Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - July 29

Rachel and I fled the toddlers to visit China. She really wants some time to improve her martial arts skills and though we own the training dummy, she never gets a chance to use it.

Wonder why she looks worried? It's only balsa wood.

Rachel finally earned her first belt

Beautiful and dangerous, what more could you want in a girl?

We took out some time to celebrate.

I finally learned how to meditate, the second part of being a martial arts master.

While Rachel continues to improve her skills

When you meditate long enough, your mental powers increase and suddenly

Plus I can teleport to anywhere in town once I've reached this state. Damn, this is cool.

Finally, we could no longer ignore the siren call of a new tomb.

Damn those hidden traps

Thank heavens for a nearby dive well, cool relief.

Then it was home again and teaching my son a few important things.
[I suppose that's better than getting called Indy all the time.]

While Rachel was teaching another one of the boys how to walk.
[Dear, you have Henry and this is Rick.]

Indy on his way to the stadium for the Amateur Olympics

We took a couple of the boys [You have Henry and I have Jack, dear.]  We took Henry and Jack to the park.

And then it was birthday time for both of my girls.  Laura is growing up to be quite the young lady.

We had lots of party guests

Maybe I need to invite more ladies next time, Tyler danced with two different guys.

I think Laura wants to do some adventuring as well.  Here's the new outfit that she selected for herself.


  1. Laura looks ready to go go go in her new adventuring outfit. What level is Sam in MA now? He looks great in the white and blue outfit. His plumbob is so red in that one shot! Close call, Sammy!

    And multiple Thomas sightings! Yay!

  2. Sam is was at level 5 when he learned to meditate. I'm not certain if he made level 6 or not before they went home.

    Yeah, Sim on fire == very red plumbob. But he did live and now I know a good reason to keep them soaked if they are trap busting.

    Isn't Laura so pretty? And one more that can help with toddler taming, though I'm not sure she likes her younger brothers yet. :)

  3. "Beautiful and dangerous, what more could you want in a girl?"
    Exactly my thoughts when creating her. There's just something about a professorial-looking type with the glasses and the tidy ponytail ... who can kick your ass.

    I love the shot of them entering the tomb. Especially Sam's stance. It's just so ... hollywood. :) Kind of like seeing Indy appear on the screen at the start of the movie, and you just go "oh yeahhh."

    ROFL at Sam's ingenious solution to forgetting his sons' names.

    I can tell Indy's going to follow in his parents' footsteps. And lovely Laura - chip off the old block! In spades!

    I like the way Jon and Tyler keep showing at everybody's parties and public lots.

    Wonderful update.

  4. If you are going to keep up with Indiana Sam, you have to be willing to face danger. Rachel is as kick-ass a partner as he could want, which is part of her charm. Since she's brave, she doesn't mind finding bugs when Inspecting those holes. Sam is a little more bothered by them. It's cool running both of them in one tomb. Rachel was off trying to solve one thing while Sam was trying to get through that one chamber with hidden fire traps.

    Yep, Sam has decided that Son and Boy are great names. It always fits. The boys aren't quite as thrilled by his solution and Rachel's not too impressed either.

    I loved Sam's stance when he entered the tomb. "Right, I'm here and ready for a challenge". :)

    I think I'm going to love Laura. She's growing up gorgeous.

    Jon was invited to that party. I don't think we invited Tyler and I know we didn't invite Cyclone. But every good party has a gatecrasher or three.

  5. Oh, I'm excited. Zayne has moved in with Christian Montgomery (rflong7). Since she moved in, they must be a couple. Will I finally have a Zayne baby?

    Pics in the next episode I hope.

  6. LOL, I was ROFLMAO at this comment...

    "Rachel and I fled the toddlers to visit China."

    Love the way Sam is still getting the names mixed up... poor man.

    I posted a new repopulate on the FW experiments blog, it is not Sam PiB, but another one of your creations which I really fancied.

  7. Cool, Jack Harkness gets some play time. I love Captain Jack. :)

    Poor Sam and poor me. Last night the threesome made child. So there are four boys in the house and Sam won't be the only one who can't remember which is which.

