Friday, February 26, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 15

Eric as a child.  He fortunately didn't catch fire during the great birthday cake fire party.

Dad with Tosha Grant - one of Jack and Gabrielle's new girls.

Dad with Kari Grant - the other twin.

Dad challenged Jack to a bit of sparring.  Jack didn't come close to winning.

Another party - Thomas Leman, Susie Pierce and Henry were among the guests to celebrate.

The party was for Phillip.  Phillip is now a toddler.  He has Mum's hair colour.

Nothing like a party to fill the house and make people happier.

Laura's boy Chance has grown to young adult now.  He's grown up very well.

Dad loves visiting Jack and the girls.  

Then he goes to the park to socialise for awhile.  He found Sierra Nevada Townsend - very pregnant with  Tyler Townsend's baby.

Mick Lessen dropped by with his wife Suzette Wolff Lessen and their baby.  I don't know if Suzette and Henry are still friends, they stopped hanging around each other when they left school.

Chance dropped by with his girlfriend.

Dad caught up with Henry and Callie

So Dad had an audience for his practice session.
I know you put them up to this.
It's good to see all of them so often.

At home, teenage hormones are raging along.  Our girl has a boyfriend, his name is Malcolm.

And Sammy has a girlfriend, he finally made connections with Malia.  


  1. They are so cute and I still live the dinosaurs.
    I'm so glad they are keeping Sam busy.
    chance is looking good. He's another that should be uploaded.

    Sammy's a smart one. That massage gets them every time.

  2. Sam is very content with life. He sees most of his kids often, he has lots of grandbabies to look after, he's just pretty happy now that the shock of losing Rachel has past.

    Yep, I can upload Chance for you...probably should do Darius as well.

    Has anyone lost items by cull yet? I haven't.

  3. If they are uploaded as they grow up then we can grab them. Save them to the bin too though, just in case they start culling.
    I haven't lost anything yet. It will, hopefully, take them a while to start culling.

  4. Great update! It's good to see our Sam surrounded by family. I was especially happy to see that Phillip has Rachel's hair color.

    I uploaded Kasey and Carol as requested. I left them as teens.

  5. Cool, on my way to download now.

  6. Usually for me, the heir to the family home is a no-brainer. It's the oldest child of the house that will be old enough to start a family at a time when there's space in the house for it. But with these children, I'm tempted to wait and see how Eric and Phillip age up. I'm fond of Sammy and Kathy but they really look so much like their mom and so little like a Grant... I hope Eric and Phillip look more like their dad/granddad instead.

  7. I usually use the youngest child as the heir unless I happen to become enamored with another one of the children. Charlotte and David are the youngest right now but I wish one of them had Marta's hair. That's easily changed, though.

  8. I thought I commented. Guess it didn't go through. What I said was I'll bet Phillip will look like a Grant.

  9. Eric is more Grant-ish then his older siblings. He doesn't have the huge eyes and lips that they do.

    Poor Indy and Judy. Eric is nearly a teen, so they'll have 3 of them in the house.

  10. *shudders* Send them to the spa and often, they'll earn it with three teenagers underfoot.

  11. :) They can afford holidays every day to any holiday destination. The teens can look after the toddler just fine. :)

    Sam Grant has just started day 101. Thomas is a few days older and has managed to dodge the reaper several times now.


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