Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - August 2

I swear, you turn around and they all get older by the moment.

Our darling girl is showing an interest in boys.

I was going to take Sam to the side and have a serious chat about what happens to boys that break Laura's heart. That turned out to be unnecessary because the next day he had finished school.

Then the triplets had another birthday. Henry was first [Hurray, Dad is right!]

One down, two to go but I had to leave for work

and the other cakes were missed.

Here's a group shot of our boys

Umm, Rachel honey, could you help me out here? [Left is Rick, in the center is Henry and that's Jack on the right.]  I thought Rick has glasses now?  [Just after that picture was taken and only Henry has his proper day clothes on now.]

We were hoping to start catching up with neighbor families but discovered that we don't have many neighbors with children at all.
Geoffrey Landgraab with his newly adopted granddaughter

New neighbors the Muleskinners
They were married when they moved to town.

Two of the boys...Henry and Rick?

[Yes dear, you have it for once.]

The following day, something completely bizarre happened.  Rachel went to work, the kids went to school and I had the house to myself.  It felt so empty, I went off and took a gardening class then went to the gym till everyone was home.


  1. Button pressing time
    Zayne and Christian are expecting.
    The Muleskinners are expecting.
    Jon Lessen and Riley McCall are expecting.
    Clover Hill and Kristen Zaney are expecting. Clover had a romance going with one guy and one girl.
    Thomas Leman and Bebe Hart are expecting

    As I mentioned in the last post, Alicia and Tanya also love Jon Lessen, I haven't decided if they want children before elder hits. The same for AJ who loves Thomas.

    As noted above Malcolm Landgraab and Dorie Hart adopted.
    Christopher Steele and Dugan adopted.

  2. Sam is getting better at telling the boys apart! Love that they all have their very own adventuring outfits! Poor Sam sounds a little sad that the house was empty. At least he took advantage of the situation!


  3. Oh wow, kids that all look good. Laura is dressed and ready to go on an adventure. I love the outfits.
    So proud of Sammy. He remembered who is who for once. LOL

    When I started reading about Sam having the house to himself, one of the "Lethal Weapon" movies popped into my head. The part where the cop, can't remember his name, had the house to himself and decided to use the bathroom, for once in peace, and it had a bomb attached to it.

  4. The kids are all so good looking. LOL, poor Sam. Alone at last and it throws him for a loop. I can't wait to see Zayne and Christian's kids.

  5. Sam didn't spend enough home alone time to really get bored. But that's because I've seen what happens when an active outgoing Sim is suddenly on their own and it's not pretty. :)

    Sue, you and I can be very proud virtual grandparents. That's a really splendid troop of kids. Indy is 1 day from teenage...oh my where does the time go?


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