Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - July 15

Home again and Rachel helped Laura with some homework

While I dealt with one of the boys...which one is this?

A close up of Indy, isn't he a handsome little chap?

Once in the night, Rachel did the triplet rounds
Ah, that one is Henry I'm sure.  I wish I could tell Rick and Jack apart.

Later it was my turn

I asked my boss AJ over so I could try for a promotion

and she agree that I was worthy of being the MVP in the team.

Then she did this

and I could have sworn I heard grumbling about "Again AJ!" in the background.

Teaching Indy how to look for new horizons.

I'm sure he'll take after me.


  1. Hopefully both the blog and the comments are set properly to go to the usual suspects.

  2. Indy is very cute. LOL at "Again AJ". I love Sam showing Indy how to look for new horizons. And Indy just wants to play with Daddy's boots.

  3. AJ really does have a thing for sprinklers. I didn't even think about it when Sam asked her over so he could be promoted. Within minutes of him wandering off to deal with one of the kids, she was in that sprinkler.

    I cracked up when Sam did that pose in the last pic. Must be a new one due to his adventuring trait. Indy has good taste if he likes dad's boots. I love Sam's boots. Dee loves Sam's hat. You wanna pick a bit in the middle to love? LOL

  4. "You wanna pick a bit in the middle to love?"

    Ohh, what a wicked comment to tempt me with. LOL!

  5. Indy's pj's are cute. That's a great pose for Sam. Scanning new horizons, indeed. Well, if all we have left is the middle I'll take his belt and shoulder harness. I guess that leaves Sue with...

  6. ROFL at all of it.

    I'll take Sue's part. I was peeking at him in his undies through his window.

    Hide the sprinklers, here comes AJ!!!

    And I thought Indy was pointing at AJ in the sprinkler.

    Rachel doesn't want to do homework. She wants to go on an adventure with mom and dad. She wants to see a mummy darn it.

    I want thos jammies soooo bad. They're so cute and so is Indy. he's going to look just like Sammy.

  7. I was thinking that Sue's part of Indiana Sam is related to that picture of him talking to AJ. See the pouch...approximately that bit. LOL

    You mean Laura doesn't want to do homework. She'd love to get out of the house when Sam and Rachel go instead of being stuck with a nearly infinite number of baby brothers. If they get to a point where they can buy holiday homes...but not before.

    The jammies are so easy to make cute by using one of the prints on them. Indy can pretend to be a jaguar with his new spots.

  8. The fabric prints are perfect for those jammies. Recolor the socks to match and it looks like footed pajamas!

  9. LOL, I love the way he can't tell his triplets apart.

  10. :) He will work it out eventually. It just takes him a little more time.

    I just wonder if the same thing will happen here as with the Landgraab triplets. The parents frequently wanted to do something with Gordon. They'd sometimes want to do something with Nathaniel. They never remembered Mark.

  11. LOL, Yes, I meant Laura. I'm terrible with names in real life too. My poor husband is called every name but his own after the family visits.

    Ohhh, you mean Sam's honey buns. ;D

  12. I love that his name is Indy! ;D


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