Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - August 10

Yet another one of those "Where does the time go?" moments.  It was Indy's birthday, I can't believe we have two teenagers in one house.

Henry, Jack, Indy and Rick fishing.  [Are you showing off dear?]

My boss is going to have a baby with Jon Marsh soon.

Indy's birthday

Doesn't Laura have interesting taste in athletic wear?

She's talking to Judy, the daughter of Katheryn and Kanye, who is also a teen.  Judy is quite a pretty girl.

What every home needs, its own Dive Well

Indy is getting a bit fresh with Judy.  She seems to like it and him.

A closeup of our teenage son

We always keep our hats on...drives Rachel crazy though.

Travelling again and I found something to excavate.   One dig got me several relics, it was nice.

I've made Superstar in the athletics career.  I feel like a mobster in this outfit though.

Rick is not getting on well with the Wolff girl.  Henry likes her just fine, he better visit her place next time.

Makes a man proud to look at my sons


  1. ROFL. This is hilarious. The teenage son is very handsome but the story is hilarious.

    I swear it looks like Jon Lessen is eyeing Judy in those shorts and heels.

    OMG, that can't be Sam in that outfit.

    I just crack up every time I see those bunny slippers.

  2. I wouldn't have noticed Jon if you hadn't said something, Dee. That's hilarious. Judy has interesting fashion taste.

    Of course Sam has his own dive well! And how did EA come up with some of those career uniforms? Heh.

    Rick beating up the Wolff girl. OMG. That's funny.

  3. When I enlarged that pic, the first thing I saw was that Jon looked as though he was looking at her. Of course i also noticed that Sam looks like he's singing happy birthday at the top of his lungs.

    I still love that hat on Henry. Reminds me of one of my sons. When he was a baby he became attached to one of his dad's old hunting hats. Even slept in the thing.

  4. Let's see, in this hood Jon has one wife + 2 females he is romantically interested in. Obviously he needs more for his harem. I don't think his odds are good with Judy, Indy is well established now.

    Sam sings everything at the top of his lungs. With WA, he has learned the foreign songs and usually sings when cooking or bathing/showering. Fortunately, I like listening to him. :)

    Chrysame, while Rick won't like me saying this, he was on the losing end of that fight. Suzette Wolff is a little tiger apparently. Henry may get to keep her for just that reason.

    I love those bunny slippers. He's a grown boy but he has to have his bunnies. :)

  5. LOL @ the hats. Rachel's just jealous because she doesn't have one.

    Indy's a cutie, and it's so sweet that he's found a girlfriend. Laura's beautiful.

  6. Laura is just stunning as a young adult. Indy and Judy are making a very cute couple.

    I actually did try a hat on Rachel but I love that ponytail. So she lost the hat again.

  7. Same. The pony tail was too cute to cover up.


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