    Sam read the newspaper and found that Pauline Wan and Hank Goddard moved out to the burbs. Then we found that their little girl starved to death. My town doesn't have many kids outside of the Grants to start with and now they are dying???

    I may have to do something about the fact that a couple of my couples are younger males with elder females and that won't get me more babies. Especially young adult Malcolm Landgraab is with elder Dorie Hart. Malcolm, honestly, the Landgraab name is not to die out you know.

  8. I hate it when the game kills off toddlers and children. You might have to push the button a few times for other couples so the boys have some playmates in town.

  9. OMG children can starve to death? Ew.

    Oh boy, Zayne and Christian? He has those sexy bedroom eyes. They should make beautiful babies. I can't wait. I just love Rflong's sims.

  10. That's what Sam read in the paper. I forget her name but she was definitely no older than child and starved to death. :( I actually feel for Hank and Pauline at the moment.

    Yeah, my reaction exactly. Zayne ++ any Rflong Sim should be fantastic looking offspring. I love watching Christian whenever he happens along.

    Now that we've successfully got the triplets to child, I may pop to some other households to set up some baby making. Or adoptions in the case of the gay/lesbian couples. They can each adopt at least one girl at the child age... :)

  11. Oh my word, I hate it when toddlers die... is it a new thing with the 1.7 patch? I never noticed it before, I had only ever seen teens die before.

    But I noticed alot of dead toddlers in the later part of my first FW experiments cycle.

  12. I'm not sure how old she was but either toddler or child.

    I would say that the death rate was to make room for the NPCs at the holiday destinations but at least some of you don't have WA and do have toddler deaths.

    I hadn't noticed it before but I have never quite gotten used to the newspaper as being a useful source of information.

  13. Oh my word, that's epic and funny.

    Jon Lessen has *2* romantic interests - Alicia Longshore + Tanya Pole and he's married to a girl called Riley. Wow, natural heartbreaker this time around.

  14. So which lady is going to have his baby? That's what I want to know.

  15. Well, just Riley at the moment. But he could spread the love around, since he is the only romantic interest for each lady.

    And if AJ wants a baby, she has to share Thomas with Bebe Hart. She's only got a couple of days to elder.

    I have found that the reason a couple of guys have so many girlfriends is that ... well about half the male population is gay. Including several of our guys. Sigh, no wonder there are so few babies this time.

  16. Wow. I hope little Celia has a beau and a baby. She looks good preggers. *wonders about Mick*

  17. Unfortunately no, Celia doesn't even have a share in a guy. And Mick who is her housemate has a romantic interest in some guy - I forget which guy at the moment... Tyler and Jon M are the same. As is Jerod, that blond dude who usually has babies early on with Kathyrn...not this time.

    I was a bit stunned after I had been around the neighborhood. I did get some couples together, had several Try for Babies and a few adoptions too.

  18. I'm not surprised about Celia. It doesn't sound like there are enough available men to go around if they're all hooking up with each other.

  19. Hmmm, since I don't have the patch, I could send a couple of the girls to pick some new clothes and they could wait for a Grant boy to age up. I seem to have quite a few of them.

  20. Love the update. What would Sammy do if he didn't have Rachel to remind him of who is who? I still laugh about that.

    Oh, Sammy, please be careful. We don't want you burning up.

    "Finally, we could no longer ignore the siren call of a new tomb."
    He looks like he's making sure it's safe for Rachel to enter. LOL. Maybe she should be the one making sure it's safe for him to enter. :D

    The toddlers are still cute and the older ones are growing up beautiful and handsome.

  21. Poor Sammy, too many boys, too little memory to cope with them all. :)

    Sam would rather be hurt than watch Rachel get hurt. So if it's truly dangerous, he wants to be in front. And he wasn't too badly scorched in the long run.

    Just you wait till you see those boys next time. They are growing well.

  22. I'm looking forward to your next update and seeing all the kids.

    I can't imagine trying to handle a house with all those sims. Especially triplets.

  23. Well toddler was a bit rough. With three of them, getting all up in basic toddler skills was tough.

    Now that the triplets are children, it's mostly keeping food in the house that will be hard. :)


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