Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - August 13

Oh dear, time is simply flying by.  Our little girl is a young adult now.


And we have a house of 4 teenage boys.  This is far scarier than any mummy, even the ones that curse you.

Laura is getting reacquainted with Sam

I believe she proposed that they go steady.  I think she'll be moving to his place very soon.

As for the boys,
Rick Grant

Henry Grant

Jack Grant

Ok, this is definitely Henry and Indy but umm....

And just a brief update from the neighborhood. 
Patricia Hunter

Hair may be inherited but she doesn't have mom's sense of style.

Jon Lessen's family


  1. Wow. Laura's stunning. I'm glad she found a nice boy. As the the boys, they're all good looking, and I love that outfit on Jack.

    Poor Patricia, she looks really depressed about her lack of fashion sense. Zayne sure seems to like babies and having babies. I should let her have one, but I still haven't gotten over the shock of her moving in with just one man.

  2. Jack grew up into that outfit but I had to find a good hat for him that wasn't Sam's hat. The other boys grew up into normal clothes, you can see in the cake picture. So I tried to find them different outfits that still fit into an adventurous family style.

    I was stunned by how pretty Laura became as a young adult.

    Patricia is going to have a little sibling, I didn't just age her up on my visit to Zayne's place. :)

  3. I feel a little sad that Laura is all grown up. She sure is pretty. Jack looks great in his outfit.

    So, which boy is going to end up with Patricia? :)

  4. So does this mean I should have Rick and Henry dress in the same basic style with new colour schemes? Only Jack gets compliments for his clothes.

    I don't know which boy will be with Patricia. They haven't met her yet, nor Jon Lessen's girl. First will be to introduce them and see if any of the boys seem to hit it off well.

  5. They all look sooo good.

    If you dress them too much alike I won't ever know who I'm looking at.

    Laura looks elegant with that hat and those clothes.

  6. Haha, no, no. Part of the fun is that they all get their own clothes and have their own style.

  7. Dee, you've pretty much hit my dilemma. If they aren't wearing different clothes, they all look pretty similar. Indy and Henry with Rachel's hair, Rick and Jack with Sam's hair. So they get different clothes and hats (or glasses in Rick's case) just so I can easily see who is who. :)


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