Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - June 25

I find that I am having strange dreams

But they may not be dreams for much longer

Rachel tells me the news

I was so surprised, I actually argued with her for a moment.

But she forgave me for that moment.

For a couple of adventurous souls, we've turned into complete home bodies for the moment

We can hardly believe it

It's that dream again

I can hardly believe my luck, just looking at her

Nothing ruffles her feathers

Then it's finally time

She wasn't impressed by my small panic attack

but she's in pain and I'm about to be a daddy.

Rachel and our new darling daughter Laura

It's a race to save the baby and

I win

Rachel took a short break in France but she says it was all about food and nectar. No treasure at all, drat it.

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