Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - July 1

Our daughter Laura is without a doubt the best adventure in the world

For Rachel and Laura's sake, I've put off traveling for the moment and am concentrating on my job.

And then I find out that we're having another baby

Rachel has such an interesting style of maternity wear

Still, there is our little princess Laura

We need to work on Laura's room, it was the guest room till recently.

My irresistable Rachel

And our baby girl's first birthday

She's very smart

Yeah, I panicked again. Something about knowing a baby is coming


  1. Laura is such a pretty girl!

  2. Laura's so pretty, and ooh another bebe!

  3. "Our daughter is the best adventure in the world" Aw Sam is so sweet, i wonder have any of his clones ever been a less than devoted hubby??

  4. Angiebeno, not yet but that's no promise that he'll always be so. After all, one clone turned killer and that's not a normal Sammy thing either. :)


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