Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 4

Mum and Dad are still very affectionate. I hope Judy and I keep the love going as well as they have.
Dad loves to chat to Thomas. We had thought the Reaper was coming for him but something happened and he's still with us.
Yes, odd.  We saw him die then everything went back in time.
Marta has a gleam in her eye and a very large spanner. We kept our distance.

Dad noticed Laura next door and went over for a chat.  She looks so different dressed for work.

Love was in the air one night.  We found that all the triplets had tied the knot. Jack married Gabrielle, Rick married Patricia, and Henry married Cindy.  Gabrielle was so giddy, she took Tate to the park at 4 in the morning.

Dad said we should take another vacation or two while we still have free baby sitting service.
Yes, the baby sitting service won't last forever.
Ah come on Dad, you're a rock.
Sooner or later this rock will roll away.

Judy decided to try making nectar.  The process has its ups and

and its downs.  Judy made a decent nectar at the end though.

I'm thinking about hanging my new portrait on the wall.

Our babies had birthdays.  Kathy went first.

Then it was Eric's turn.

Eric looks a bit scared by his granddad.

This is Kathy, isn't she just the prettiest.  She takes after her mom.
She's going to be stunning by teen.

Get a room Dad.
Bah, I have a house.  You want to stay or not?
I was just kidding.

Did anyone see that? Damn I hate tripping on the way to the baby.
No Indy, no one notices you trip...until you tell us to look.

New girl in town called Ripley talking to Erwin Leman. They weren't getting along well, I think Erwin wasn't making a good first impression.  She'd say something nice and then he'd make her mad again.


  1. Technical note, we did have a major glitch. The Reaper froze on his way to collect Thomas. I ended up quitting without saving because the Reaper was stuck on the sidewalk. Since then, other Sims have been on the list of "very old you better visit" but not Thomas yet.

    Speaking of Reaper visits, Sam is 92 days and counting. He has the knowledge to make ambrosia and Rachel has both life fruit and deathfish. But I've learned from TS2, let them go in a timely manner. If you want to continue with generations, it's best to let age take its toll on the population.

  2. A pregnant Marta with a wrench? Smart move keeping your distance. *laughs*

    Kathy is a beautiful child. That dress looks great on her! Don't be scared of Sam, Eric. Your granddad is a sweetheart.

    Indy cracks me up. "Did anyone see that?" *laughs*

    Love, love seeing Sam being so affectionate with his Rachel.

    Don't piss off Ripley, Erwin. She looks dangerous with her lilac tennis shoes!

  3. LOL. I think it's best to keep your distance from Marta when she's waving that wrench around. Those pregnancy hormones could cause someone to do things they wouldn't normally do.

    *laughing* I don't know if I would want to drink that nectar or not.

    Kathy is beautiful.

    Poor Indy, always tripping over his own feet.

    You tell em Sammy. They stay in your house, you do things your way and they do things your way.

  4. Before I turned off three of the story options, Erwin was the town thug. :( Patricia was the Town Bike and Tate was the town bully. I did leave town loon, town mooch and town casanova. So it's not entirely surprising that Erwin's not a very nice guy, even if he's not the official thug now.

    Rachel took many a dive into the nectar in her early days. I just wasn't ready to take a pic at the right time. This time, I was ready. The Sims will quite happily drink the nectar, but it does have a lot of processing yet to go!

    Sam and Rachel are spending lots of time together while they can. And Sam isn't about to let Indy being silly stop him.

    I was stunned by Kathy, she is such a pretty child. Laura was a bit awkward looking at that age, but not Kathy.

  5. I still debating the mod. I'll wait and see what happens in my new game.

  6. Ok, the super computer mod is how Malcolm and Bella got a baby, why Marta is preggy above, how Muleskinner and his wife got a baby. I used "Pollinate" to create the pregnancies.

    The super computer also let me kill a couple of the elders around that just occupy space. And move AJ Anderson, Jon Marsh, their son Dana and Dana's girlfriend into a house again. Along with a few other Sims I like.

    Story Progression mod has created lots of new couples. I broke one up by setting up a romance between Captain Jack and Celia (they were each starting to hook up with a townie). Story progression also has made the boss/co-worker scheme make a lot more sense. And married off a number of couples who had just been together for a long time - like Rick and Patricia. I dropped in several of the new Sims and SP has gotten them jobs and started them meeting each other.

    All up, it's making the town work better - which makes it worthwhile in my book.

  7. Dee, I would suggest that you start with one mod and get used to it before you add the other. I think I'd suggest Super computer first, you have to ask it to do stuff. But it will show you the demographics, let you clean up your town. You can find details on individual Sims, switch active household by clicking on a Sim or house. And Super computer lets you immediately send any Sim to a mirror or the dresser.

  8. I agree with PiB. If you do decide to use a mod, start with Supercomputer. You can use it to send any sim to CAS so you can edit the hair and outfit of non-household sims easily. There's so many little quality of life items that I think you'll be pleased.

  9. I'm still thinking about it. Once the game starts frustrating me again, I'll probably get it.
    The main thing I'm interested in is knowing all about what the other sims are up to and stuff like that.

    Right now they are getting jobs and getting involved on their own.

    It would be great to know what is going on without actually having to go their houses. I would also like being about to get rid of those premades that keep moving into town without having to go all over the town in edit town mode.

  10. Yeah, I would love to be able to change them without having to go to them Chrysame.

    BTW, I just updated.

  11. I have no idea that Indy have similarities with Sean from my blog. They have the same trait: clumsy and almost the same hair and beards :D I hope you are okay with this? I actually didn't mean to make Sean has similarities with your Indy. Actually he is a copy of Don Lothario and I added beard. Sean is not the explorer type. He likes to take photographs instead. And I noticed different jaws, eyes, and hair color. But if I look at a glance, they are almost look alike. I love picture of pregnant Marta with a wrench. I want to ask you did the last patch 1.10 can solve all the bugs like missing Custom Content and etc? I haven't updated it. Mine is still 1.8 :P

  12. Hey MJ. Don't worry that your Sean is similar to Indy. It doesn't worry me, I put Indy up on the exchange so others can share. Which means you can download and use my Indy if you want to. And Indy looks a lot like his dad, but the hair colour is all Rachel's.

    I had two pictures of Marta at that party. The one with the wrench was obviously the more interesting one to use.

    I don't have CC so I don't know if that patch fixes it. I just have store bought stuff and it's all fine. No patch from EA ever solves *all* the bugs.

  13. Thanks PiB.
    Mine full of CC so I am afraid to updated it. I haven't even bought the High - end Loft Stuff because of the size. I wonder if my poor computer can always update EA's Expansion Packs...


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