Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - July 10

Rachel and I are still quite the domestic pair.

Sometimes the baby gets to be a bit much

But who can resist an adorable child?

Our son Indy, grew to toddler the other day

We decided to let his hair grow out a bit.

Such a handsome boy

And my cutest little darling

Laura's birthday rolled around and we had a big party. She and I started a bit early

The birthday girl headed for the cake. Wonder what Zayne and Geoffrey were discussing?

Nothing like a bit of dancing to make a great party

Our little girl is growing up so fast

I promise Indy to scare away the monsters in the room.

Dudes, the party is OVER. Go home

Oh dear, it's that time

I really have to hustle to keep up with Rachel, pregnant though she may be

Oh my. That baby carrier has our sons Henry, Rick and Jack. Three? Three!!! Goodbye sleep. Goodbye having the occasional moment alone with Rachel. Goodbye to life until they hit childhood.

Henry == Indiana's real name
Rick == main character from the Mummy and/or from Casablanca
Jack == main character from Jewels of the Nile


  1. oh Snap! That is how you go from 2 to 5! lol

  2. Hi Berry, nice to see you coming by.

    Yep, instant horde by just adding triplets. :)

  3. Rachel is seriously pretty. :]
    Wow! Trips!

  4. Yep, trips.Definite life changing experience. :)

    Rachel is from sue_d_nim, she is very pretty and well suited to Sam.

  5. Ah as soon as i saw that basket i thought i know what that means! Triplets and great way to name them all too!

  6. Everybody loves the trips. And Sam and Rachel stopped throwing baby wants...funny that.


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