmates that aren't related.

    Sam and Rachel were getting the My Love moodlet with every trip but the last patch stopped it. A bit sad, I thought it was cute when a holiday would bring it back.


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