Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - August 6

First a few shots from around the neighborhood.

Riley and her husband Jon. She managed to convince him to marry her,
his name changed, not hers.

Jon Marsh lost his first romantic interest and picked up AJ Anderson on the rebound.

Zayne Hunter is expecting a little one.

Her boyfriend Christian

I found out later that it's a girl named Patricia. She should be a stunner
with those parents.

Three of the boys working hard on homework.

[DAD!] Hey, from left to right it's Henry, Rick and Indy. [He's right? Weird.]

This town is full of burglars, but this time he was caught before he
could do much.

The boys at play - same three as doing homework too. [By Jove, I think 
he's finally got it.]


  1. Cool, Jon and AJ. Yes!

    Does Zayne's baby have pick hair. Nevermind. I got excited and forgot. Babies don't have hair. :)

    I have a feeling somone hates school from the looks of that thought bubble.

    LOL. Looks like that burglar was just wanting a stove to cook on.

    Now lets see if I can fugure it out.
    The one with his back to me is Indy.
    The one in yellow is Henry.
    The other one is Rick.

    Am I right?

  2. Spot on Dee. You have Indy, Henry and Rick sorted. :)

    The burglar may have been interested in cooking but he went straight to a bathroom to steal stuff. This makes the second or third burglar who wants to steal from the bathroom.

  3. I know Rick by his glasses. Indy wears green which looks great with his hair. That means the last has to be Henry! Whew.

    I wonder what the Thorpe-Grants keep in their bathroom that's so valuable? Okay, scratch that, I don't think I want to know.

    Zayne babies! I always like the way she looks pregnant. I wish they had better maternity clothes or at least gave us an option.

  4. :) I also tend to look for glasses on Rick but he doesn't have them with his sleep wear. But Jack is the extra shaggy hairstyle and that's easy to spot. Indy and Henry can be tough if they are both in their sleepwear.

    Now that Zayne and Christian have a girl, I may age her up fast to child - I have boys that will need girlfriends. Same with the other couples, if the child is a girl.

  5. I had a burglar in the game today. First thing he went for was the toilet. I didn't check for fire alarms or burlgar alarms this time.

  6. This burglar didn't have much of a chance, Rachel and Laura were instantly awake because of being brave Sims. So Laura rang the police while Rachel kept an eye on the thief.

  7. Zayne and Christian. Now there's a genetic motherlode.

    I love the pics of the boys together. They look like a wonderful family.

  8. Hey Sue, next update == pics of Patricia as she shot up extra fast to catch up with the Grant boys.

    I love finding activities suitable for a group. Fishing is another one, they chat while they fish so they do build relationships and skills.


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