Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - July 25

Four toddlers are enough to keep us hopping. But a cuddle makes everything right for both of us, right Indy? [Would someone tell Dad that I'm Henry?]

Rick and Jack at play

I took Indy [HENRY] - right, I meant Henry, over to the park. He got some company while playing a toy

Rachel and I did manage to squeeze a few minutes alone

Then it was Indy's birthday. [Hey, he got it right for once!]

They grow up so fast

Then it was my turn for my birthday to adult. I had no idea Zayne had been involved with the Alvi guy until now

Nice crowd, don't you think?


  1. Damn, forgot to take a picture of Indy with his new day clothes and new hair style. Ah well, he'll be a child for days.

  2. ROFL. Once again, poor Sammy. That's okay Sammy, I wouldn't be able to know who is who either. LOL.
    I'm not even going to try to keep the names straight. It looks like, when playing, the one on the right is looking at the one on the left and thinking, my skill bar is higher than yours and why do you get the leopard skin and not me?

    Beware of that alone time you two. PiB might play with the button.

    Indy is sooo handsome.

    Jon just loves that music even if it is to play with a toodler. So sweet.

  3. That's so cute. Did you make Jon play with Henry, or did he do it on his own?

  4. LOL, I loved the name mix ups..

    I can't believe that Zayne is with Alvi o_0 LOL

    The tots look so adorable in their PJ's! Hehe :)

  5. Indy is a handsome boy. So funny that Sam keeps forgetting and has to be reminded who is who. Okay, I think I love Jon Lessen even more now.

    I searched every pic for Thomas and didn't see him! It's like looking for a cameo of Alfred Hitchcock in one of his films.

    I bet Laura is happy one of the toddlers is a child now.

  6. :) I love getting up to heaps of comments in the morning.

    Jon Lessen obviously can't resist music in any form. Sam was eating, and I sent Henry to play with the xylophone. I went to check on Rachel and the other toddlers. When I came back, Jon was with Henry. I had to take a pic of that!

    Rachel is finally back at work. Since her job is Science which starts early and ends early, she and Sam nearly never need the sitter. There's about an hour when Rachel hasn't made it home and Sam left for work that they need a sitter.

    Indy is a very handsome boy. He's also Clumsy, Disciplined and has Photographer's Eye. Clumsy wasn't my idea, must not have taken quite enough care of Rachel.

    There was no Thomas though I did think about asking him to the party just for you Chrysame.

    Laura is very nearly a teen. Rachel will soon be an adult as well. There is so much toddler training to do.

    Neither Rachel nor Sam has shown the slightest interest in another baby. Maybe they feel the current tribe is enough.

  7. I think the clumsy trait is adorable. That just endears Indy to me even more. I can't wait to see what Laura looks like as a teen!

  8. I know, I'm looking forward to Laura as a teen.

    I wish I could have birthday parties at a venue. It would be nice for them to have more space.

    I think Sam and Rachel are due a new holiday - back to China to train this time. One of them may gather a few treasures though. :)


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