Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 7

It's birthday and party time around here.  The triplets are going to be adults, and Sammy is going to hit teenager.  Oh my god, a teenager?
Bah, try four teenage boys in one house.  You have it easy.
How did you and Mum survive? 
Just get on with it.  Things sort themselves out.

Rick came a bit early. But we were already set up with the cakes.

Jack and

Henry made it as well.
Good of the boys to come for the party.  I thought at least one of them would be too busy.
Dad, when you call, we come.  Always.

Henry and Rick made it to the cake fairly early.

Why Mortimer Goth, Dad?
No idea, Indy.  He just came.

Finally Jack decided he really should celebrate as well.
Sammy had his birthday too.
The light was too bad to get Sammy's pic.  We will make up for it, I promise.

Our boy, the teenager.  He looks a bit more like his mom then me.
Has he been in your dresser?
Nope, he went out and got his own.

My latest creation.  My work is growing in value.

I convinced Judy it was time for another baby.  

Now Sammy looks like a proper Grant.
He's certainly ready for some travel.  You should take him along next time.

Dana Steel-Anderson is mourning the death of his mum.
I miss her too, she was a friend for a long time.

Mum consoled him a bit.
That girl is Elizabeth Steel-Anderson, Dana's wife.  Isn't she a pretty child?
Not exactly a child, Dad.  She is married.
Bah, you're all a bunch of young pups.

Oh god, the hormones are kicking in already.  Sammy went to chat up Gladys Walker.  She's already in a relationship and wasn't responding too well to Sammy.

Sammy isn't the only new teen around.  Darius Pendragon also reached teen.
Nice looking boy.
The gossip from around the neighborhood includes that Henry and Cindy are expecting their first baby.
About time!
And Celia has gotten together with Captain Jack.  They are expecting a baby and got married.
Apparently in that order.
Well, at least Celia is going to have someone around she can count on now.  I hope he is good with his step-son.


  1. Oh my, four birthdays at once.
    There is just something fascinating about Sammy. Maybe it's his eyes.

    Poor Dana.

    LOL at Sammy and his hormones. Those Grants got some powerful hormones.

    Darius Pendragon. Yet another good looking sim.

    I love Sams comments. I especially love the last one. "Apparently in that order." LOL

  2. Sammy has huge eyes. Almost anime like! :)

    Poor Dana and Judy may soon lose her dad. He's on the daily list of "Visit soon". Thomas was on yesterday's list but the Reaper must have been too busy that day.

    Sammy is already trying his luck with another girl. Seems to be going a bit better.

    Darius - he has Sam's hair color. And a nice but not Grant-clone face.

    Twallan's SP is responsible for both pregnancies. And yes, Celia and Jack are listed as a Shotgun Wedding because the pregnancy came first and marriage second. Jack is now Jack Pendragon - such a cool last name.

  3. Sammy looks so much like his mom. His eyes are huge! I like that.

    Heh, he's already trying his luck with the girls. That's a Grant for you.

    Darius is a good looking boy. Rather sweet and quiet looking.

    I love the shotgun wedding comments. They always make me giggle. Jack Pendragon is indeed an excellent name. I love that last name. Thank you, Torgo!

  4. I actually found Sammy's eyes a bit scary. But once he had his Grant hat, it was ok.

    Pity that Marta and Wyatt's girl Gladys had hooked up already. But Sammy is trying again and the daily announcement of changes included a few more girls aging up to teen.

    Darius and family live two houses away from the Grants. He's over quite a bit, and he's great friends with Sammy. He is getting to be a friend of Kathy too.

    I believe that Jack and Celia had a software failure that ended in pregnancy. I was just glad to see the SP kicking up the reproduction rate finally.

    I'm still on the fence about forcing Rick to have a baby with Patricia...or any girl for that matter!

  5. Software failure. Heh. Twallan has a sense of humor. I have teens hooking up and breaking up quite a bit. I get notices so Sammy should know if anyone already taken becomes available.

    You never know when or if the stork will arrive for Rick. Rachel is married to the very elderly Tyler Townsend in my game and only days from elder. I just got a notice she's pregnant. So, it could still happen.

    I like the idea of Captain Jack being a daddy. "Who's that?" "That's my daddy, Captain Jack!".

  6. Sammy's only been teen for a day so it's not like he instantly has to find the right girl. He does have to start making friends with some girls though.

    I'd like Rick and Patricia to be at least expecting a baby before Sam leaves the stage. But I will not press the button for them!

    Captain Jack (now a cop btw) should make a great dad. I think that he and Celia will have a beautiful baby.

  7. Sammy has time to meet a few girls and figure out who is nice and who is a nut job in disguise. Plus, have a few adventures with Mom and Dad!

  8. BTW - Chrysame - Apparently Hugo and Suzie are now in a relationship. Nice given I did nothing at this point to encourage them. They are just part of the group house.

  9. That's a nice match. Let's see how that plays out.

  10. Sammy is amazing. He's the best teen big brother - he's played with then fed the baby. He played with and is about to feed Eric.

    Where are the parents? Well, they got a serious sleep-in since the baby was born at 2 in the morning.

    Where's Sam? He's been busy doing stuff I asked him to do. If I had thought the toddler or baby might get distressed, I would have canceled Sam's activities. But there's been no need.

  11. He takes after his namesake. His grandfather will be proud.

  12. There is something about Sammy that makes me wonder if he looks like someone in real life. A Celebrity?
    "Software failure?" ha-ha..Darius Pendagron is cute.


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