Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Sept 27

Dad did another quick trip to Egypt.  He said he was off to buy some decent cameras but he did a bit of tomb raiding while he was there.
Nothing like the smell of a tomb in the morning, boy.
Why are you in your swim wear in a dungeon?
You don't get soaked in swim wear.

Dad had Henry the Deserter over so he could ask for a raise.  
He gave me the raise and then I retired.  I was hoping that the raise would translate into a permanently higher pension.

Judy asked her mum over for a visit.  This would be the last time we'd see her.  The reaper visited later in the day for Kathryn.

Dad asked his great friend Christian over.  The reaper came while he was visiting.  Dad was devastated for 2 days.
I wasn't!
You are not fooling anyone with that line, Dad.  We know you took his death hard.

Zayne Hunter was jogging just across the street when Christian was dying.  She had no idea that he would never go home.

Dad finally decided to have a party.  He invited Jack, Rick and a few family friends.  Henry wasn't invited.  Rick getting to know one of the gate crashers.

Thomas Leman and Alicia Longshore.   Both old friends of Dad's in every sense.

Bebe Leman with one of her sons.  Erwin maybe?  

Dad went over to see how Christian and Zayne's son was holding up after his death.  He got to know the teenager a bit.
I consoled him over his dad's death.

I think we both felt better after a chat about his dad.

Kathy is a toddler?  How did that happen?
Time, Indy.  Time is a very tricky goddess.  She steals your precious moments away forever.

Judy spent some extra time with Sammy and then

He had his birthday as well.
You're doing well boy.


  1. The kids are looking good. They both have the same big brown eyes. A lot of the the elders are going now.

    Good for Sam to retire. He can enjoy himself doing anything he wants. Spend time with Rachel and the grandbabies, explore and see old friends.

    Rick looks better and better. He reminds me of his mother for some reason.

  2. Yes, a lot of elders are going and Sam's turn is fast approaching.

    I want to know why Kathy's hair is so light. Her parents and grandparents all have very dark hair - mostly black.

    Both Sam and Rachel have retired. I want to see if I can get them to make some ambrosia. Sam is nearly at the top of cooking and Rachel may catch a deathfish sometime soon. Very soon I hope.

    All the triplets are very good looking boys. I just need to actually focus on their faces more when I take a picture. Even the rat fink Henry is indeed a pretty boy, as Indy says.

    Ernesto Montgomery Hunter - has his dad's face with mom's hair. An interesting combo to say the least.

  3. Henry is a very good looking boy.

    I love making ambrosia. One of my families on the exchange has Faye Dyre. She has all the skill necessary to make it. When I need or want it I just use her if I can't get another sim all the skills.

    I used to have her make a bunch and then take it to the graveyard and set all the plates out.

    Kathy looks good with the reddish hair. One of those weird quirks of Sim genetics.

    I always feel good when I'm able to get one last visit in with a Sim that's about to die. It's good that Judy got to see her mom. And it was a nice pic with the two of them surrounded by flowers.

  4. Darn it, they have deleted headstones from SV, from France and from Egypt and there are still no signs that the Sims are going to start with some serious baby making for me.

  5. Sad about all the elders but at the same time it's good to see all the young ones carrying on.

    Sam's hair does look really good. I'm going to have to do that one of these days. It looks more real like that.

    It seems the more they patch the game, the more strange things we get. Genetics go crazy, sims who have never been large and keep gaining weight.

    It's always nice to see them one last time before they go.

  6. I actually did save that color combo so I could shove it on the exchange. It's not as flat as the default gray.

    It is good to see them one last time but watch out. Sam was depressed for 2 days because of Christian meeting the reaper and Sam watched his friend go.

    I just hope I can carry on beyond this generation. Still not seeing much in the way of babies beyond Grant grandchildren.

  7. I need to turn off SP and aging, go visit some other sims and see if some will die. I don't know what is going on. No one is dying. I received that notice that Marta wouldn't live long and she's still kicking. I don't want to rush it, but at the same time, no one is dying and no one is being born.

    Usually when I patch, I clear the caches and start a new game. This time I cleared the caches but did not start a new game because I wanted to continue this one until the originals died.

    I crashed again. Probably my fault this time. I rebuilt Sonya's house and I think I recolored just about everything. Probably too many changes at once. Luckily, I save often. I don't usually lose much.

  8. Hmmm, you've done everything that normally encourages new babies. Sometimes, if I add a new family the rest of the town gets hopping.

    It's like it sets off a chain reaction of babies, aging and deaths. There's probably some coding reason for it.

  9. Maybe that's what I'll do next time I play if there aren't any new babies. I'll just add another sim from the bin. Believe it or not, I still have some in there.

  10. I have been dropping families in. Benjamin, Macy, and the girls are in an invisible home but not completely gone.

    A few days later, I tried my Hatch family with 2 teens, 2 children and 2 toddlers. They've disappeared. No one got to know them so I have no idea if they are gone completely or not.

    After deleting the tombstones, I dropped in my Landgraabs (Malcolm IV, AJ, Mindi and Malcolm V) At the rate Malcolm I is *not* spawning children, this could be *the* Landgraab family over time. I haven't played to see if they move out too.

    I have thought of one more way to force the game to spawn or bring back Sims. Judy is about to have a round of get job/get job/get job... She can skip athletics, and possibly science but she'll have to have a boss for every career she enters. I'll need to hurry, the poor dear is a bit poorly in the tummy.

  11. I wonder too why in Egypt those sims have to swim in swim wear, do they have to bring it along when in exploration? So I never get a picture of it. I think it is rather odd.But I like your picture though. I agree with Chrysame, Henry is a good looking sim. Sometimes I get too attached with my sims that I hate to see their death. I would have said: Go Grim Reaper, just go! Grim Reaper always brings curiosity in me though. But after I've put some mods, I see him running around the town and watching my sim who was playing the guitar..weird and I got a pop out of a sim hated the grim reaper so much.


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