Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Sept 24

Judy has quit her job to concentrate on Sammy and the new baby coming.  It's not like we really need for her to work, there's a fair amount in the bank after Mum and Dad worked their lives for the family.

Poor Judy, this was a very bad contraction.  She'd kill me if she knew I had this photo.

I think half of town came to the hospital.  I'm not used to a crowd, births usually happen at 2 am and all is quiet.  We are both hoping for another little boy.

Our beautiful, glorious daughter, Kathy.  Since Sammy is named after dad, Kathy is named after Judy's mum, Kathryn.
Dad caught up with Laura's boy Chance.  He seems to be doing ok, even if he didn't get much attention as a baby.

Mum visited Jack, Gabrielle and their boy Tate.  Tate is a happy little fellow.  He has good parents and is doing very well.

Dad held an autograph session, it was good for his ego.
Come on dad, admit that you love having them adore you like that!
And it was a big success, lots of people came for your autograph.

Mum spotted Cindy Harkness.  She thought Cindy might be pregnant, so she thought she'd ask about her love life.  Cindy wasn't pregnant but she has a new boyfriend.  Dad?
Go on, write it down. It won't go away just because I don't like it.
Ok.  Dad is angry because Cindy's boyfriend is Henry.  Yes, our Henry.  Our Henry who has abandoned little Darius and Celia to live with Cindy.

The reaper is coming daily to Sunset Valley now.  We have lost many of the older residents.

But life does go on.  Silly Sammy in his toybox.


  1. That bad, bad, bad Pretty Boy. Okay, Indy. Go ahead and make fun of your brother. Poor Celia. I'll have to do something nice for her in another game.

    Tate sure has unusual eyes. They're very striking.

    *wills Celia to beat Henry up or steal him back or both*

  2. I am trying to get some of the families that are still around but not in the town lots to move back. So far, I used Manage the Dead to delete the graves from SV. Then from Egypt (Sam's real reason for the trip). Then from France. I hope they come back soon, I need those families!

    Sorry about Celia, Chyrsame. I tried at least three times to get Cindy up to romantic interest with Henry when they were teens and she shot him down. Suddenly, he's her boyfriend and moved into the old Alto place with her and her dad.

  3. Well, I hope Celia finds someone else to be a good dad to young Darius.

    And I hope those families come back!

  4. I may have to turn off aging and story progression then

    1 get Sam to move in old missing friends
    2 boot them out to find a place
    3 go to their new place and get back their families.

    I don't know what to do about Pretty boy. I was a bit stunned that he'd leave his son for any reason. Not a normal Grant trait.

    Poor Celia and poor Darius. They do have Cyclone Sword but he is the last survivor of the original house and likely to be meeting Grimmy all too soon himself.

  5. It did look like Henry will be having another baby. Well, there's always time for Celia to meet someone else and she's a good mom so Darius will be okay.

    It always surprises me when they leave a child but I guess that happens in real life.

    Celia just picked the wrong Grant boy!

  6. OMG, more soap operas.

    I still love Sam commenting when Indy is writing.

    Mum still looks good in her old age.

    Geez, having one sim do the baby dance is funny, but four is hilarious.

    Sammy is just so sweet. He's really concentrating on what mom is telling him and I love the toy box pic.

    Henry, what were you thinking?

    Oh my, I should have gone to bed long ago.

  7. I love Sam's comments. I'm going to miss him so much when it's his time. Rachel looks great, doesn't she?

  8. Yes, Sam is now 85 days old. Enjoy Indiana Sam while you can because he is about to permanently exit this stage.

    One thing I want to do before he goes is save the way I toned Sam's elder hair. It came out nicely silvery and looks decent.

    Rachel does look good for an elder who had 5 kids!

  9. Oh, I will miss Sam. It's good he has Indy to carry on for him.


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