Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - July 20

One day, we bring home a basket of baby boys. It seems like that was just yesterday and today they all turn toddler.

I taught Indy to walk, Rachel is teaching him to talk

Henry gets his cake first

He has Rachel's hair. Actually, they all have Rachel's hair.

The next to celebrate was Jack

Jack has black hair like mine.

Finally Rick got his turn

Rachel is looking for decent help. This so called maid of ours hasn't cleaned a single thing since he arrived. Honestly, it's driving Rachel around the bend. Doesn't worry me, but we are paying for service.

Rick Grant

He inherited my hair colour as well.

Henry about to be tucked away

Then Rick about to be put in a crib


  1. LOL at least he is getting the names right at last :)

  2. Sam and I will both be able to tell which baby is which now.

    Now comes the hard part. Keeping 4 toddlers happy and training them up. Indy has to learn to talk before we can age him to child. The other 3 need to learn everything and this is where I expect the pain to happen.

  3. LOL... well please lead the way...

    Haha.. I need tips for when I have triplets.

    I guess travel is postponed for awhile then? Maybe you could hire Sam's nanny clone self? LOL

  4. What a pretty bunch of boys they are. I'm just in love with Henry. I love his eyes. I love Jack's hair, I just want to reach out and ruffle it. And Rick has that pretty mouth. I just want to snuggle them all. I love the pic of Jack about to eat his hand. He's thinking something there, but I'm too sleepy to figure out a cute caption.

    Rachel's like Zayne. She isn't going to put up with paying for a bad maid.

    They're all so squeezable in their jammies that I want a bunch more toddlers just so I can dress them.

  5. So many awww moments this morning. First Sue and now you.

    I just love it. I think when Sammy has Rick at the cake he's asking Rachel if they really have to ALL age up. He loves babies so much, he's probably wanting another one.

    Rachel looks like she is thinking about doing more than just firing that maid. Looks like she wants to kick his butt out over that horizon.

    It's like they all discover thay have hands. Hmmm, let me see what this thing taste like.

  6. So cute! I want one. Surely, they won't miss one if he floats over to another game. I think Rick is going to look like his Daddy. Rachel's hair is gorgeous. I got a really good look at it in CAS. Boys with that hair color are going to draw in girls like flies to honey.

  7. Thanks everyone. Yes, the Grant triplets are yet another set of adorable toddlers. They have cute jammies and cute day clothes. All of them started with the same hair cut as Indy, but I changed them mostly so it's easier to tell which is which at a glance.

    I think Rachel and Sam are about to hire a sitter and flee for another holiday. Maybe China and have them work on skills. Rachel needs to work out and read up on charisma. Sam needs to train. For some reason, they never get more than 5 seconds to themselves at home.

    Chrysame, I'm sure I could separate one toddler from the mob and put him on the exchange if you *really* want one.

  8. BTW last Sammy fix for at least a few days. I want to a) boot other games on the computer and b) play around with some of the other saves I have. There may even be a bit of c) start on the background for a new Hi Mum, it's Sammy story.

  9. Now why in the world would they not have any time to themselves at home. I can't imagine.

    I just realized that I forgot to follow earlier. I'm following now.

  10. How sad...I've been checking mail all day just to see if anyone commented on either of these games that I created. I haven't thought about them in ages and now I'm dying for feedback. :(

    Don't have the framework to make any more of these now. Would have to write a new program.

  11. Sorry Pib, I had to install Adobe Shockwave before being able to play them. I was so busy running around on the internet reading things that I just didn't get back. I ended up playing the easy dog puzzle. It took me a minute to figure out how to move the pieces around. I feel dumb sometimes.:)

    They are fun. They remind me a little of one of the games that was on the sims2 forum right before sims3 came out.

  12. Games? Games! *runs off to play*

    Those were fun. And the Indy one ... just yummy. I had to play it a LOT. You know, just to make sure, um, I was doing it right.

  13. Common idea for those types of games. I forget which dog game is which (or which dog is in which puzzle but I think that the easy dog puzzle might be Merlin's puzzle).

    One of my first games was a slider puzzle, then I found that my fellow fans *loathed* sliders with a passion. So I switched to swap tile puzzles instead.

  14. Yeah! Sue! I agree that you have to practice that Indy puzzle a lot. Many times. Easy and hard. It's all part of quality control. Have you tested the quality enough?

  15. It said I had some or other txt file missing so I could not install the shockwave thing, but I am clickety clicking the puzzle of Indie.. YUM :) LOL

  16. If you can do the clicky clicky - then somehow shockwave was installed. And all 4 puzzles use the same version so once you can play one, you can play all of them.

  17. I'll try them out today, PiB. Lost my internet access last night.

  18. They quite addictive... LOL.. but then agian I am a tetris fanatic *rolls eyes*

  19. :) Thanks Worsiedog, that's what I love to hear.


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