Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - June

1st June 10

The approval from the museum has finally come through.  I've been helping them identify artifiacts for years now.  They have agreed it's time for me to go relic hunting myself, instead of waiting for specimens to arrive then determine they are worthless.  This first trip is just to get familar with Simla, learn a bit of culture and study the martial arts.

2nd June

Bags are packed and I'm off

There's a well established base for travelers in this city, plenty of beds and a good kitchen.  I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time resting up here during each expedition.

The main transportation is either by foot or bicycle

 The martial arts academy doesn't hold organized classes.  Just visit when you need to train

The lowest level of martial arts is the white belt

Sparring with a partner is a much faster way to progress

4th June

Ouch, no one told me these things fight back.

My yellow belt in martial arts

5th June
Time to return but I've managed to gain an orange belt and made some good contacts in the city.


  1. I'm glad. It's good to see someone new come by.


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