Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - August 8

We took the whole family to China, Rachel and Laura did a lot of 
working out and martial arts skills. The boys went to various 
places and met people, did fishing, played chess and just hung 
out a lot. Indy helped finance the trip by using a collection helper 
to find tons of rocks and gems. I went to solve a quest.

Yuck, I hate bugs.

But I love treasure! Piles and Piles of it!

This tomb was very mazelike, but I finally found the main treasure chest.

Do the locals really eat pancakes with chopsticks? I mean, 
it's one thing to try to blend in but I think we might be taking it a bit far.

We did a family expedition to the next tomb. The Grants are ready 
for action.

The trick will be to keep the kids far enough back to be safe.

Traps already?

At this point, I asked Rachel and a couple of the boys to go back to 
camp. They needed showers and food and this tomb obviously 
takes concentration.

So Henry, Rick and Laura followed me in one more stage but we reached 
yet another trap here. I asked them to go back to camp too.

Probably just as well I did, it's not a lot of fun being a pincushion. I 
passed out for awhile. This is by far the most trap laden tomb I've 
ever explored.

My god, I'm glad that the rest of the family is safe, this place is 

But the reason is that it's just loaded with treasure. Glorious piles 
of the stuff.

I hope I have the keys to make this safer. That looks deadly.

Thank god, it needed four crescent keys and I had found all four.  
Plus I had found a steam trap, another dart trap and at least one 
more electric trap the hard way.

But this was the prize and certainly worth a great deal of risk.

This was a very profitable trip, we earned more money overseas than 
we had spent getting there. But I don't think I'll try taking all the kids 
again, it was a bit much trying  to track them.

Speaking of kids, Rachel has that baby want in her eyes. Another one?  
The current tribe isn't huge enough for you?


  1. Just a note, this last bit was all done on the brand new computer. I have successfully copied all the files to the new box and it's running fine. The screen looks a bit dark when I play but the screenshots look pretty normal.

  2. I lost my comment. I didn't type the word thing.

    I love the update and about the kids not being happy about being sent back and how I was worried Sammy was going to be a crispy critter.

    I had planned to ask you if your were using the new computer. The pics look great. So now we know that it will work on a MAC.

    Look out Sammy. She going to push that button.

  3. Sam is tough. He gets hurt and just keeps going! All the kids seem to love adventuring just like Mom and Dad. With so many boys, Rachel might want another girl. Push that button!

    I keep going back to the pictures with Laura. She really is a good looking teen. So often they have that awkward look but she just seems graceful.

  4. Well Dee, I ended up installing Sims 3 on a virtual PC in the Mac. My husband got a very good machine though, even through a virtual PC the load times are faster than my actual PC. But I hit that region code problem again and can only find fast solves for a PC. The alternative solve was to download a digital copy of WA which seems like a waste of bandwidth. I've also installed Divinity II, Dragon Age and Zoo Tycoon II on the virtual PC and they are all running fine.

    Poor Sam, next time he brings Rachel. He has to have a long pause if he triggers a trap because he gets a fear moodlet. Rachel never does, she's too brave. Maybe with both of them, they'll spot more of the traps early.

    I haven't decided about pressing the button but Rachel currently has that as a locked wish. If she can convince Sammy, well, I'm sure we'll manage to fit one more in somewhere.

    Chrysame, thanks for the comment about Laura. This is one of the best looking families I've produced in Sims 3. They have character to boot.

  5. Pib, that first paragraph is like another language to me. I'll just stick with my pc because I would be totally, completely and forever lost.

  6. Actually, a Mac is a much more user friendly experience. The software I'm using just starts up an XP window very quickly and I can use it just like a windows box. It's really quite easy.

  7. I can hardly wait to see what Rachel's mom thinks of this. :) It is Sue's fault that I had to have a little cluster of Indys exploring the tomb. This one was very bad to have a lot of Sims though, I couldn't trust them to avoid traps.

    Speaking of Rachel, she lost the want to have another baby with Sam when they got home. Just as well, but I was surprised that was the only want lost during travel.

  8. Aww shucks. And here I thought I would get to laugh about the button pushing.

    Maybe Rachel realized how hard it is to keep up with all of them on vacation. :)

  9. :) Sorry to disappoint with button pushing.

    Indy is a teen now and the triplets are about to have a birthday too. Where does the time go?

    I may turn off aging and story progression and do another round of button pushing in the neighborhood. I may also age up a few of the toddlers from last time, Zayne and Christian's little girl + Jon Lessen and Riley's little girl - may happen to match the triplets in age soon.

    So very sad, the Muleskinners had a son. And he drowned still a toddler.

  10. I've been doing housework and playing the game. That's why I didn't get back sooner.

    I've had all kinds of stuff happen but then I'm still deleting all premades who move into town.

    I played as long as I could today. Probably won't be playing again until the weekend. I'll probably be posting all week.

  11. Ohhh Yeah, Rachel's "mom" is very happy. This is what I've been waiting for since Rachel and Sam got together. I love love love seeing the whole family go tomb raiding together. How fun is that?!

  12. Forgot to say the pic of Sam as pincushion is priceless.

  13. They are a fun family, I just adore the lot of them.

    I was pleased to get the snap of Sam covered in darts and Sam with bugs on his hand. Both require excellent timing because you only get a moment.


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