Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Sept 30

Life has been going so well that we decided to have yet another baby.  

Dad is always around for Kathy and was always there for Sammy too.

Kathy is a bright spark, maybe she'll be a scientist someday.

Jack tried to defeat Mum at martial arts in the park.
What happened to Beret Boy anyway?
Henry just took the fun out of the nicknames.

Jack lost.  He has a lot more martial arts training to do if he wants to match Mum.

Henry may have been a deserting rat but his son Darius is quite a nice boy.  Darius and Sammy are best friends now.

And Jack's boy Tate is growing up quite well.
Will Rick and Patricia ever give us grandchildren?
Can't help you Dad. It's completely up to them.

After a couple of the pics last time, I decided it was safer to just wait for the baby shot.  Our third child Eric.  Isn't he a handsome fellow?

Dad is usually first up in the morning and checks the baby before anything else.
You neglect him!
We don't neglect him, it's just that you're there first.

Mum went to visit Laura and found that Chance is a teen.  

Dad really adores Eric.

What do you think of your old man's formal wear?
You looked great for Christian's funeral.

Dad's been retired for some time, but he has a legion of loyal fans still.

Dad went to visit his old friend Thomas Leman.  This is the younger son, Robbie.
Poor Dad.  We've just heard that Thomas and Alicia are both nearing death.  They've both been great friends of his for a very long time.


  1. Great update, PiB.
    Jack, you know you are never going to beat mom, right?

    Babies being born, babies growing up. It's just wonderful.

    Sam looks good all dressed up there. I'm really going to miss him when he is gone. He's become part of the family.

    LOL, it's hard to beat Sam to those babies. It is so much like some grandparents in real life. You're just too quick for them Sammy.

    I love Tate's eyes. They are almost the same as Sonya's.

  2. Nice try, Jack, but Mom's a black belt. Glad we got to see all the kids. Chance has grown so much!

    Sam is looking good in his tux. I bet Rachel enjoys it when her man dresses up.

    Indy looks good holding a baby.

  3. Actually, Jack did win one round of three. But that was all. :)

    I know I'll miss Sam. This time around, I let myself get so attached to him and the family.

    Poor Indy, he'll actually have to pay more attention to the little ones once Sam is gone. If Sam is home, I can safely ignore the baby. I know who will be there when the baby needs attention.

    I was shocked to see Chance as a teen. Wow.

  4. I'm a bit on the fence about Rick and Patricia. I want them to have a baby but not if that means that virtually every child in town is Grant grandchild - which is nearly true.

    I'm hoping that when I get the story progression mod sorted, it will help bring this neighborhood into balance.

    I'm so loving that I will be able to change hairstyles, clothes and make babies myself with the Super Computer mod. It's definitely sweet.

  5. I'm still fiddling with the story progression mod but I'm hooked on it and the supercomputer. The ability to take any Sim in town into CAS is wonderful! On the story progression you can specify which notifications you receive. I turned a few off, limited others to blood or blood and friends and it's kept the clutter down.

    Also, you can adjust the number of kids that are ideal per couple, the percentage of random pregnancies and other pregnancy factors which make it must easier to get the town moving. I sound like I'm trying to sell it. *laughs* I'm just excited by all the bells and whistles.

    It sure will be nice to hear about non-Grant pregnancies in your game, PiB. That guarantees that this Grant family line will continue. I've gotten a bit attached to this family and their stories.

  6. Yeah, I know some Sims are going to be asked to have some babies as a matter of urgency. There's a few newbies that will be going into the hood just for that purpose. :)

    Don't tell Indy and Judy but they are victims of cruel neglect. I keep forgetting to send them on a holiday! Rachel got a trip after most births and Judy has been stuck.

  7. I won't tell Judy. After all, Sammy has provided some nice young men for my girls.

  8. Well, the game progression has yet to announce new pregnancies but my word, we have had a lot of wedding. Among the many celebrating a wedding were
    Henry and Cindy Harkness-Grant
    Jack and Gabrielle McCall-Grant
    Rick and Patricia Hunter-Grant

    I think I need to set the "Let me name the new couple" option. I'm a bit worried that the next generation could see Tate McCall-Grant-Hawke which would be getting a little out of hand.

  9. You can choose the last name automatically. It sounds like it's currently set to husband-wife. Just change it to Husband and it will be the male's last name. Also, you might want to look at story progression pregnancy settings and up the percentage of random pregancies.

    You can also mess with the romance settings so more sims are getting together.

  10. I know you can set it automatically, but I actually like having the male take her family name from time to time. More modern. :) Plus I sometimes have rules by the family, marry a Landgraab == become a Landgraab.

    Celia has a new boyfriend - random townie called Redding. I'll have to check him out at some point.

  11. Easy enough to change the names via the computer options. *nods* I haven't instituted the ancestral option. What I've done is switch things up periodically. I have quite a few couples with hyphenated names (both ways) and I've got just husband names for couples. I just go in every few sim weeks and change my option so it's a mixed bag. Pretty soon I'll need to change it to the wive's last name.

    You love your Landgraabs. :)

  12. :) You missed my Sims 2 ones. I started with Malcolm IV - and I was up to Malcolm VII in college with a girlfriend. Plus there was a whole kaboodle of Landgraabs across the hood.

    I really need to take the time to install all of Sims 2 on the new box and copy my last save across. The load times are a pain but I do miss my families - I had three family lines at gen 4.

  13. Cool, that deserting rat Henry has just been hit with his first child support payment. Since he'll have to pay up, he moves out of deserting rat status. :)


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