Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 12

Poor Dad is still in deep shock about Mum.
Oh Rachel.
I'm arranging with the rest of the family for someone to keep an eye on Dad.

He's taken up guitar playing.  I think it's good therapy.

Our family is having a rough time lately.  We were having a birthday party for Kathy who was growing up to teen and Eric who is going to be a child. And poor Kathy ...
Her cake caught fire and so did she.

The fire even spread to one of the other guests.  But we had Rick, Judy and Marta all ready to extinguish the fire.  It took them awhile but the fire was out before the fire department arrived.

Kathy once she finally had her birthday.  Now we have two teenagers at home.  She's definitely taking after Judy.

Judy and I took Sammy and Kathy on a brief holiday.  At first we all mourned Rachel.

Eventually though, I took Sammy to a couple of tombs and Judy took Kathy.  We still miss Mum but it's getting better.

Dad kept watch over Eric and Phillip.

After we got home, Dad went to visit Henry because he knew Henry and Cindy had a baby.
This is Callie, so pretty.
Dad, where's Henry?
He left.
[grumble] I told Pretty Boy when I told the others.  Don't leave Dad alone!

Dad went to the park and Laura was there.  Soon after he arrived, Jack showed up and we drove over too.

The guitar is good therapy for Dad but...

whenever he stops for a break.

Finally, last night Dad had the funeral for Mum.  My sibs all came plus young Darius.  Darius may be a Pendragon by name but he is Henry's boy.

Can you believe that we had a free-for-all over Phillip?  Somehow Darius was the first to the baby, but Sammy wanted to be there for his little brother.  I wasn't nearly quick enough.

Dad is never going to be the same without Mum, but I think this party did help heal the broken heart a bit.
Family is good.
We are there for you.  Just shout.


  1. Kathy looks so much like her Mom. That hair looks great on her. Of course, Sam is still mourning but the family is so close and supportive. Sammy didn't look very happy in that tomb.

    Henry left Sam alone with the baby? Tsk Tsk. Callie is a pretty name, though.

    Heehee, Darius won the race for Phillip.

    Sam is a tough old bird. That makes it even harder to see him sad.

  2. Sammy didn't look happy in the tomb because he'd just had a moment of mourning Rachel. Indy was busy posing and so wasn't thinking of his mum, for a minute.

    Henry left Callie with two granddads. Cindy's dad Jed is still alive and living with Henry and Cindy. So when Sam left, the baby stayed at home though Sam did have the option of taking her along.

    When I saw *three* guys queuing up for a baby, my first thought was typical Grant males, all of them. Is that the world's most spoiled baby or what?

    It has been a tough time for Sam. He is starting to recover though.

  3. Marta and Wyatt are both over 190 days old. I'm dreading what's to come.

    Grant boys make good hubbies. I can attest to that.

  4. Been there, half way through it. Sam is either 98 or 99 days old now. It's hard knowing that the Reaper is near but we don't know when. That's why Indy really hopes to keep at least one of them near at all times.

    Grant boys are good husbands, as long as you don't mind a house of kids. They *love* those babies and can't have too many. LOL

  5. Such a great family, but poor poor Sam. I feel so sorry for him. It's a good thing he has such a large family to help and lots of babies to keep him occupied.

  6. Grants and babies. Mason wishes for another one and I delete it. So, he waits a bit and then pops that wish up again. Stubborn.

  7. Yes, Sam has been very devastated by losing Rachel but at least he has family and lots of it. The only really big wish he's had for ages now is to have 10 grandchildren.

    Indy = 4
    Henry = 2
    Laura = 1 (she and Sam never seemed that keen about Chance so I never was tempted to interfere there)
    Jack = 1

    So Sam has 8 of the 10 grandchildren he'd like.

    Rick and Patricia will be having 1. I'm tempted to help Jack and Gabrielle along because they did pay attention to Tate when someone visited. Whether or not Sam will live to see them is another story.

    Judy did briefly want another baby but I ignored it. With 4 children, there is plenty and I'd like a little wiggle room for when Sammy and Kathy get to the next age.

  8. If someone has twins the his wish will be granted.:)

  9. Wait, I have master controller. Jack and Gabrielle can be my test guinea pigs for "Instant baby"...I haven't tried that yet. [evil laugh]

  10. LOL, good luck evil sim master.

  11. Now let's see. Jack is a Grant boy and only has one child - now a teen. It's a downright kindness to give them another baby! LOL

  12. Chrysame, you have seen that Master Controller option haven't you? It's one of the Intermediate options on a Sim.

    With Sam and that wish of his, it's very tempting.

  13. I've seen it. Can you pick the gender when you use that option? I found the chance of mixed twins. I wish we could set the percentage of chance.

  14. Don't know if I can pick the gender or not until I try it. Maybe I'll have to see about Jack and Gabrielle - doesn't Tate deserve a little sibling?

    It's a bit odd with Tate the teenager here and Tate with baby in Dee's blog. :)

  15. I want to see the instant baby. Yes, Tate deserves a sibling.
    With Tate in my game, I guess you've gone "Back to the future".

  16. Instant baby report -
    choose mom
    choose dad
    choose number of babies
    choose gender (but only once...may be another of the choose gender of the first baby.)

    Voila, Jack and Gabrielle are parents of twin girls.

  17. *clapping hands for PiB*
    You did it! Sam is going to be so happy. :)

  18. Wow, those pictures full of sadness. Things were even getting worse because of the fire. I wonder what Katy's traits now with all of the fire and mourning moodlet she had.

  19. Hi MJ,

    In spite of the fire and temporarily growing up to be a stick, I still got to choose Kathy's next trait. I forget what I picked though, I was still worried about poor Kathy being a stick at the time. If they grow up while burnt, the game doesn't quite know how to make them look.

    Dee and Chrysame, yep, Sam made it to be a granddad with 10 grandchildren. He went to visit the twins and Jack and Gabrielle are good parents. Gabrielle came home and played with each girl some during Sam's visit. One of the girls I renamed, didn't like Joey as a girl name. She's now Kari Grant.

  20. What do you mean, a stick? Did she look like a stick? I've never had a cake catch on fire. Probably will now that I said that.

    Looks like the right family had the twins.

  21. Dee, when she was still scorched and then grown to teen, at first she was basically just Sim bone structure. Your average supermodel has more flesh. So she was brown and ultra thin == stick.

    Once she finished the shower, she also finished growing out as appropriate. Now she looks like any teenage girl.

    Yes, if only I could tear myself from Sam long enough to give Jack a second crib...one baby has to sleep on the floor. But one baby was in the crib that they do have.

  22. Thanks for the explanation. Not ever seeing that before, I would have been afraid my sim was going to stay that way. No I know what to expect.
    Yes, now is not the time to leave Sam. As sure as you leave him, you'll receive one of those notices.

  23. Sam visited Jack to see little Tosha and Kari - I still chuckle at the name Kari Grant ... small things amuse me.

    So while Sam was still there, I paused, made Jack the active Sim, bought them a second crib and then switched back.

    Gabrielle is a very devoted mom, she's always looking after one of the girls when Sam visits.

    Rick and Patricia had their girl, her name is Shelly. Chance is a young adult + already has a live-in girlfriend.

    And Sam is starting his 100th day.


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