Friday, February 5, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Sept 21

Judy tried to get to Sammy first thing in the morning but she's slower than Dad.

Pretty Boy Henry and his son Darius.  Dad, how did Pretty Boy get promoted above me in Athletics?
Henry is level 5 and MY boss.  How do you think I feel about that?
Like you have a boss who will definitely give you the raise you deserve?
Damn straight he better!

Dad went to visit Beret Boy Jack and got to meet another grandson.  This one is called Tate.
Keep up the nicknames and I'll have to ask the triplets what they call you.
Hmmm, I'll take that into consideration.

Then Judy gave me the news that we are expecting another baby.  I'm hoping for a boy.

Judy told a couple of the triplets the good news too.  But that can't be our geeky brother Rick can it?
Yep, that's Rick.  I'm hoping that he and Patricia decide to try parenthood as well.  Can't have too many grandchildren to visit.

And before you can say boo, the babies were all toddlers.  This is Darius again.  How did their baby get to toddler before ours?  Tate is a toddler too but Dad didn't make it over to see him yet.

So we had a birthday party for Sammy.

Sammy Grant, what do you think Dad?
You're doing fine boy, just fine.


  1. Sam looks pretty good for an elder. Especially in his adventuring outfit. Heehee. Pretty Boy is the boss. That's awesome.

    Cute toddlers! Sam is the perfect Grandpa/babysitter. Does he have all grandsons? He needs a granddaughter or two. Or three?

    Is the rest of the town keeping up with new babies?

  2. I love those nicknames. Hmmm, I wonder what they do call Indy.

    Adorable grandsons there Sammy. I suppose I should start calling grandpa Sam now so as not to have them confused about who I am talking to.

    Having brother as boss? That could be a good thing and then again, it could be a bad thing.

  3. At the moment, Sam and Rachel have all grandsons. I was going to let Indy and Judy have a girl until *both* of them wanted a boy.

    What can you do?

    As for the rest of town, there is at least one new baby girl. Born to Jon Lessen McCall and his spouse Riley McCall. She'll probably look much like Gabrielle, her big sister.

    Dana Anderson has a new live in girlfriend. I don't know if they are old enough yet to expect babies.

    I do know we need some girl children born around town so all these grandsons have potential mates.

  4. Dee, I have yet to work out what the trips call their older brother. When I know, you'll know. :)

    Ok, Henry is level 5 and is Sam's boss. Sam is level 10 and has yet to want to retire. Indy is level 3 or so, and I don't remember who his boss is but I don't think it is Henry. So poor Henry is supposed to boss his dad, you can guess how well that will work.

  5. Sam's a good employee. Henry won't have any problems. Now, if Henry were Indy's boss, he might have to give his brother a hard time. Especially if the other guys on the team started calling him Pretty Boy.

  6. As long as Henry tells his dad to do stuff he'd normally do anyway, it will be fine. But I don't think he's going to have much success asking Sam to do anything that Sam doesn't want to do. LOL

    If Indy got the team referring to Henry as Pretty Boy, I think it would escalate quickly to all out warfare. But I think that like any other family, Indy can pick on his brothers but watch out to anyone outside the family trying it!

  7. Looking at Baby Sammy, I think he has his mother's mouth. I can't wait to see if Grandpa Sam next grandbabies are little girls.

  8. I misunderstood. Geez, that's worse. Having your son be your boss. One good thing about it. Son wouldn't dare say no to raises or promotions. :D

    LOL at Chrysame and the Pretty Boy remark.

    Well, back to the game for me.

  9. BTW - I just shoved the triplets on the exchange. They don't have fancy pics though, just themselves.

    So Pretty Boy, Beret Boy and Geek Boy are up.

  10. I'm sure they will be downloaded even without the fancy pics.

  11. Thanks Dee. I hope they are downloaded, but we'll see. They do have a few downloads already but that happens with almost everything on the exchange.

  12. I can't download right now but can go recommend.

  13. Thanks again Dee. The boys will appreciate it.

  14. Aw I laughed at Sam hogging all the baby time :)

  15. What can I say angie? Sammy loves babies. Always and forever.


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